The Organ Harvesters The Organ Harvesters, Book 1

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The bloodless corporate coup of 2020 swept away every vestige of government, resulting in an ongoing struggle for dominance and survival of the fittest. The battle becomes more vicious day by day in the face of accelerating climate change, limited food supplies, and clean air only for the elite. Caught in the middle is Dr. Zoe Hidalaga, a MediCorp organ harvester, who has contracted a deadly retro virus that killed her husband and has resulted in her being declared an unfit mother for her daughter. Unknown to Zoe, the virus (VMAS) is being manipulated by the head of MediCorp as a means of population reduction—a program of euthanasia to liquidate everyone already infected, while distributing a vaccine only to the privileged. Zoe is determined to rescue her daughter and save her from this heartless, profit-motivated, technocratic society.


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