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  • God's Healing Presence

    09/10/2019 Duración: 32min

    Sorry to those of you who've been patiently waiting for me to come back to the podcast. Time has just kind of slipped away from me, and I didn't realize how long it's been since the last episode was published live.  I plan on coming back to it, but the hiatus is "indefinite" for the time being for reasons I share in this half episode before getting into a selected chapter from a recent audiobook, Divine Healing Made Simple I narrated for Praying Medic.  Contact me if you'd like to receive a free promo code to listen to it on Audible.  Here is the link to my Buy Me A Coffee link if you'd like to cover my editing and hosting expenses for this podcast so I can move forward again with it outsource some things to speed up the production process for new episodes. Blessings and fire on your head. Audible UK link for the book: Divine Healing Made Simple

  • Are You Really A Missionary?

    29/11/2018 Duración: 38min

    I tackle a couple of world events. I say a “couple”, though it’s true, but I spend more time disproportionately focused on the situation of John Allen Chau, the missionary who was killed by The Sentinelese tribe on the North Sentinel Island off the coast of India.    I felt like I needed to say something and offer my perspective, hoping that my slant is unique not just because I’m also a missionary — plenty of missionaries are chiming in on social media. Not just because I have a platform to do so, and not just because I have any opinions.    But I feel like this is one of those gray areas and the rightness or foolishness of his actions which led to him being killed are not as black and white as people taking sides about this would insist it is.   I respect and agree with my brothers and sisters in Christ who feel Chau counted the cost and will receive a martyr’s reward, while I ALSO have reservations and feelings that the perspective he went about this the way he did was also a bit misguided.   But after tha

  • Branding 110 Publishing Your Own Books | Reformation Designs

    12/09/2018 Duración: 01h17min

    I got to be interviewed by Ryan J. Rhoades, founder of Reformation Designs this past weekend. He does a weekly FB live interview series on the subject of branding. We talked about writing and publishing books, of course. This is the raw file, unedited, so there were a few glitches, and you hear me say um and uh a lot more than normal as a result.  We covered a lot, but if you’re ready to soak in some information like a sponge or writing a book is something you’ve been wanting to do then this video should help get you off to a good start. Ryan and I have been in conversation for some time now and we’ve finally joined forces and are providing a comprehensive package for authors and writers wanting to create an excellent, professional and high quality book. Ryan will be doing all the visual branding (covers, social media images, website artwork if needed, etc…) for our authors, while I’ll continue coaching writers and helping craft their content. If you’re not an author yourself but know someone who could use o

  • A Year of Living Homeless with Derek Snook

    31/08/2018 Duración: 01h19min

    Derek Snook, self-described son of a Baptist minister and entrepeneur joins me to discuss his recent book, The Definition of Success: What Living Homeless Can Teach You. He tells me what was intended as a one-night experiment lasted a year, and years later he has decided to publish a book about how this experience had an impact on him and what he learned from it, including a well-paying temp agency he started and recently sold. Definitely a different take on "loving your neighbor as yourself" if I ever heard one! A few interesting points that came up in our discussion:  While Derek could have quit this experiment at any given momenty and gone back home, most homeless and less fortunate don't have that option  How living in bubbles in our culture is destructive to indviduals and groups, including the toll isolation is taking on mental health in general The intriguing way a city's layout is actually important to society What can we do to erase the barrier between wealthy and poor churches, as well as the raci

  • The Passionate Heart of a Loving God | Dr. Brian Simmons

    02/07/2018 Duración: 01h02min

    Dr. Brian Simmons, lead translator for The Passion Translation of the Bible joins me this week for an insightful interview and discussion.  In this episode we cover: How he handles peoples' criticism that he's a "lone ranger" translating the Bible; and how he learns to listen to critics in case God is speaking to him through them Epiphanies he had while discovering the appropriate words in the text while translating the Bible into a tribal dialect as a missionary How his translation work has helped him see a few popular Bible passages we've been misunderstanding in English We also discuss our mutual favorite book of the book, Song of Songs I also ask Brian if Jesus spoke in tongues (a question I've been asked since releasing my book on Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues. The importance of translating meanings not just words And much more... Relevant Links and Books Mentioned in Today's Show: What's God Really Like? by SJ Hill, audiobook narrated by yours truly. The Passion Translation dot com - T

  • The God Who Laughed First by SJ Hill

    29/06/2018 Duración: 24min

    Here's an 18-minute clip from the audiobook version of What's God Really Like? Unique Insights into His Fascinating Personality.  Get the full audiobook at or on Amazon at this link.  Enjoy!

  • Breaking the Power of Familiar Spirits | Kimberly Daniels

    12/06/2018 Duración: 01h22min

    Florida State Representative Kimberly Daniels and pastor of Spoken Word Ministries church in North and South Florida joins us this week to discuss her brand new book Breaking the Power of Familiar Spirits: How to Deal with Demonic Conspiracies from Charisma House. We discuss: Her background including before she came to Christ and was bound by drugs How she got into politics, first as a council member in Jacksonville, FL and then as a member of the Florida House of Representatives How one can have soul ties not just to other people, but also to ministries and places Strategies of the enemy to attempt to cause you to not fulfill your calling  The balance in her life as a pastor and a public servant Witchcraft, fetishism, and cursed objects that can bring trouble into our homes. This was a very fascinating conversation, and I hope you enjoy it (which I believe you will).  Get Kim's book on Amazon.  Check out her Facebook page at State Representative Kimberly Daniels.  Check out her ministry website at Kimberly

  • Reflections on the Timing of Pentecost

    22/05/2018 Duración: 23min

    I recorded an impromptu episode a couple of nights ago, rather spontaneously and share some of my thoughts and things I've recently learned about the Day of Pentecost. If you're a Bible detail geek like me, you'll be just as fascinated to reflect on the times and seasons of the Lord and patterns in Scripture. Such as the things we glean about Pentecost by looking at just what the people of God were celebrating in the first place on that day when Jews from all around the world had gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Harvest or the Feast of Weeks.  This week's episode is a shorty but goodie. Hope you are uplifted and edified by it. 

  • Playing with Holy Fire | Dr. Michael L. Brown

    08/05/2018 Duración: 58min

    Dr. Michael L. Brown joins me again, this time to talk about his newest book, Playing With Holy Fire. It was a privilege and an honor to have him back on the show again.  We discuss some of the excesses and abuses that plague the charismatic movement and Pentecostal church, as well as other aspects of the abuse of funds and "fame" of some preachers, all in a gracious tone, without calling anybody out by name.  For those of you listening and you have no idea who he is, he’s got a lot of other books and sermons he’s given about various topics, like revival in America, personal holiness, Jewish apologetics, the culture wars, to name a few. He’s also a national radio show host his show is called The Line of Fire.    He was one of the leaders of The Brownsville Revival, which birthed the FIRE School of Ministry that I went to in my early twenties.    Books Mentioned Today: Playing With Holy Fire: A Wake-Up Call to the Pentecostal-Charismatic Church Authentic Fire: A Response to John MacArthur's Strange Fire What

  • The Veil: Seeing in the Spirit with Blake Healy

    25/04/2018 Duración: 58min

    We talk about seeing in the spiritual realm in this episode of the podcast with Blake Healy, author of The Veil.  Ministry has been a foundational part of Blake’s life from the very beginning. He grew up as a missionary kid, living throughout different parts of Western Europe. He got involved in the prophetic ministry at the age of twelve and started serving on prophetic teams when he was thirteen. He began teaching about the prophetic at fifteen. He now travels around the world teaching about the prophetic and seeing in the spirit. Since moving to Atlanta with his wife April, Blake has been serving in the Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry and is now the Director of Bethel Atlanta’s School of Supernatural Ministry and oversees the Prophetic Ministry at the church.  Links: Check out Blake's book, The Veil on Amazon, and his website

  • One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship by J.G. Garrett

    15/03/2018 Duración: 34min

    Check out this sample from the first chapter of the new audiobook, One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship by J.G. Garrett.  In this episode we'll be hearing a selection from the beginning of Chapter 1: Via Dolorosa.    The Book's Description on Amazon: For one singular purpose Jesus of Nazareth came into this world: to destroy the work of darkness and reconcile God's children of creation to Himself. Jesus came that we would have life, and life in perfect union with Him just as He shares with the Father and the Spirit. The bloody cross was the crucible through which this glorious reunion was consecrated, and the crucible through which Christ has called us into the divine family.  Through the cross we share His blood and through Christ's blood we share the DNA of heaven. But we must walk the walk. This book is a call to the one road of true discipleship - the road walked by the first disciples and the early church. The road largely avoided and forgotten in today's discipleship plans and programs. 

  • What is God Really Like? Interview with S.J. Hill

    08/03/2018 Duración: 01h10min

    We misunderstand the difference between the God who is presented in the Old Testament and the seemingly contradictory one we see in the New Testament.  Today's guest tells us that there are aspects of God's personality we haven't even begun to tap into! How often do you think of God's artistry, creativity and ... humility. Wait, God is humble? Yes, he's the epitome of humility! Join me this week as I finally talk again with S.J. Hill for the first time on the podcast in nearly 5 years and he shares why! Things that came up (sorta in this order): The Jewish approach to Scriptures at the time We're to begin with Jesus as our template, not Moses The significance of it being Moses & Elijah who appeared with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration Authors of the Scriptures and how they were inspired and not dictated to, leading to imagery and wording unique to many of their personalities What is God's wrath? Is he actively attacking and punishing those he's disappointed with, or allowing them to have their own

  • Mind Over Matter?

    01/03/2018 Duración: 45min

    Ever wonder what causes some people who've lost a limb to feel phantom pains as though they still had that limb? Or what makes some people want to cut off their own leg? Ever wonder how a really handsome guy or a stunningly beautiful woman could have horribly low self-esteem and believe themselves to be ugly? I'll give you a common denominator: it's all in the mind. This week I discuss a few of these things as they relate to our inner man coming through and having more influence over our natural man in this realm. If stress and worrying can have detrimental effects on our physical health, can't positive imaging and faith not in turn have the opposite? Relevant text this week: Luke 16:19-31 Proverbs 4:20-23   Books mentioned in this episode: Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz Mastery by Robert Greene

  • Lovesick: Open to Me by Eric Gilmour

    22/02/2018 Duración: 30min

    Lovesick: the latest audiobook I was privileged to narrate for Eric Gilmour. This makes my fourth one, and I’m not saying this just to promote it, but it’s hands down my favorite of his so far — and I’ve read all of them but one. I don’t know whether it’s because of the content, or the fact that every time I record an audiobook for Eric I feel the presence of God strongly in my recording studio, and I just simply get edified a tremendous amount. Or whether it’s the use of a few key verses from the Song of Solomon — my favorite book of the Bible — that he uses to frame his chapters. But it’s a great book, whether you read it or listen to the audiobook, which Eric has made available ahead of the print or digital versions. He’s released it on his YouTube Channel, which you can listen to below or open in a new tab or browser so you can listen and not be stuck on this page. Update: The book is now available in paperback and hardcover format. About Eric: Eric William Gilmour is the founder of Sonship International

  • Seeing in the Spirit: Gift or Ability? By Praying Medic

    15/02/2018 Duración: 39min

    Updating a bit on where I've been for the last several months and why I've not been podcasting. If there's one keyword you take away from my intro and build up to the sample chapter, it's the word NORMALISATION.  The second half of the episode is from the audiobook Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple, by Praying Medic. The chapter is called Seeing in the Spirit: Gift or Ability?. Description of the Book Can Anyone see in the Spirit? Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple provides clear, simple, biblical instruction that will help you see the invisible world of the spirit. It is the second book in The Kingdom of God Made Simple series; a self-study course designed to train believers how to live out the fullness of the life offered to us as heirs of God's kingdom. The predominant view in the church today holds that seeing in the spirit is a rare gift given to only a few special people or an anointing we must seek. With the same straightforward, down-to-earth style used in Divine Healing Made Simple, the author holds thi

  • The Cost & The Reward

    11/11/2017 Duración: 19min

    Just a quick FB Live I did a few weeks ago but hadn't had the time to edit into an audio podcast. I share some quick insights regarding paying the price, whatever that may be for us individually, when we have a vision or an image we can latch on to.  The writer of Hebrews says of Jesus "...for the joy set before him, endured the cross." I contrast this with looking at the behavior and actions of the man who found the treasure in a field and immediately went and sold all he had so he could buy the field he found it in.  In other unrelated news, I've been lacking in the podcast updates lately while I focus on my new business and strategy for staying funded on the mission field. Need help bringing your book into existence & launching it? Let's talk:

  • Stolen Wallets and Temples of the Holy Spirit

    16/08/2017 Duración: 33min

    Sorry for the poor sound quality for this episode. I tried doing my first Facebook Live podcast the other night, and this is the audio from the video. I cleaned it up as best as I could but it's not as crisp and clean sounding as normal. Anyway, I share a funny or confusing testimony about having had my wallet stolen, and then some thoughts on 2 Samuel 7:3-16 when God spoke to David about why he would not be the one to build Him a temple. Enjoy!

  • Drop the Stones - with Carlos A. Rodriguez

    12/05/2017 Duración: 01h29s

    This week after a long hiatus from doing interviews, we welcome back on the podcast Carlos Rodriguez. This time it was over Skype as he was back in Raleigh, North Carolina and I’m here in Peru (I still thank God for technology!). You may recall he’s the author of the wildly popular Happy Sonship blog, and he’s got a new book coming out with Whitacker House called Drop The Stones: When Love Reaches the Unlovable.    Things we talked about: Being fans of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and his own time of breaking bad and stepping down from ministry Inspiration for the book and how it came about since the last time we interviewed him in the Spring of last year We then get talking around the text that his book is based on, John 8 where the woman was caught in adultery and Jesus handled the situation beautifully when the religious leaders threw her at his feet and demanded he obey the law and stone her or see to it that she was stoned. We ponder and discuss how there’s power in Jesus’ words “go and sin no more”

  • Get These 7 Bonus MP3s when You Get My New Audio Book

    17/03/2017 Duración: 16min

    Nine Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues is finally available in audiobook format. Discover the Biblical Truth about the controversial gift of speaking in tongues Have you ever been told that speaking in tongues is “not for today?’ Maybe you’ve heard people speak in tongues... and it seemed weird. You thought to yourself, “This is too strange to be God!” Or, maybe you believe that people can still speak in tongues today... but it’s not for everybody. Whether you’re skeptical or intrigued, whether you speak in tongues or don’t, this book is for you! In Nine Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues, I biblically confront myths about speaking in tongues head-on and answer some of the most common questions about this controversial spiritual gift. But wait -- there’s more! If you email me proof of purcahse (ie digital receipt), I'll send you 7 bonus mp3s from Brian Parkman, mentor of mine and co-writer of two of the chapters. These files he’s given me permission to give away are teachings he offered

  • How to Lead Someone In The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

    02/03/2017 Duración: 26min

    This week our episode centers around a sample chapter from my new audiobook for Nine Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues which is finally available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Links mentioned in the show: One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship by John Garrett -- this is the book I'm currently doing the narration for, and until Mar 3rd you can get the Kindle version for only 99 cents! How to Get Audible's Audio Books for Less than $5 each Book Description for Nine Lies: Discover the Biblical truth about the controversial gift of speaking in tongues! Have you ever been told that speaking in tongues is "not for today?" Maybe you've heard people speak in tongues...and it seemed weird. You thought to yourself, "This is too strange to be God!" Or, maybe you believe that people can still speak in tongues today...but it's not for everybody. Whether you're skeptical or intrigued, whether you speak in tongues or don't, this book is for you! In Nine Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tong

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