Psst! I'm Not a Real Doctor!

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Psst! I'm Not a Real Doctor! 25 Bare Bottoms, 25 Embarrassed Schoolteachers. Dr. James Bishop has a job to do. As an M.D. with the Federal Bureau of Infections Diseases, he is heading over to Charlesborough Elementary School, three days before school opens, in order to examine all female teachers, and the school principal, for signs of a serious bacterial infection that has hit the area.

Baloney. First of all, there is no infection. None whatsoever. Second, Dr. Bishop, it turns out, is no doctor at all! Not even close. He is a sex-starved lover of women’s bottoms who conjures up a devious scheme in order to gain access to a virtual parade of said women’s lovely rear ends.

How? Well, he informs the principal that she and her staff are to report to the school nurse’s office where he will “screen” them for signs of this infection. How? Well, er, with a digital rectal exam, of course.

Ah, of course.

So, one by one, in they come—twenty-five beautiful, embarrassed schoolteachers who must raise their skirts, take down their panties, bend over, and grant the phony doc full rights to their splendid, quivering behinds, inside and out. One by one, they submit to his demands in the most submissive way imaginable. One by one they provide the horny guy with the greatest sexual thrill he ever had!

Yes, indeed, “Dr.” Bishop’s hands and fingers are in heaven as they delight themselves in some serious roundness, firmness, softness, and tightness. His eyes are in their glory as well, as teacher after very embarrassed teacher positions her scrumptious behind inches from his devious grin. And his libido gets an additional thrill and a half as he enjoys all signs of their utter humiliation and infectious shakiness.

On and on he lives his dream. Over and over again. That is, until the school principal, Janine Daniels, shows up for her exam. Well, she’s no dummy and she sees right through his charade.

He’s doomed. Yes, our lecherous “Dr.” Bishop is in serious, serious trouble. Or… is he?

Might it be that this tough, no nonsense administrator just might let him off the hook? Perhaps. Perhaps Ms. Daniels has needs that are every bit as compelling as his. But one thing is for certain: Given the severity of his offense, she has no desire to make this easy on him. To say the least! Our fake man of medicine is about to learn that “doctor’s orders” can’t hold the candle to the demands of a woman with more power over him than he bargained for!

Lovers of embarrassed, humiliated women and all things anal, this kinky 12,000-word erotic comedy is for you. If you like your beautiful, bouncy, bare bottoms by the bushel, you’re going to love everything our anti-hero, the phoniest doctor of all-time, gets away with!

This is Book #8 in J.C. Cummings’ “Shy Women, Maximum Embarrassment” series: a naughty (and sometimes nasty!) collection of tales featuring shy, nervous, modest women who find themselves in the most embarrassing, degrading, humiliating situations imaginable! One way or another, these shaky beauties must submit to the demands of men who, one way or another, claim to have the right to frisk, fondle, and finger them to their, um, hard-ons’ content! So, much to these ladies’ displeasure, their clothes come off, their goodies are revealed for all hungry eyes to see, and their bodies are subjected to all manner of groping and penetration that leave them breathless, outraged, and embarrassed to the max. And the men? Well, the men are perfectly happy to have all this power, control, and domination over them—and they wind up feeling pretty darned gratified as a result of all the incredible privileges that, one way or another, have come their way! Part of the Shy Women, Maximum Embarrassment Audiobook Series!