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  • Killer Orgasms with Nate Rifkin part 2

    21/12/2017 Duración: 22min

    Like I mentioned last week... One of my knights decided to use his copywriting and marketing skills to wade through millions of REALLY bitter and hateful women online to try and find “the one.” And after using Facebook ads to bring some attention to his little experiment, it went viral. And THOUSANDS of haters (mostly women) came out of the woodwork. Heck, some even threatened to KILL him! Which just once again confirms what I always say about the mindset of people you find on Facebook. So what came from all this? Did he find “the one?” Did he turn this whole thang into a way to make money? Or was it something MUCH more valuable... like a life changing self-discovery? Click here to find out on the latest episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Killer Orgasms with Nate Rifkin part 1

    14/12/2017 Duración: 31min

    This was an interesting little experiment. One of my knights decided to use his copywriting and marketing skills to sift through millions of women online to try and find “the one.” In the process the whole kit and caboodle went viral. He got invitations to appear on Dr. Phil... and THOUSANDS of haters (mostly women) came out of the woodwork. Some even threatened to kill him! (Those should have been moved to the top of the dating list, in my opinion. ’Cuz they most certainly would NOT be boring dates.) So after all that, did he find “the one?” Click here to find out on the latest episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Just Breathe with Dan Brule part 2

    07/12/2017 Duración: 33min

    I’ve done some crazy stuff in the past. Hell, I’m doing crazy stuff NOW. At first, I told myself it was to open my mind. So I could become a better copywriter. A better musician. A better composer. Free from the self-hate. One who can tap into a deeper, more creative power. But now... it’s for different reasons. Reasons I’m still not able to properly enunciate. At least not in a way mortal minds can grasp. I want something more. Something higher. To reach a higher level. A greater frequency. Pure, unadulterated 528 Hz. To look... if only once... into the essence that is pure possibility. Where there is no time... no past... no future. Only presence. Without the limits of this temporary avatar we call a body. And maybe... just MAYBE... get a little poontang, too. Oh come one. I HAD to lighten things up. I’ve got street cred I gotta keep up, ya know. And no, I’ve not REALLY been doing mescaline. (Even though this email sounds like it was written by a guy tripping on something. The truth is, I AM tripping. Click

  • Just Breathe with Dan Brule part 1

    30/11/2017 Duración: 25min

    Crazy like a fox. ’Cuz the simplest of things... Something you’re already doing 24 hours a day unconsciously... can TRANSFORM your performance. In your business... In your relationships... Heck... your entire frickin’ LIFE, man. IF you learn how to take conscious control of it. (And no, it’s not control of your thinking, positive thinking or any of that.) In fact, my guest claims this is soooooo transformational, it’s like being reborn. Discover how to be reborn on the latest episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Going for GOLD

    23/11/2017 Duración: 18min

    Don’t blame this one on me. My producer J.R. is the one to blame. He started it. But like I told ya a couple weeks ago, I’m not pulling my punches anymore. And THIS little rant is gonna piss off EVERYBODY who runs masterminds. Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a flying fornication. SOMEBODY has to tell it like it is. And I guess I’m the man for the job. Probably the ONLY one with the huevos big enough to do it. Click here to hear those big brass ones clunkin’ together like never before... as I explain why I believe what I believe about masterminds. (Well... most of ‘em anyway.) All the best, Doberman Dan

  • You're either growing or you're dying

    16/11/2017 Duración: 22min

    Are you frustrated? Fed up with not making any progress? Does every day in your business feel like you’re swimming in wet concrete? The solution is simple, my treasured troubadour. Just follow the WWF’s lead. It’s all explained on this week’s semi-entertaining episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • If you can't afford to lose it don't do it

    09/11/2017 Duración: 21min

    In his forward to my new book, “Just Sell The Damn Thing,” Dan Kennedy said this about lil’ ole moi: “My own chosen and lived positioning for more than 40 years has been ‘No B.S.’ Had I not claimed it, it could just as easily be his.” And that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing today... Giving you some hard won, no BS advice from 30 years in the entrepreneurial trenches. Look, I’m a champion of and cheerleader for the entrepreneur. Or anybody who says they want to be one. Although I have to admit... In the past I’ve had a hard time walking that fine line between being an encourager... yet still giving you the sometimes painful real-world truth about what it REALLY takes to be successful. ’Cuz if I told you all the things I’ve personally had to go through... and STILL go would TERRIFY most people. Then darn near NOBODY would even START down the entrepreneurial path. So... in the past... I’ve not disclosed the ENTIRE story. I just assumed you could cross that bridge when you come to it. But I’ve had as chang

  • Crazy Ways To Make Your Business Fun with T. J. Rohleder

    02/11/2017 Duración: 01h42min

    I’m gonna let ya in on something. To support my two bad habits (sleeping indoors and eating at least once a day)... I write sales copy. A few people who are experts at that stuff say I’m really good at it. Some even say I’m a master. I never correct them... but many days... actually MOST days, I highly doubt that. I can’t personally say I’m a master. But I CAN say that I’m masterING. So here’s my big secret: Most days I have absolutely ZERO desire to write copy. I have to force myself to do it. And it’s not fun. And it’s most certainly not easy. However... a friend of mine shared a secret with me that helps me write copy when I don’t want to. And believe it or not, it actually makes it kinda fun. It’s something you can use to get yourself to do ANY activity that you don’t want to do. Check out the first 30 seconds of this week’s episode of Off The Chain. You might be shocked at what my guest suggested. But it works. (If you don’t want to go to jail, make sure you don’t do it in public.) And that’s just one of

  • How To Make Millions With Direct Mail with Craig Simpson

    26/10/2017 Duración: 01h20min

    Is this the most profitable thang you could EVER do? I’ll answer that question for you... YES! Based on my experience, THIS secret could be the biggest, most efficient and most EFFECTIVE thang you could ever possibly do in your business. That’s how it has worked out for me... and I’ve been doing it for almost a quarter of a century. And in ALL my businesses it has been the number one generator of sales and profits. I thought I was an expert at this jealously guarded secret... until I met THIS guy. And you can meet him, too. He’s my guest on this special episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Secrets Of High Ticket Selling with Matthew Gillogly

    19/10/2017 Duración: 57min

    A few years ago I decided to try selling a high priced coaching program. My sales copy did a great job of getting people to set up a phone call with me to learn about my coaching dealy-bop. Because I’ve gotten pretty darn good at selling in print. And on websites... in emails, etc. But when I got on the phone with these pre-qualified and highly motivated prospects... I screwed it all up and converted very few. Because I didn’t know how to sell on the phone. Especially high-ticket stuff. So here’s what I did: I sought out an expert to mentor me on this high-ticket selling thang. Long story short... I started closing people on high-ticket deals with a crazy high conversion rate. Even as high as 100% conversion on a two-day event priced at $10,000. And... because I’m such a salt of the earth hombre... I wanted to share my high-ticket phone selling coach with you. Click here for my interview with Matthew Gillogly on the latest episode of Off The Chain. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Client Problems with Heather Ann Havenwood part 2

    12/10/2017 Duración: 33min

    I’ve never heard ANYBODY say this. EVER. I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds when I heard it. And it changed my life in an instant. REALLY. Because this problem has taunted me my entire life. Actually, “taunted” doesn’t even come close to describing it. “Torture” is the more appropriate word. Because this issue has driven me to my knees. To the point of seriously considering ending my own life. Several different times. So yeah... this was a big frickin’ deal to me. This episode is the “Part Deux” from last week. My interview with serial entrepreneur and marketing strategist Heather Havenwood. Click here and listen as I get one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Client Problems with Heather Ann Havenwood part 1

    05/10/2017 Duración: 30min

    I was feeling good... In fact... in spite of being a graying 52 year old, no-longer- handsome guy... I was feeling that macho swagger again. Like back in the day... if ya know what I mean. Interesting timing on that... because I was interviewing a woman. AND... because she’s just simply maaarvelous... the interview went swimmingly. In fact... I learned some pretty life changing thangs. So... with the hope and expectation that it’ll do the same for you, too... my producer Joe Nation and his team hit the “publish” button. Therefore... you can click here and maybe... hopefully... I hope... no, I pray... in the name of all things good and holy... it’ll change your life, too. All the best, Doberman Dan

  • No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations with Dustin Matthews part 2

    28/09/2017 Duración: 30min

    Have you been listening to my Off The Chain podcast? If so, then maybe you listened to last week’s episode with Dustin Mathews. He shared some great stuff. Like some super successful ways to find a mentor... And one thang that seemed really cool to me... how an introvert can work behind the scenes in the speaking business to make millions. And really... so many other success secrets that it would take way too long to describe in this email. You just need to go listen to it. I promise it will be worth it. Click here to take a listen... All the best, Doberman Dan P.S. Thanks for listening to my podcast. Pax vobiscum.

  • No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations with Dustin Matthews part 1

    21/09/2017 Duración: 28min

    Can you be an extreme “hide behind a computer” introvert yet still make millions speaking? Yup. That’s exactly what one of my friends did. And he’s revealing his secret formula here... HINT: The speaker doesn’t have to be YOU. Here’s how to glom on to one of those extrovert dudes who LOVES to get on stage and use HIM to make millions. THIS just might be the ideal business model for you...   All the best, Doberman Dan

  • 6 sets of 6

    14/09/2017 Duración: 21min

    And it doesn’t come from my business or marketing experience. It comes from my bodybuilding experience back in the day. This truly is the secret to creating any kind of life you want... and getting EVERYTHING you desire. All the intriguing deets are revealed on the latest episode of Off The Chain. Click here and enjoy... All the best, Doberman Dan

  • Your programming is sabotaging your success

    07/09/2017 Duración: 23min

    Well ALMOST stopped talking about marketing. (With the civilians. I still talk about new marketing breakthroughs a LOT with my knights.) Why do I rarely share that stuff on my podcasts anymore? ’Cuz it ain’t the most important thang for building your biz and making money. There’s something much more important. EXPONENTIALLY more important. And THAT is what I’m talking about exclusively on this week’s new episode of Off The Chain. Click here to take a listen... All the best, Doberman Dan

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