Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast



Steam Powered Scoundrels is a podcast about the tabletop skirmish game, Malifaux. Your hosts are Victoria and Doug, as well as a rotating third chair.


  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 30 - We Still Aren't Game Designers

    01/03/2021 Duración: 02h28min

    Rumors abound of the yearly errata still happening in 2021, so we took it up ourselves to do the work for Wyrd and fix all of the problem models in the game. Join Doug as he complains about summoning and Roman, Nate, Jeff, and Eli as they tell him to calm down. We cover all 8 factions and the rulebook and decide on what needs nerfed, what needs buffed, and what needs to be punted into the sun.   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels - M3E Resurrectionists Primer

    20/02/2021 Duración: 02h53min

    Doug and Joe keep the primer series going with our look at our 5th Faction, the Resurrectionists! Join us as we cover the fluff and tactics for all 8 keywords (and versatiles) in this undead faction. If you enjoy good jokes, or just wonder what to do with the pile of dead bodies in your basement, listen in! Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Friday Night Faux-Down - 2/13/21 - Third Storey Combat

    14/02/2021 Duración: 01h06min

    We got'em folks! Craig Floors fell for the ol' 'Trail of Almond Joys' trick and got himself locked in Roman's basement. While we wait for the ransom money, we decided to record a Friday Night Faux-Down! Sadly, we lost about 30 minutes of audio, but because of this we got him to promise to record ANOTHER episode. As usual, we have a blast. Enjoy! Topics: 1. What RPG would you most like to run for your fellow podcasters in this episode? 2. What's your OTP? If you've answered this before, what would be your secondary couple? 3. What is the needlessly divisive food choice in Malifaux a la “pineapple on pizza” and what is the “correct answer”? 4. You grow so famous from podcasting, Hollywood offers to let you make a low-budget Malifaux movie that’s really just a ripoff of a different terrible franchise. What low budget Malifaux theme movie rip off remake do you make? What’s your egotistical cameo in said movie? 5. Wyrd names a mildly interesting Malifaux landmark after you of your own design. What is it? 6. A ch

  • Best Laid Plans 6: Tricksy vs.DUA

    01/02/2021 Duración: 01h58min

    Best Laid Plans is back with Doug back at the helm. This episode we're seeing the real Slim Shady take on the Songstress of Spoons (DUA vs. Tricksy). Nate and Roman put their friendship on the line to duke it out for our entertainment. Also Jake is here. Kinda.   Wedge Symbols of Authority Vendetta Assassinate Take Prisoner Catch and Release Let Then Bleed   DUA (Roman): Cache: 5 English Ivan + Hidden Agenda Mr. Mordrake Gibson DeWalt + Flush with Cash Eva Havenhand Vernon and Welles Operative Nocturne Botanist + Treasure Map   Tricksy (Nate): Cache: 2 Mah Tucket + 12 cups of coffee Little Lass Big Brain Brin Rooster Rider Test Subject Test Subject Test Subject Soulstone Miner Lucky Effigy + Effigy of Fate Gluttony Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 29: Free Range Executioners

    20/01/2021 Duración: 02h08min

    So now we have an 8th faction, but that faction is missing a few dozen models to bring them up to the same model count as its 7 siblings. Thank goodness you have the Steam Powered Scoundrels, because now Wyrd doesn't have to waste time and brainpower coming up with new models for the faction. We're doing it for them. You're welcome. Join Doug, Victoria, Nate, Roman, and DZ for a good time.   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD    

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 28b - Explorer’s After After Party

    01/01/2021 Duración: 01h39min

    SECOND HALF. GO LISTEN TO 28a BEFORE LISTENING TO THIS ONE. ALSO, BUY THE BOOK YOU COWARDS Now that we've got that out of the way, in this half of the Explorers After Party we go over the last three stories in the Explorers book, as well and give our thoughts on disappointments and things we're wanting/looking forward to in the future! This episode had to be cobbled together a bit as we had to rerecord part of it at a later date. Now, stop me if you've heard this one: Elmer Fudd, a Yooper, and Bone Granny walk into a bar... Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 28a - Explorer's After Party

    20/12/2020 Duración: 01h57min

    Warning: SPOILERS INSIDE We got ourselves a two-parter! Last time was our crunchy PSA about beating Team Teal but her we get to gush about all of the glorious fluff coming from the new Explorers faction book. Join Doug, Nate, Victoria, and new best friend Joe as we talk about the brand new map, models we love, fluff nuggets, pronunciation, and the first story from the book. Note: Go and buy the book before listening. Support Wyrd you cowards.   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 27 - Haze the New Guys

    11/12/2020 Duración: 02h52min

    Doug has earned his freedom after successfully challenging Roman to what he calls 'Baby Oil Thunderdome', just in time to celebrate the introduction of our new meta overlords, the Explorers Society! We thought we'd do another 'public service' to the community. Now, the other podcasts probably have the 'how to play Explorers' covered, so we thought we'd jump the gun and go right into 'ow to BEAT the Explorers. We got some very smart individuals on with deep insight into the various new masters and their playstyle. Join Roman, Rob, Chase, John, and hanger-on Doug as we teach you how to fight the Teal Terrors. Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Friday Night Faux-Down -11/29/20 - Bean Powered Scoundrels

    30/11/2020 Duración: 01h25min

    It's here. Nate took over SPS and look what he did. A whole Friday Night Faux-Down! dedicated to food (and Black Friday). Doug managed to talk him down from strictly bean-centric topics before Roman kidnapped him. You're Welcome. Hang out with Nate, Roman, Eli, Victoria, and Doug while we talk about pointless Malifaux stuff. Topics: 1. The Boston Molasses flood of 1919 killed 21 people and injured 150. What food based disaster is Malifaux likely to see, and who's fault is it? 2. Who’s secretly (not openly) a cannibal? 3.  Name a Malifaux master and explain their version of a Turducken 4. Who refuses to let anyone else carve the turkey? 5. What bean is the best representative for each faction in Malifaux? 6. What is Malifaux’s dark twist on Black Friday? 7. Which Malifaux Character would say their favorite holiday is Black Friday? 8. You get one Malifaux minion as your Black Friday shopping partner. Who is it and why? 9. What’s the best dish in all of Malifaux (that you can’t get on Earth), and where do yo

  • Best Laid Plan 5: Forgotten vs. Infamous

    15/11/2020 Duración: 01h32min

    Best Laid Plans without Doug! He's currently locked up in Roman's basement force-fed on a steady diet of Bean Memes and Ski soda. Roman has commandeered the podcast to bring you the latest episode of Best Laid Plans! He hosts while Nate and Jake duke it out. Nate (Forgotten): Pool: 6 Molly + Grave Spirit's Touch Necrotic Machine Archie + The Whisper Dead Rider + Grave Spirit's Touch Philip and the Nanny Rabble Riser Crooligan   Jake (Infamous): Pool: 7 Captain Zipp Earl Burns First Mate + Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit Lucky Emissary Iron Skeeter + Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit Iron Skeeter Merris LaCroix Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Friday Night Faux-Down - 10/31/20 - ALL-STARS

    31/10/2020 Duración: 01h34min

    We wrap up Spooktober 2020 with a very special episode of Friday Night Faux-Down. Doug has managed to coerce, bribe and blackmail SIX other Malifaux podcasters to get them onto the show. We have a blast with 90 minutes of Malifaux goodness and we hope you both enjoy this and maybe find an new show to listen to! Guests- Ray: Third Floor Wars Chris: The Harl'e'faux Show Cody: Swampfiends Pete: Rage Quit Wire Colgan: The Other Coast Kyle: Schemes and Stones Doug: Steam Powered Scoundrels Topics- 1. Which keyword would make the best anime? 2. You are transported into Malifaux in the newest round of Masters. What's your faction, keyword, and theme abilities? 3. If you could make a 15 SS model for any keyword, what would it be? 4. What can Wyrd as a company and us as a community do to grow the game of Malifaux? 5. What is your absolute favorite bit of Fluff in Malifaux? 6. Who's a historical figure you want to see appear/referenced in Malifaux? 7. What is an idiom or turn of phrase that only exists in Malifaux?

  • Best Laid Plans 4: Last Blossom vs. Wildfire

    25/10/2020 Duración: 01h15min

    Special Best Laid Plans today! We fulfill the episode wish made by our dear Nick Westbrook who gets to dictate a topic due to his Patreon tier. We decided to change up the format slightly. Roman will be playing against Nick in this episode, but Doug will moderate and hopefully get more information out of the players. Let us know if you like the change of format! Nick (Last Blossom): Pool: 7 Misaki Katanaka Shang Ototo Minako Rei Chiaki The Beacon Dawn Serpent + Masked Agent Shadow Effigy + Effigy of Fate Roman (Wildfire): Pool: 7 Kaeris The Eternal Flame The Captain Carlos Vasquez Elijah Borgmann Mecharachnid + Diesel Engine Mecharachnid + Magical Training Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Friday Night Faux-Down!- 10/16/20 - A Reason for the Season

    17/10/2020 Duración: 01h13min

    New Friday Night Faux-Down coming in dead and lifeless to rep the greatest of holidays. This is our spooktacular and we have Doug, Victoria, Austin, Eli, and Roman talking topics of a more Halloween-variety. Topics this episode: 1. Which Undead model would you dress up as for Halloween? 2. Who gives out the best candy for trick or treat? 3. Pick any Malifaux Podcaster. Decide what Malifaux character they’re dressing up as for Halloween. 4. Recast a scary book/movie with Malifaux characters. 5. Which character in Malifaux is the most popular for other characters to dress up as? 6. Who goes all out in decorating their yard? 7. Which keyword would make the best Thriller music video? 8. Which Malifaux character would be the best/worst to be haunted by? 9. We have the Witches and Woes alt set now. What are some other Halloween-themed alt crews we could get? 10. Name a character; Next person describes what that character is dressing up as for Halloween.   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISC

  • Best Laid Plans 3: Journalist vs. Nephilim

    10/10/2020 Duración: 57min

    It's officially a thing! Best Laid Plans is back with a fun game between Doug (Journalist) vs. Jeffrey (Nephilim). Doug confesses his darkest sin to playing Nellie and brings the most punchable face to bear against an Nephilim Outcast list run by Barbaros.   Doug (Journalist) - Nellie + Lead-Lined Coat Printing Press Phiona Gage Pale Rider Undercover Reporter Guild Steward Field Reporter False Witness Jeffrey (Nephilim) -  Barbaros Hodgepodge Effigy Heyreddin Mature Nephilim + Servant of Dark Power Mature Nephilim + Servant of Dark Power Young Nephilim Young Nephilim   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels - M3E Guild Primer

    03/10/2020 Duración: 03h54min

    The Scoundrels (Doug and guest Rob) continue the Primer series, covering the OG faction of Malifaux, the Guild! We go over the fluff and tactics of the entire faction from the Guild itself to keyword themes and individual models. We hope to be a little informative to both new players and old. I do apologize for the audio quality (again). We tried to make it work.   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Friday Night Faux-Down!- 09/13/20 - Don't Call Me Leslie

    14/09/2020 Duración: 01h09min

    Join Doug (Dorg), Victoria (Vork), Nate (Nort), Roman (Rormin), and new friend Jeffrey (Jorfrey) and we yell and sometimes talk about hot button issues plaguing Malifaux.  Topics: 1.  Pitch a children's book idea involving Malifaux characters/plot lines.  2.  Remake a classic movie with Malifaux characters.  3.  What's in your favorite character's lunchbox?  4.  Person before you picks a leader, you pick their most likely cause of death (fluff-wise, not game mechanic-wise). 5.  Wyrd says there are no vampires in Malifaux, but what character is actually secretly a vampire and they just don't know it?  6.  Propose a new Nightmare Crew Box that also fits into the 1988 aesthetic. 7.  Each faction besides Arcanists and Bayou get their own gamin/golem. Pick a faction and describe the new golem and its keyword.  8.  If you could say one thing to your favorite character, what would it be?  Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 26b - Brien Hearts Dead Rider

    05/09/2020 Duración: 01h15min

    Hey Hey! Scoundrelinos! It's ya boi! Douggie-Fresh, comin' at ya with the second half of our totally epic draft results. We got Roman! We got Brien Schemes, we even got THE. NICK. WESTBROOK (AHH!). Make sure to like comment and subscribe for more videos! Peace!   Rules Full Draft List   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD   (Good God that impression made me die inside).

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 26a - The Darkest of Betrayals

    26/08/2020 Duración: 01h39min

    Howdy Scoundrels! We decided to jump on the Draft bandwagon and host our own Build-a-Faction draft featuring the SPS hosts as well as a few guests. We have slightly different rules than other drafts, including picking up Upgrades and Faction Versatiles to round out our custom factions. In this episode you'll hear Doug, Nate, DZ, and Eli go over their picks as well as talk about their spoils.   Rules Full Draft List   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 25 - I GenCan't Believe He's Not Arcanists!

    11/08/2020 Duración: 01h52min

    Howdy folks! Wyrd's Gen Con events have come and gone and it's got as all hella excited for what's to come from our favorite game company! In this episode Doug, Samantha, Nate, and Roman Review all the interesting things reveal from GenCan't, Speculate on what's missing from the Explorer's Society, and give our quick thoughts on how the revealed models might best be played.

  • Friday Night Faux-Down! - 07/28/20 - Robot Tentacles

    29/07/2020 Duración: 01h13min

    Friday Night Faux Down is here again, bringing you loud people making jokes about your favorite game. This session features the big 4 (Tori, Nate, Roman, and Doug) lending their collective genius to entertain you. Tonight's Topics -  1. Suggest a song. The rest of the participants must decide on who’s theme it should be. 2.  You sold your soul to the devil for a Malifaux novel series. As payment, you have to name your next two children after Malifaux characters (boy and girl). What are their names? Bonus question: Who would you like to see write the novels? 3. Pick another Foundry Model and tell us how you’d convert it to fit into the Malifaux: 1988 aesthetic. 4. After all the Explorers shenanigans settle down, who most needs new models in your faction and what might that model be? 5. If the characters of Malifaux got to see their own models & cards, who would love/hate how they're portrayed the most? 6. What should be the next model to make its way to tabletop Maifaux from TTB? 7. Now we have cyb

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