Performance Management

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Performance Management (PM) is a mechanism for ensuring that a batch of activities and outputs match the targets of an organizational set up in an economical way and useful manner. Performance management unwaveringly concentrates on an organization's performance, a departmental segment, an individual, or the procedures in place to deal with specific tasks. Norms for performance management are generally arranged and propagated by senior management of a business entity and by job propriety. 

It may envisage identifying the tasks and results of a project, offering appropriate guidance and training, contrasting the actual performance and actions of the employee with the expected performance and behavioral scale, determining in-house incentives, rewards, and so on. The concepts of performance management are most frequently used at work and can be applied anywhere people interact with their situations to achieve desired outcomes. The workplaces may consist of any realm viz. educational institutions, churches, sports, community assemblies, health care, social events, government institutes, and political congregations.