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Steam Powered Scoundrels is a podcast about the tabletop skirmish game, Malifaux. Your hosts are Victoria and Doug, as well as a rotating third chair.


  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 26a - The Darkest of Betrayals

    26/08/2020 Duración: 01h39min

    Howdy Scoundrels! We decided to jump on the Draft bandwagon and host our own Build-a-Faction draft featuring the SPS hosts as well as a few guests. We have slightly different rules than other drafts, including picking up Upgrades and Faction Versatiles to round out our custom factions. In this episode you'll hear Doug, Nate, DZ, and Eli go over their picks as well as talk about their spoils.   Rules Full Draft List   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 25 - I GenCan't Believe He's Not Arcanists!

    11/08/2020 Duración: 01h52min

    Howdy folks! Wyrd's Gen Con events have come and gone and it's got as all hella excited for what's to come from our favorite game company! In this episode Doug, Samantha, Nate, and Roman Review all the interesting things reveal from GenCan't, Speculate on what's missing from the Explorer's Society, and give our quick thoughts on how the revealed models might best be played.

  • Friday Night Faux-Down! - 07/28/20 - Robot Tentacles

    29/07/2020 Duración: 01h13min

    Friday Night Faux Down is here again, bringing you loud people making jokes about your favorite game. This session features the big 4 (Tori, Nate, Roman, and Doug) lending their collective genius to entertain you. Tonight's Topics -  1. Suggest a song. The rest of the participants must decide on who’s theme it should be. 2.  You sold your soul to the devil for a Malifaux novel series. As payment, you have to name your next two children after Malifaux characters (boy and girl). What are their names? Bonus question: Who would you like to see write the novels? 3. Pick another Foundry Model and tell us how you’d convert it to fit into the Malifaux: 1988 aesthetic. 4. After all the Explorers shenanigans settle down, who most needs new models in your faction and what might that model be? 5. If the characters of Malifaux got to see their own models & cards, who would love/hate how they're portrayed the most? 6. What should be the next model to make its way to tabletop Maifaux from TTB? 7. Now we have cyb

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 24 - Bonanza Brawl

    14/07/2020 Duración: 43min

    Steampowered Scoundrels have been working on a fun alternative to Enforcer Brawl/All-Out Brawl and we are too a point we want to share it with the greater community. Listen to Doug, Nate, and Roman shill their hearts out about our passion project and give it a try yourself! We'd like to get as many opinions on it as possible, as well and any issues with the rules or cards. Check out the rules here  Here is the card list   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Best Laid Plans: Big Hat vs. Nightmare

    30/06/2020 Duración: 50min

    Bringing back a format we tried a year ago. Now that we have more people able to record, we can make these without forcing you to constantly listen to Ironsides games. This is also the first recording that doesn't involve Doug! Listen to best buds Nate and Roman play each other over vassal, recording their immediate reactions and tactics before the game starts, between each turn, and after. Nate was having a bit of an issue with his audio for a few rounds but you can still get what he's saying. Roman - Nightmare The Dreamer + Ancient Pact & 9ss Lord Chompy Bits + Inhuman Reflexes Widow Weaver Bandersnatch Serena Bowman Coppelius Wicked Doll + Ancient Pact Nate - Big Hat So'mer Teeth Jones + Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit & 7ss Skeeters x2 Lenny Jones Georgy & Olaf + Inferiority Complex Old Cranky Good ol' Boy Banjonista Bayou Gator

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels - M3E Neverborn Primer

    16/06/2020 Duración: 01h27min

    Welcome to our third primer featuring Malifaux's native faction, the Neverborn (the other native faction). Join Doug and Eli as we cover the basic fluff and playstyle of every model and keyword in the faction and models masters can bring in from other factions. We hope we can help folks interested in learning about this faction with what they might want to play, as well as pointing out how things tend to be played for those looking at how to play against the Neverborn.   Donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Friday Night Faux-Down - 5/30/2020 - 50th Episode/4th Year Anniversary

    31/05/2020 Duración: 02h37min

    Hey there friends. Steam Powered Scoundrels is celebrating their 50th episode AND 4 years of podcasting So we decided to do a double-long episode of Friday Night Faux-Down! Join Doug, Victoria, Roman, Nate, and Eli for some Malifaux-themed fun. Also, don't wait till after the credits. There's nothing there.   Donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 23 - Faux-pourri

    17/05/2020 Duración: 33min

    Full disclosure: The audio that was meant to come out this time around ended up getting corrupted, so Doug did a quick one to make sure we got something out. In this episode, Doug flies solo and covers three different things that don't quite deserve their own episode. First up, he covers the Explorers Society reveals and tries to connect the dots as to what we could possibly see for these new keywords. After that, he does an update on what Steam Powered Scoundrels are working on, and why you should be excited. Lastly, he goes into moderate detail on what exactly the Scoundrels do to record and publish a podcast. It's a pretty simple setup, so if you were ever thinking about running your own Malifaux show, you should definitely give it a try! Donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 22 - Ships and Giggles

    02/05/2020 Duración: 01h27min

    Hooboy. Here we go. Steampowered Scoundrels bringing you the Malifaux content that no one else will. We cover shipping this episode. Doug lets Victoria and Monica from the Bonus Experience Podcast go nuts talking about shipping characters in the Malifaux Universe. Ok, Doug participates too. It's a good amount of fun and pretty darn funny, so enjoy, dammit. Bonus Experience Podcast Donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels - Fluff Primer

    19/04/2020 Duración: 02h04min

    Join Doug, Victoria, and Roman as the go over a quick introduction to the world of Malifaux to those unfamiliar, as well as listing our favorite bits of fluff from the universe. This was designed to both be a reference for folks new to malifaux, but can be enjoyed by everyone.   Please donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels - Hobby Primer: Painting

    03/04/2020 Duración: 01h20min

    A follow-up to the Assembling Primer, listen to Doug, Roman, and Victoria talk about getting into the basics of painting minis as well as the tips and tricks they know. Donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Friday Night Faux-Down - 03/20/2020 - Crushin' for the Prussian

    20/03/2020 Duración: 01h19min

    Friday Night Faux-Down, it's back. It's spicy. It's...melon flavored. This episode we got Doug, Tori (she back!), Nate, and Ed (who dis?) going over a bunch of serious and unserious topics that our patrons suggested. Topics Tonight: 1. Now that Malifaux is officially a sportsball game (clever and original CLL joke) pick a keyword. That keyword is now a sportsball team. What is their sport, what's the mascot/colors, what are they known for? 2. What's a good crew (or pair of crews) for demoing the game? 3. How many keywords do you feel it takes to cover the schemes and strats? 4. What character has the most embarrassing secret hobby? 5. Which pairs would make the best unexpected power couples? 6. Which master is the biggest scumbag? 7. Which Henchman are legitimate picks to promote to master? Bonus Experience Podcast Donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 21 - Christmas in March

    06/03/2020 Duración: 02h07min

    We were blessed with a mega update for Malifaux on Wednesday, FAQ and Errata and Gaining Grounds Season 1! (Oh My!). Now we aren't cool enough to get the developers on for an interview, but we managed to scrounge up Doug, Roman, and Eli the night of to get some hot hot takes on both the Errata and new Schemes and Strategy. Listen as Doug fights through a cold medication haze to get hype about re-balancing and brand shiny new Strategies and Schemes to reinvigorate the meta. Enjoy! Donate to our Patreon!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 20 - I Like Big Buffs

    28/02/2020 Duración: 01h51min

    We wrap up this highly prolific February with the sister episode to the Nerfisode, a...Buffisode. Come join Doug as he's managed to blackmail Kyle and Brien of Schemes and Stones into joining him on this episode. We pick 6 models from each faction to receive a buff, based on Facebook polls within each faction-specific Facebook group. Same rules as last time, keep it all within theme if at all possible and no point changes.   Donate to our Patreon so we can afford a new mic that literally just died while I was editing this episode!  JOIN OUR DISCORD    

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 19 - Nerf or Nothin'

    21/02/2020 Duración: 02h18min

    Welcome back. With the announced upcoming errata, this episode sees Doug, Roman, and Dave propose Nerfs for 6 model/upgrades/abilities from each faction, based mostly on polls placed in the faction Facebook groups. We set the rules for ourselves that each change couldn't be a point increase (too easy) and should retain the model's 'feel' as much as possible. I do apologize for Doug's cold. Blame his children. Oh! We have a Patreon now!  JOIN OUR DISCORD

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 18 - When in Roman's

    15/02/2020 Duración: 01h58min

    In this episode Doug, Roman, Nate, and Eli all discuss their games at the IndyStorm Malifaux Tournament as well as go over their impressions of the format (combined Bans and Too Many Secrets). JOIN OUR DISCORD -

  • Friday Night Faux-Down - 02/06/2020 - The Nelliesode

    07/02/2020 Duración: 01h14min

      So I normally note when we are particularly offensive in some category, but in this episode all four of us (Doug, Roman, Nate, and Eli) Are slightly drunk. SO, we use a lot of swears, and make a lot of unclean jokes. And sometimes we even sing loudly. I've cleaned it up as best as I can but I know some of you won't enjoy the increased volume and propensity for us to talk over each other. HOWEVER, we are pretty darn funny. If I haven't scared you off, you'll enjoy this one. JOIN OUR DISCORD - Topics Tonight: Which henchman is most likely to 'off' their master and claim their place? your favorite master is accused of a crime and has to lay low and join another faction under a false identity so people don't realize it's them, which faction do they join and what's their new identity? What is your headcanon rivalry between masters and why? Pseudo dream job: Wyrd says they want to hire you. What's the job and why? Suggest a new model that has two keywords from different factions

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels - Hobby Primer: Assembly

    24/01/2020 Duración: 49min

    Hey folks. Short episode here. Thought I'd dedicate myself to YET ANOTHER series by doing a primer on assembling models. Decent listen for anyone into miniatures but especially good for new people to the hobby. Check out our Discord here: Steam Powered Scoundrels Discord

  • Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 17 - Engorged Johnny

    10/01/2020 Duración: 01h46min

    How do you like the new and improved publication schedule? In this episode Doug, Victoria, Roman, Nate, and Eli present our ideas for unmade Dual Faction Masters and Keywords (thank you Craig for the suggestion!). I do apologize as I screwed up recording and you can only hear Roman, Nate, and Eli through the speakers on my laptop! You can still understand everyone, though. I promise I'll be smarter next time. Check out our Discord here: Steam Powered Scoundrels Discord

  • Friday Night Faux-Down - 12/24/19 - Merry Krampus

    25/12/2019 Duración: 01h22min

    WARNING! We talk about adult things in this episode! Not for the ears of the innocent!   Hey I'm JUST getting this in an hour before Christmas (so this still qualifies as a holiday episode). We welcome the return of Victoria, Nate, and Roman, as well as say hi to Eli our newest stooge. It's our typical Scoundrel shenanigans with a few festive topics tossed in. Enjoy! JOIN OUR DISCORD - Topics Tonight: 1. Which characters would make for the best after school cartoons? 2. All eight factions decide that for 24 hours they'd declare a 'Christmas Truce'. What characters do you most want to see have a story about them interacting during the truce? 3. Every faction has a group chat/discord server. Who is the shitposter? 4. Design a holiday-themed crew box 5. What is now the biggest thing you want addressed in the fluff? 6. Say something nice about a faction/master you hate 7. Secret Santa?

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