11 Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Japanese

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'How to Turn Your Garden Japanese' - 11 Simple & Easy Ways to Do It' is a book that has been specifically written to provide knowledge, inspiration and practical ideas and tips for turning your garden Japanese.
The beauty of a Japanese garden space is that it doesn't have to be large at all.
You can create a Japanese style garden in small, medium and large spaces depending on your ambition and budget.
Japanese gardens are steeped in hundreds of years of history and the book gives you an insight into their origin and development over the centuries to the present day.
Ingredients in a Japanese garden are key to its authenticity and there are many ways that you can introduce them into your garden space.
From shrubs, trees and plants through to ornaments and pathways. Gravel spaces with stones and rocks more popularly known as 'Zen gardens' - Karesansui in Japanese - meaning a 'dry water' gardens.
The gravel which is often raked signifies a moving body of water for example.
This book gives you 11 ideas for turning your garden Japanese on a budget and if you crave a calming, serene and stress-free garden space it could well be the starting point for your own Japanese garden or Zen garden.
Japanese gardens are beautiful and memorable to the eye and if you create one it will be the envy of your family and friends.