My Melissa--Spanked by Her Coworkers: A Career-Obsessed Wife, Her Unfulfilled Husband, and a Group of Dirty-Minded Coworkers

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Warning: Explicit Content. My Melissa--Spanked by Her Coworkers: A Career-Obsessed Wife, Her Unfulfilled Husband, and a Group of Dirty-Minded Coworkers. A Story of Unimaginable Humiliation.

Bruce Morgan is worried. His wife and fellow investment broker Melissa has just texted him--begging him to come up to her office. When he arrives, he finds her surrounded by four of her colleagues--three men and one woman--and they are livid over her recent insistence that they diversify their clients’ portfolios...with cannabis stocks! Now, their clients are angry, management is angry, and their careers are in jeopardy. Livid? Frankly, her colleagues are enraged.

Now, Bruce Morgan is scared.

These people want justice. They want restitution. And, after a brief huddle, they announce that a bare-bottom spanking be administered to Melissa by all of them. Naturally, the three male colleagues want her clothes to come off first.

Now, Bruce Morgan is confused.

With his wife now undergoing the most humiliating experience imaginable, he should feel sorry for her. And he does. It's just that, well, their sex-life has been more or less nonexistent ever since Melissa began obsessing over her work. So, the opportunity to witness this very arousing spectacle is overriding his compassion and making him very aroused, indeed.

And the "thoroughness" of Melissa’s colleagues in "evening the score" quickly brings the spectacle to an almost unimaginable level of humiliation. And titillation.

Now, Bruce Morgan is thrilled.

Guilt-ridden to the hilt, this frustrated hubby is nonetheless becoming so aroused seeing what his wife is being put through that, well, he just can’t resist joining in on the fun!

Fans of ENF erotica featuring beautiful, submissive, and curvy wives being given the sexiest spankings imaginable--spankings that leave them breathless and embarrassed out of their minds--this one is for you! Get your copy today!

This is Book #6 in J.C.'s latest series: "My Wife--Submissive at Last"--a collection of titillating tales featuring horny, hard-up, and harried husbands who find themselves in newfound positions of power and dominance over their demanding, controlling, and sexually conservative wives. It sure is fun to flip the balance of power back to the man for a change--especially when his woman is gorgeous, well-built, and submissive at last!