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Between the Streams is your guide to all of the hottest, most important, and (of course) dumbest new developments in streaming and entertainment to recap the week that was. Hosted by Greg Nibler and Ryan Waniata.


  • BTS 150: Robert Bat-inson, Dark Crystal TV, Good Omens

    31/05/2019 Duración: 31min

    Today, with heavy hearts, we bring you our last Between the Streams podcast. We made it to 150 episodes, which is about 148 or so more than we expected, so what can you say. But no tears, as the show's video embodiment will live on every Friday at 10:20 a.m. PT as a part of Digital Trends Live, as well as being syndicated across the web. We've got a great show for our wrap, as well, including everything from our first look at Cowboy Rambo and the entrancing new Dark Crystal series, to Jon Hamm's Top Gun 2 hype and our absolute adoration for What We Do in the Shadows the series. Oh yeah, and we officially have a new Batman, so let the commensurate online bitching ensue. It's gonna be a good one!

  • BTS Bonus: Game of Thrones

    24/05/2019 Duración: 10min

    Today is a special bonus episode as we discuss the ending of Game of Thrones. If you haven't watched it yet BEWARE OF SPOILERS. If you have we analyze the thoughts and opinions of one Ryan and our special guest Will Nicols. Ryan and Will and have both written op-eds for DT and we examine what went right and what...went wrong. Thanks for tuning in!

  • BTS 149: GoT prequel, a new Batman, Matrix 4, Rick and Morty

    17/05/2019 Duración: 31min

    There's a new Batman in town and he goes by the name of, you know, that dude from Twilight. We kid, of course, as Robert Pattinson has proven he's got solid acting chops post his shiny vampire days, including a lauded performance as a hustler trying to save his brother in Good Time. But can he really embody the Bat in Matt Reeves' forthcoming solo Batman film? Also today, we'll discuss everything from Rick and Morty's fourth season to a fourth Matrix film, and so much more.

  • BTS 148: It: Chapter 2, Spider-Man's Widening Multiverse

    10/05/2019 Duración: 30min

    Disney apparently plans to have Disney and Avatar movies trade off until ... the end of time? James Cameron's white whale of a franchise to 2021, while promising a ramped up Star Wars release schedule (following a quick break after Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker) beginning in 2021. A new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer that has all sorts of multiverse implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward.

  • BTS 147: Avengers domination, Sonic backlash

    03/05/2019 Duración: 26min

    The Avengers effect is still rocking the box office this week, with every record in existence firmly in its sites. It's not all Avengers this week, though, as we'll be covering plenty of intriguing topics, from that whacky new Sonic The Hedgehog trailer (and the whiney backlash that followed) to Marvel's new Hulu TV shows and even a new Handmaids Tale trailer.

  • BTS 145: Avengers Aftermath: From The Eternals to The Boys, things are about to get weird

    19/04/2019 Duración: 27min

    On this week's show, we'll be taking a deep dive into what's coming next after Avengers: Endgame. Sure, it's probably going to be the biggest movie in the world, but what about Marvel/Disney's Phase 4? We'll let you know why The Eternals may be a big part of it.

  • BTS 144: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker breakdown, Disney Plus first look, GOT

    12/04/2019 Duración: 28min

    It's all Disney, all the time. Today we got our first Star Wars IX trailer, and an official title: The Rise of Skywalker. Meanwhile, last night we got a first look at Disney Plus, Disney's impressive new streaming service, as well as pricing and a release date. We'll be discussing all of the details there, as well as preparing for the final season of Game of Thrones. Yeah, it's gonna be a good one.

  • BTS 142: Apple TV Plus breakdown, Twilight Zone trailers, Shazam debate

    30/03/2019 Duración: 36min

    On today's show we've got all the goods on Apple's new Apple Plus TV service, a discussion about Shazam's place in the DC Universe, Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone, Star Wars rumors and a whole lot more. 

  • BTS 141: Stranger Things 3 first look, Deadwood Movie, Bill and Ted Return

    22/03/2019 Duración: 29min

    On this week's show, we've got a truckload of new trailers to discuss, from HBO's Deadwood revival to the first look at Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. We'll also discuss Netflix's latest interactive TV show starring Bear Grylls, and much more!

  • BTS 140: Avengers: Endgame final trailer, Apple's Time Bandits TV

    15/03/2019 Duración: 34min

    We have updates on everything from Game of Thrones season 8 to Netflix and Steven Spielberg's possible truce following their much-hyped their Oscar war. But perhaps most importantly, Avengers: End Game is nearly here, and we've got one last trailer (which thankfully doesn't spoil us with too much new footage) to prove it. We'll be discussing the new trailer on this week's show, alongside plenty of other big developments including the latest Suicide Squad 2 superstar, a Time Bandits TV series, and so much more! "

  • BTS 139: Captain Marvel review, Game of Thrones preview, Good Omens indeed

    08/03/2019 Duración: 36min

    We've got a fun-filled show today, from our spoiler-free Captain Marvel review to new trailers from Game of Thrones and Good Omens to Disney's decision to open the vault for Disney Plus. 

  • BTS 138: Rami Malek joins Bond, Hellboy rated R, Dark Phoenix

    01/03/2019 Duración: 34min

    We've got a pretty packed show today, from LSD-laced ultra trips at the box office to Rami Malek's new role as a Bond villain, to a slew of new trailers from the likes of Hellboy, Dark Phoenix, and more. Your weekly entertainment catchup spans the gamut (as per usual), and we wouldn't have it any other way. Also this week, we'll discuss the latest news about Game of Thrones' final season, Captain Marvel trolls changing Rotten Tomatoes forever, and much more.

  • BTS 137: Oscars predictions, Obi-Wan TV show, Jessica Jones canceled

    22/02/2019 Duración: 39min

    It's Oscars day on Between the Streams and, as per usual, Greg and I are woefully underprepared for this weekend's activities. Luckily, we've brought in some ringers in the form of DT's film reviewer extraordinaire, Rick Marshall, as well as our copy editor and walking cinematic encyclopedia, Rob Oster. We'll be breaking down the bigger categories and calling our favorites to take home the gold. There is so much more to talk about this week, too, including updates to Amazon's Lord of the Rings series, the final nails in the Netflix/Marvel coffin, Loki TV series updates, a Twilight Zone trailer, and that's just the tip of the streaming iceberg.

  • BTS 136: Apple's wild TV service, Jason Momoa joins Dune, Alita's epic battle

    15/02/2019 Duración: 33min

    Apple's new TV service will be interesting, and we'll walk through all of the rumors and speculation that we've heard. Also: Alita: Battle Angel, Happy Death Day 2U, Frozen 2, Aladdin, Transformers, Marvel Animated Series, Howard the Duck, Doom Patrol, Batman, Aquaman, Terminator overkill, The Devil in the White City, Apple TV, Reboot Recap: Breaking Bad, Dune casting, Coming to America 2, Crank Yankers

  • BTS 135: A new Muppets TV show, 'Lego Movie 2,' and the first 'Shaft' trailer

    08/02/2019 Duración: 37min

    This week on Between the Streams, we'll talk about the latest news regarding Disney Plus, Disney's forthcoming streaming service, including a new Muppets TV show and exclusive streaming of the new Marvel film, Captain Marvel. We'll also say goodbye to the great Albert Finney, the British-born actor and five-time Oscar nominee who passed away this week. Also this week we'll be discussing the weekend box office, including the Lego Movie 2, way too many reboots, Netflix's latest hit Russian Doll, the first Shaft trailer and much more.

  • BTS 134: DC shakeup: James Gunn to guide Suicide Squad 2, Batman retires

    01/02/2019 Duración: 31min

    Ben Affleck is out as Batman. Who was the best Batman ever and who should play him next? Also: Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad 2, Arctic, They Shall Not Grow Old, Zombieland 2: Double Tap, The Mandalorian droid, The Stand, The Outsider, Hobbs and Shaw, Wu-Tang: Of Mics and Men, Super Bowl surprises.

  • BTS 133: Interview with Daredevil's Charlie Cox, Sandra Bullock superhero

    25/01/2019 Duración: 53min

    Netflix has increased their prices, but what does that mean for streaming television? Ryan Waniata gives his take. Other topics: Oscar Nominations, Stan and Ollie, The Many Saints of Newark, Robocop, Fyre Festival, The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then Bigfoot, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Charlie Cox teaser, Deapool 3, Reborn, Millarworld, Resident Evil TV, Unsolved Mysteries

  • BTS 132: Netflix price change, New Spider-Man, Old Ghostbusters, 'Glass,' and More

    18/01/2019 Duración: 36min

    When Netflix increases their price, will you cancel your subscription? Today we discuss Ryan's article about the Golden Age of Streaming and whether it's actually over. Also: Glass, Spider-Man: Far From Home, John Wick 3, GoT season 8, Ghostbusters Season 3, Disney +, The Punisher, Space Force, The Many Saints of Newark, Apple Streaming, Star Trek spinoff, Future Man season 2, Between The Cracks: Lodge 49

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