Flora's Christmas of New Beginnings

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Soundings and Choc Lit present the audio edition of Flora's Christmas of New Beginnings. It was meant to be a romantic Christmas getaway . . . Except Flora's boyfriend Paul is more interested in whether there's WiFi in their holiday cottage than he is in the pretty village of Padcock where it's located. It seems he's incapable of taking time out from his work for gossip mag darling Maxine Marling - or Maxine Marmoset as Flora not so secretly calls her (well, she does look like a marmoset!) - to spend time with his actual girlfriend. But as Flora discovers the friendly and festive community of Padcock with its eccentric but lovable locals - including dreamy musician Geraint Davies - she begins to question her London life and lots more besides. Especially as a certain marmoset becomes ever more present on her Christmas break for two . . . But luckily Padcock is a village where fresh starts happen - and maybe Flora is in line for her own Christmas of new beginnings.


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