Meghann's Intervention: A Rich, Bratty Freshman Receives Enhanced Obedience Training from Her Professors

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Meghann's Intervention: A Rich, Bratty Freshman Receives Enhanced Obedience Training from Her Professors. A Story of Unfathomable Humiliation.

Freshman Meghann Miller is one seriously stuck-up, rude, disobedient rich girl--and college dean Mitt Carlisle is at his wit's end. Should he punish her? Or, should he consider the fact that she is only a freshman and simply let her off with a warning?

Well, when she is called in for a meeting between herself and her three male professors to discuss her behavior, he takes one look at her cute face and perky, young body and comes to the conclusion that, yes, the naughty young woman needs to be put in her place.

Mitt Carlisle, it turns out, is one seriously dirty-minded man. So are her professors. The four of them decide that Meghann must submit to advanced training in the art of obedience. She is then given a long string of commands and demands so perverse, so lecherous, and so humiliating, it would redden the face of a porn queen!

In the end, Meghann's smug, snotty grin is wiped right off her face as she learns to submit to the humiliating demands of her perverted and fast-fingered superiors--demands that only begin with the removal of her cute, little college-girl clothes. She learns to do anything and everything she is told to do, no matter how embarrassing or unpleasant it may be.

It sure isn't easy. But, after all, the brash young woman needs to be put in her place--and, of course, it is for her own good!

Fans of ENF erotica featuring sexy, curvy college girls and the horny, hard-up older men who are more than happy to expose, humiliate, and dominate them, this one's for you! Get your copy today, or get an F for the semester!

Innocence and embarrassment to the hilt!

Greetings, dear readers! Welcome to my newest and naughtiest series: "Innocent College Girls Humiliated"! In this sleazy set, one sweet, naïve young lady after another is taken to the outer limits of embarrassment by unscrupulous males, young and old alike. Men who happen to think that, ahem, red cheeks look kinda lovely on a girl--especially if they themselves have a hand in making them that way!