The Body in the Library

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It’s seven in the morning. The Bantrys wake to findthe body of a young woman in their library.She is wearing an evening dress and heavy makeup,which is now smeared across her cheeks. But whois she? How did she get there? And what is theconnection with another dead girl, whose charredremains are later discovered in an abandonedquarry? The respectable Bantrys invite Miss Marpleto solve the mystery . . . before tongues start to wag.


  • 001_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter01

    Duración: 25min
  • 002_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter02

    Duración: 11min
  • 003_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter03

    Duración: 06min
  • 004_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter04

    Duración: 14min
  • 005_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter05

    Duración: 16min
  • 006_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter06

    Duración: 13min
  • 007_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter07

    Duración: 05min
  • 008_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter08

    Duración: 19min
  • 009_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter09

    Duración: 16min
  • 010_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter10

    Duración: 07min
  • 011_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter11

    Duración: 20min
  • 012_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter12

    Duración: 33min
  • 013_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter13

    Duración: 15min
  • 014_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter14

    Duración: 17min
  • 015_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter15

    Duración: 15min
  • 016_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter16

    Duración: 14min
  • 017_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter17

    Duración: 18min
  • 018_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter18

    Duración: 08min
  • 019_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter19

    Duración: 08min
  • 020_BodyInTheLibrary_Chapter20

    Duración: 08min
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