Wendy's Transaction: A Sweet, Naïve Freshman Trades Her Innocence for Test Answers

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Wendy's Transaction: A Sweet, Naïve Freshman Trades Her Innocence for Test Answers. An ENF Story of Indescribable Humiliation, part of the "Innocent College Girls Humiliated" series. Sweet and curvy college freshman, Wendy Chalmers, is scared out of her mind. The biology class she’s taking as part of her nursing program is just so hard! And, with the final exam only one day away, she realizes just how in over her head she really is. None of what she is trying to study makes any sense at all!

The next day, she discovers that the exam is even worse than she was expecting. She’s going to fail—she just knows it. And that means she can forget about being a nurse and making her struggling single mom proud.

Well, thank goodness there’s a nice boy, Scott Ferri, sitting across from her. He sees her distress and offers to let her copy from his test paper. It’s wrong, and she knows it. But Wendy has so much to lose by failing. She has to look at his answers! She just has to!

Scared out of her mind, she copies his answers. Then later, this grateful and not terribly bright young woman goes over to his dorm room to say thank you.

Scott Ferri can’t believe it. Here he is, hanging out with his roommates, and the prettiest and curviest girl he’s seen on campus is standing in his doorway, offering thanks.

And one thing he’s already figured out: This chick is seriously naïve. Naïve and very religious. She’s so naïve that she actually buys his story about him and his buddies needing a woman to study for their anatomy class—and how big a help it would be if she wouldn’t mind getting undressed and letting them study her body to help with their own studies.

Just like he helped her.

And, after all, isn’t that the Golden Rule? Do unto others?

Besides, wouldn’t the Good Lord be angry at her for refusing to uncover his beautiful and wondrous masterpiece?

Goodness, Wendy never thought of that!

Finally, embarrassed beyond comprehension and shivering terribly, Wendy complies with their requests.

But if she thinks that allowing her body to be studied for educational purposes is the end of this, she’s even more naïve than anyone could have guessed!

Fans of ENF erotica featuring sweet, innocent, and gorgeous college girls taken to the extremes of humiliation, debasement, and shame by sweet-talking and dirty-minded upper classmen…this story is for you!


Greetings, dear listeners! Welcome to my newest and naughtiest series: “Innocent College Girls Humiliated”! In this sleazy set, one sweet, naïve young lady after another is taken to the outer limits of embarrassment by unscrupulous males, young and old alike. Men who happen to think that, ahem, red cheeks look kinda lovely on a girl—especially if they themselves have a hand in making them that way!