Start with Hello How to Convert Today's Stranger into Tomorrow's Client

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Ever wondered why some business people have all the luck? They talk to more people! Its not about being lucky; its about talking to more people, more of the time and you can only do that by being present. New conversations and new connections will lead to new opportunities. You just need to be open to the idea of talking to complete strangers and act on the signs you receive to make an opportunity happen. That can mean both online and off. Has the Internet killed our ability to communicate offline with each other?  Is it better to connect online than not connect at all? Why does our etiquette fly out of the window when we do network online? People very often have an online strategy, but how about an offline one? Find out how you can talk to more strangers and be rich with your new connection currency, both on and offline. Business people all over the world are looking for new and alternative ways to market themselves and their businesses and by going back to good old fashioned chit chat or small talk and talking to complete strangers, more opportunities and business connections will arise. People buy from people they know, like and trust, so get to know more people! Its not what you know, its not who you know, but its who knows you. Developing the art of chat and holding a brief conversation with someone you dont know will not only fill you with confidence, but if you are able to build on that relationship, could increase your bottom line through either referrals or sales. Talking to strangers might not come naturally to some, so this book will guide you through key areas to help you such as behavioral styles, body language, and eye contact. Add in help with starting a conversation, and following up, you will pretty much ready to launch yourself into talking to more people, on and offline. Split into 5 easy parts and peppered with real life stories of how chance conversations have led to business relationships and new opportunities, the reader will realize not only why you need to talk to more strangers, but also indeed how easy it can be.