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  • 11 - 05 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Scott Shepard (Woke CEOs) Keith Getty (New Hymn Project)

    05/11/2021 Duración: 47min

    The National Center for Public Policy has filed suit over newly approved rules making companies on the Nasdaq meet "diversity" board requirements, just as new federal legislation has been introduced to rein in Woke corporate CEOs. We'll get the details from the national center's Scott Shepard. Plus: Modern hymnwriter Keith Getty explains how he and his wife Kristyn are going back to their Irish roots on a new project to ground others in the Lord. That and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 11 - 04 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Gen. Keith Kellogg (The Military Under Trump)

    04/11/2021 Duración: 47min

    What was it like to serve an "America First" president whose agenda and person were under constant assault? And why are America's toughest battles still to come? Former national security adviser Gen. Keith Kellogg joins me to discuss his book, "War By Other Means: A General in the Trump White House." Plus: The red political triumph in Virginia was indicative of a wider triumph for parents nationwide. I'll explain why on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 11 - 03 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - David Croteau (Urban Legends of the New Testament)

    03/11/2021 Duración: 47min

    You've no doubt heard these statements before: Jesus was born in a stable because there was no room for him in the inn. Or hell is the absence of God. But are those true statements -- or are they false statements gleaned from biblical misunderstandings? Dr. David Croteau, professor at Columbia International University, joins Janet to talk about it and his book, “Urban Legends of the New Testament: 40 Common Misconceptions.” That and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY

  • 11 - 02 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Jay Richards (Technology) Jeff Johnson (Glory of God)

    02/11/2021 Duración: 47min

    All around us there is evidence that technology is likely to have a game-changing effect on the future of American work. How can free enterprise and virtue save the American dream? I'll talk it over with Dr. Jay Richards, author of "The Human Advantage: The Future of American Work in An Age of Smart Machines." Plus: Pastor Jeff Johnson says we'll find satisfaction in life when our search leads us to the glory of God. He'll discuss his book, "The Pursuit of Glory," on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY

  • 11 - 01 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Ken Berding (Bible Revival) Everett Piper (Gay Christians)

    01/11/2021 Duración: 47min

    The Bible is the most important book in the life of a Christian. How do we make it so? Janet talks it over with Ken Berding, author of "Bible Revival." Plus: How narrow is the narrow road of salvation, and what does homosexuality have to do with it? Dr. Everett Piper answers that question from the Word of God on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY

  • 10 - 29 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Ron Rhodes (90 Days Through the New Testament)

    29/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    What are the major themes of the New Testament? How does each book fit with the others, and what are the practical applications for everyday life? Dr. Ron Rhodes from Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries joins Janet to talk about it as we explore his book, “90 Days Through the New Testament in Chronological order.” That and more on Friday’s JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 28 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - John Plake (Bible Study Trends)

    28/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    The Woke Christian Left is ramping up its media narrative on how awful conservative Christians are, while failing to take the log out of their own eyes. I'll explain why I think so. Plus: Some good news is out on how Americans are exploring Scripture. We'll get the details from Dr. John Plake from the American Bible Society. Join us for Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 27 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Jeff Myers (The Christian Left)

    27/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    The White House is out with its "first-ever National Gender Strategy," while a GOP congressman is silenced online for saying a gender-confused male government official is a man. But are we effectively fighting the war on male and female? We'll talk about it. Plus: What can we learn about the new Christian Left movement from the upcoming meeting between the president and Pope Francis? Dr. Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries, will weigh in on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 26 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Craig Parton (Martin Luther and The Reformation)

    26/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    This week marks the 504th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. How did this gospel revolution unfold, how does the corruption of the Middle Ages compare to our own time, and what is the likelihood of another Reformation today? On the next JANET MEFFERD TODAY, Christian thinker and author Craig Parton joins Janet to talk about it. He is a contributor to the book, "Where Christ is Present." That and more on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 25 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Ron Hutchcraft (Evangelism)

    25/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    Life can be full, and yet unfulfilling, Is it because we're failing to embrace our appointed role as ambassadors for Jesus Christ? Ron Hutchcraft, president of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, joins me to show how sharing our testimonies and the gospel with others can help us make the greatest possible difference with the rest of our lives. We'll discuss that and his book, "A Life That Matters," on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 22 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Mollie Hemmingway (Big Tech, Media & Election Integrity)

    22/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    How did the media, Big Tech and the Democrats manage to seize our elections, and will they ever be fair again? Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist, joins me to discuss her book, "Rigged." Plus: Pastor Mike Stone, who was defeated for president of the Southern Baptist Convention back in June, is now taking ex-ERLC head Dr. Russell Moore to court for defamation, false light invasion of privacy and emotional distress. We'll explain on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 21 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - David Howard (The Christian Art of Verbal Chess)

    21/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    In a new article, Desiring God's Dr. John Piper oddly argues Christians should get the COVID-19 vaccine as a matter of "freedom." And this comes right after a Department of Justice lawyer is caught on tape questioning Christians' honesty in filing for religious exemptions. We'll dive into that. Plus: David Howard from Foxhole Ministry discusses his book, "The Christian Art of Verbal Chess." That and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 20 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Shane Idleman (Christian Courage)

    20/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    There is a battle for courage waging all around us. How will Christians respond? I'll talk it over with Shane Idleman, lead pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship. Plus: An update on those Christian missionaries who are being held hostage in Haiti. And are the unvaccinated to blame for former Secretary of State Colin Powell's death? All that and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 19 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - John Ellis (Revival) John Ellis (Higher Education)

    19/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    How do we return to our first love, Jesus Christ? I'll talk it over with Dr. Tom Phillips, vice president of The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and author of the book, "Ignite Your Passion for Jesus: Your Guide to Experience Personal Revival." Plus: What are the roots of what ails academia? Dr. John Ellis, distinguished professor emeritus at the University of California, Santa Cruz, will discuss his book, "The Breakdown of Higher Education: How it Happened, the Damage it Does and What Can Be Done." That's next time on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 18 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Mike Gendron (Lessons from the Reformation)

    18/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    This year, the church marks the 504th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. But why should we remember the Reformation? And how could recovering the gospel of Jesus Christ in our day change the lives of both Roman Catholic and lax Protestants? I'll discuss it with Mike Gendron, founder of the ministry Proclaiming the Gospel, on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 15 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Jim Osman (Spiritual Warfare)

    15/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    There's a lot of talk today about spiritual warfare consisting of concepts like "binding demons," "territorial spirits" or "spiritual mapping." But according to Scripture, real spiritual warfare is a battle for truth. I'll discuss it with Jim Osman, teaching pastor at Kootenai Community Church in Idaho and author of the book, "Truth or Territory: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare." That's next time on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 14 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Peter Wood (Anger in American Politics)

    14/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    Whether on the Left or Right, there's an epidemic of anger in American politics today. But why? And how can conservatives channel that anger into saving the republic? Dr. Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, joins me to discuss his book, "Wrath: America Enraged." Plus: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says President Biden wants to see a "fundamental change in the That more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 13 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Kelvin Cochran (Standing for Jesus in a Hostile Culture)

    13/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran was fired for his Christian views on sexuality. How did the battle strengthen his resolve to stand for Jesus publicly? He'll join me to talk about it and his book, "Facing the Fire." Plus: It's Texas vs. the airlines on the vaccine mandate showdown. And the Southern Baptist Convention continues to spiral downward - I'll explain why on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 12 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - William Mounce (Why I Trust the Bible)

    12/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    How do we answer some of the questions and doubts people have about the Bible? New Testament Greek scholar Dr. William Mounce joins me to discuss it and his book, "Why I Trust the Bible." Plus: California Gov. Gavin Newsom is on a rampage against the family, free speech and even lawn tools. And why is the Salvation Army going Woke? We'll bring you up to speed on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

  • 10 - 11 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Keri Ingraham (The Rise in Private Schooling)

    11/10/2021 Duración: 47min

    An ethics professor has been put on leave for challenging a California university on the constitutionality of vaccine mandates. Also, there's more than meets the eye concerning that racial reconciliation event at which Southern Baptist Convention president Ed Litton recently spoke. We'll dive into it. Plus: The Discovery Institute's Dr. Keri Ingraham explains why private school enrollment is thriving as more parents pull their kids out of the public schools. That's next time on JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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