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Social Nerd Review is a group of guys who play a lot of games. This is their twice a month podcast about video games, board games, and general pop culture.


  • Episode 33

    20/09/2016 Duración: 44min

    Join us as we discuss #reCORE, #DeusExMankindDivided, and the behemoth that is #WoWLegion

  • Episode 32

    06/09/2016 Duración: 43min

    Join us as we discuss, #WoWLegion, #RocketLeague Leagues, #DeusExMankindDivided, #DeusExGO. #Lumines, #Titanfall2, and #OffWorldTradingCompany!

  • Episode 31

    22/08/2016 Duración: 56min

    Join us as we talk #NoMansSky, #ABZU, #Severed, #WorldOfWarcraft, and the engima that is #Diablo3.

  • Episode 30

    01/08/2016 Duración: 55min

    We talk about the #NX news, #WeddingFestivities, #DyingLight, #PokemonGO, #PokemonY, #HyperLightDrifter, and #WorldOfWarcraft expansion preparations.

  • Episode 29

    12/07/2016 Duración: 47min

    Join us as we talk about our 4th of July Weekend celebrations. Revel in the brilliance of #INSIDE and our recent Summer sale purchases.

  • Episode 28

    27/06/2016 Duración: 01h24min

    Join us as we get together to discuss the happenings of #E32016.

  • Episode 27

    14/06/2016 Duración: 01h08min

    Join us as we talk #AmericanTruckSimulator, More #Overwatch and #Doom, #MirrorsEdgeCatalyst, #DevilDaggers, and the pre E3 leaks.

  • Episode 26

    26/05/2016 Duración: 52min

    Join us as we gush over DOOM and Overwatch, discuss the latest Division patch and start enjoying some nicer weather.

  • Episode 25

    18/05/2016 Duración: 01h13min

    Join us as we dive into #Uncharted4, #DarkSouls3, and have an in depth discussion on #Overwatch.

  • Episode 24

    30/04/2016 Duración: 01h13min

    Join us as we discuss our PAX East 2016 experience. We discuss #Deathstate #RatchetandClank #Ruiner #GhostSong #HeadLander #BrassEmpire and many more

  • Episode 23

    11/04/2016 Duración: 01h01min

    This week Kenny entertains us with a magic whoopie pie, Todd dives down the rabbit hole that is professional wrestling, we travel in time in Quantum Break, continue to enjoy the Division, slash some dudes in Hyper Light Drifter, and farm multiple seasons in Stardew Valley.

  • Episode 22

    23/03/2016 Duración: 01h06min

    Join us as Kenny details his trip to Vegas, we discuss our cooperative experience in The Division, and the Todd plays a whole lot of Stardew Valley.

  • Episode 21

    09/03/2016 Duración: 44min

    Join us as we talk SUPERHOT, Grim Dawn, Westerado:Double Barrelled, Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, and more League of Legends.

  • Episode 20

    22/02/2016 Duración: 01h10min

    Join us as we discuss Kenny's shiny new PS4, Squatty potties, Wright's Chicken Farm, #Firewatch, #StreetFighterV, #DestinyTheTakenKing, and #XCOM2

  • Episode 19

    11/02/2016 Duración: 01h10min

    We dive deep into the mysteries of the Witness as Ryan ventures into the foreign land of the PS4. Kenny decides to play some new games other than Diablo 3! Todd sends a bunch of dudes to a brothel, and Mike plays a whole lot of Mario. #TheWitness #Duelyst #Armello #SuperMario3dWorld #LifeisStrange #DarkestDungeon

  • Episode 18

    25/01/2016 Duración: 01h11min

    Join us as we talk about our thoughts on Vegas, Farts, Just Cause 3, Amplitude, Plague,inc, Pillars of Eternity, and as a change of pace... Diablo 3!

  • Episode 17 - GOTY 2015

    12/01/2016 Duración: 01h48min

    We discuss the gem of a year in video games that was 2015. As well as out Most Dissappoiting Game, Most Unadulterated Joy, Best Mobile game, and what we are looking forward to in 2016!

  • Episode 16

    16/12/2015 Duración: 55min

    Join us as we talk about lots of games! Including the following board games: Star Realms, Splendor, Ascension, 7 Wonders, and the New Magic Expansion. We also chat about the new Independence Day trailer, and the preparations for the new Star Wars movie. Ryan gets schooled in League of Legends, Todd plays a ton of Rebel Galaxy, Mike likes Game of Thrones, and kenny bought Payday 2.

  • Episode 15

    01/12/2015 Duración: 01h30s

    Join us as we talk about Tomb Raider, Fallout 4, A Link between Worlds, Splatoon, and the end of the season in Diablo 3.

  • Episode 14

    17/11/2015 Duración: 01h03min

    Join Mike, Todd, and Kenny as we discuss our Extra Life hi-jinx, Halo 5, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, more Diablo 3, and the beast that is Fallout 4.

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