Flooded The 5 Best Decisions to Make When Life is Hard and Doubt is Rising

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Please, God, no more hard things.

Nicki Koziarz knows what it's like to whisper those words to God. She understands what it feels like to be flooded by hopelessness and hard situations, wondering if it will ever stop.

Hard circumstances often stir something so destructive in a soul: doubt.

Through the painful loss of her mom to a brain tumor and her brother to suicide, she has learned that if doubt is left undealt with, it can cause the presence of unbelief to flood our lives—to the point that faith becomes unrecognizable. In the midst of her pain, Nicki looked through the lens of the biblical account of Noah and discovered five decisions a person can make to help deflect the destruction of doubt.

When you are wrestling with doubt and fighting back hopelessness, Flooded will help you: quiet the fear that God won't come through by discovering the difference between wishful thinking and biblical hope; resist the urge to control the uncontrollable by finding peace in between the problem and the promise; and find the familiar faithfulness of God in His Word when it feels like nothing is normal and everything is falling apart.