Bend Over, Darling...The Class Is Waiting: The Day My Modest Wife Had to Pose Nude for a Group of Art Students—a Submissive Female Humiliation Story

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Art instructor Aaron Greene is freaking out. The model who poses nude for his life-drawing class needs an emergency root-canal and can’t make it in today. Naturally, when he asks his wife, Lydia, to fill in, she freaks out even more.

No way is she going to do that! First, she’s as modest about her body as they come. Second, she’s forty-three years old!

Well, Aaron is desperate—desperate to not lose money by canceling the class…and desperate to see his wife take her clothes off and expose her gorgeous, curvy body for a dozen men and women! With all that incentive, he needs to do some pretty fancy talking in order to get her to change her mind.

Lydia finally agrees—but only because she had no idea what kind of poses she is going to be asked to assume. As the class moves along, she finds herself stretched and spread and about as humiliated as any woman could possibly be.

And Aaron finds himself as aroused as any man could ever be! Between the lewd positions that the students ask Lydia to assume, her exquisite body, and the compelling look of embarrassment on her face, he is starting to lose control.

And who knows where that could lead!

Fans of submissive women taken to the limits of humiliation and debasement, this story is for you!