Nearer to God Closing the Distance between You and Your Creator

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Do you feel far from God? Perhaps you desire nearness, but you end up filling your calendar instead of truly communing with the Savior. Wayman Ming Jr. will show you how interruptions in your normal schedule are divine opportunities to evaluate your life and close the spiritual gap between you and God. If you have become too comfortable in the daily practice of your faith, or you can't seem to press in deeper, this book will help you draw near to your Creator and pursue his heart with passion as you

● identify and remove obstacles

● deepen your roots of daily prayer and devotion

● find peace and hope in God's presence amid trials

● develop spiritual rhythms with the Holy Spirit

● hunger for personal revival and spiritual awakening in our culture

God is reforming how we think and act as followers of his Son. The Holy Spirit will empower your full pursuit of what matters most in life and help you align your life with his plans—for your good!