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Faith Family Church is a thriving interdenominational church located in Victoria, TX. Pastors Jim and Tamara Graff are making a big impact in their small-town community and are reaching out to strengthen churches across the nation.


  • Crowning Moments | Embracing Majestic Moments


    What are some unforgettable moments in your life? Do you remember giving birth to your first child or your wedding day? What about the other moments like when God brought a special friend into your life just when you needed them most or He answered a special prayer. God's loving kindness and tender mercies allow us to experience amazing moments and achievements that without Him would not be possible. He has crowned us with opportunities we would never have because He loves us. In our new series, Crowning Moments, we'll be looking at some God sized moments and how He shows his grace and mercy for us through them. AudioGet more from Jim Graff: twitter: @PastorJimGraff instagram: @jimgraff6 website: Get more from Faith Family: website: twitter: @faith_family instagram: @myffc facebook: @FaithFamilyVictoria

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