Strive to Better Yourself Accomplish Your Goals and Achieve Your Vision

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Those who take bold leaps in life discover that things have a way of working out when we allow risk and opportunity be frequent guests in our lives. In his book Strive to Better Yourself, accomplished life and career coach Arnel Duvet demonstrates how to achieve short-term goals while making steady progress toward your long-term vision. He provides clear, simple guidance on how to get up and keep moving forward when life knocks you down. He will help you cultivate a system that propels you to succeed no matter what stands in your way. If you’re ready to make a paradigm shift in your thinking, Arnel Duvet will show you the system he has developed and utilized with his clients in one-on-one trainings and workshops. Through motivation and determined effort, you can build a new life today with this book as a trusted resource and guide.