Into the Stirrups, Sweetheart


Into the Stirrups, Sweetheart: How I Convinced My Wife’s Doctor to Let Me Take Over. An ENF Medical Erotica.

Jason Carter has a big problem: He has the sexiest, most beautiful wife he could ever have imagined. She’s also super smart, successful, and loving. Why is that a problem? Well, his wife, Meghan, gorgeous as she is, is also one of those wives who is so sexually conservative—so Puritanical—that, throughout their twelve years together, she simply cannot bring herself to indulge some of his more… carnal urges.

Jason has been told “no” to all the fun stuff he loves—oral, stripping, posing, fingering, butt play, even leaving the lights on—and has had to settle for plain, old, missionary vanilla sex in the dark. Meghan is just too modest and embarrassed to let him indulge in some good, dirty fun. For twelve years!

Well, he can’t take it anymore!

So, he teams up with a mildly unethical doctor who, at the start of Meghan’s annual physical, informs her that he needs Jason right there, in the exam room, with them. The doc explains that she has the potential for cysts “down there,” which could arise at any time. She will need to be closely monitored—on a monthly basis—by her husband! This means that, during today’s physical, Jason will be shown how to examine her—everywhere and thoroughly—so that he will know how to conduct these home exams in the future.

It’s a dream come true!

And it’s even better than he could have ever hoped for. Not only does Jason have TOTAL control over his wife’s beautiful body for a change, but modest Meg is, to say the least, humiliated out of her mind having both a male doctor and her husband checking her over. And that puts an extra zing of titillation into the experience for him!


Well, as already mentioned, Meghan is one smart cookie?

Are things about to go horribly wrong for our horny hubby? Read the tantalizing tale today and find out!

Fans of ENF CMNF, submissive female, medical humiliation stories—this one’s for you!

This is Book #1 in J.C. Cummings’ newest series: “Horny Husbands, Humiliated Housewives” series.

From J.C.: In my experience, there are multitudes of husbands out there who, on the one hand, love their wives dearly—and in every way. Sadly, when it comes down to sex-stuff, these wives often let modesty, innocence, or conservative morals get in the way of giving their husband some of what they truly want—even if it’s naughty, kinky, or just plain dirty.

Hey, guys like ‘dirty’—it’s how they roll. If only their wives could let them take charge and indulge in their dirty side once in a while.

In this sleazy series, one sexually frustrated husband after the other is given the thrill of a lifetime when his modest wife finds herself naked, shaking, and made to submit to his domination over her in the most titillating ways imaginable. In the end, she’s harrowed and humiliated out of her mind, and he’s happy, hard, and finally in control!

Each story is a dream-come-true for some lucky man about the house!