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Diet Free Life Radio with Robert Ferguson. He's a certified nutritionist, speaker, best-selling author, fitness expert, and CEO of Diet Free Life, LLC. Robert has been dubbed as America's leading voice of wellness and weight loss.


  • Hormones and Weight Loss

    03/12/2013 Duración: 01h00s

    In this episode Robert Ferguson interviews one of America's leading endocrinologist, Dr. Hilda Maldonado. When it comes to weight loss, energy levels and mood, your hormonal balance may be the missing link. Learn the role of hormones and what action steps you can take to improve your situation. Contact Dr. Hilda:  

  • The Truth About Gastric Bypass & Lap Band Surgeries

    26/11/2013 Duración: 01h00s

    In this show Robert Ferguson has a special guest who has undergone gastric bypass and wants to share her experience. Doctors don't usually inform many of these patients that they may lose hair and that their teeth may fall out. The challenges of having your intestines twisted and the many follow up surgeries is not what is usually talked about when it comes to bariactric surgeries. DON'T MISS IT! Source:

  • Best Cooking Oil for Frying Food

    19/11/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    DID YOU KNOW one of the worst cooking oils to fry with is olive oil? In this show you'll get clarity on the BEST cooking oils for frying, sauteing and salad dressings. Source:

  • Sex, Weight and Celebrity Lies

    12/11/2013 Duración: 01h00s

    In this episode Robert Ferguson connects the dots between sex and weight. He also shares some of the most popular celebrity lies about weight loss. Source:

  • Why Overweight People Don't Lose Weight

    06/11/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    In this episode of Robert Ferguson's radio show you gain insight into why people who have weight to lose don't take action and do something about it. This episode is a keeper as the psychology of weight loss is often misunderstood. Source:

  • It's NOT How We Lose Weight But Why

    22/10/2013 Duración: 01h00s

    In this episode of Robert Ferguson's radio show he shares that the SOLUTION to lasting weight loss is in asking the RIGHT question. It's not how we lose weight, but why we gain weight. When you know the WHY for gaining weight it's easier to flip to the HOW and experience simple, sensible and sustainable weight loss. Source:

  • Chocolate weight LOSS

    15/10/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    This episode of Robert Ferguson's radio show is about eating chocolate and losing weight. To most people's surprise, you can eat chocolate and boost your metabolism and mood. DON'T MISS THIS special discussion about enjoying chocolate and shedding pounds. Check out YouTube feature on Chocolate weight LOSS: Watch Now Source:

  • The Role of Eating Fat and Losing Weight

    08/10/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    In this episode of Robert Ferguson's radio show you will get a better undestanding of how eating fat can help you lose fat. As well, the amount of fat you can eat and lose weight is largely dependent on your body fat percenage. It will be a fascinating talk you don't want to miss. Source:

  • Interview with Julie Roberts

    01/10/2013 Duración: 01h00s

    In this episode of Robert Ferguson's radio show you will get an opportunity to meet country singing superstar Julie Roberts. Sun Records, the storied Memphis label that has been solely in the licensing business for more than four decades, will return to releasing new music with a new album from former Mercury Records artist Julie Roberts. Her album, Good Wine and Bad Decisions, will be released Oct. 29; Red River/Sony RED will handle distribution. Source:

  • Food Banks & Fat Loss

    24/09/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    In this episode of Robert Ferguson's radio show he speaks candidly about how to eat food that is subsidized and lose weight. His special guest for this show is Cheryl "Action" Jackson who has been featured on many televisions shows - most recently, OWN's LifeClass as Oprah Winfrey acknowledged her for her works. Source:

  • Fat Loss Success Stories

    17/09/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    In this episode of Robert Ferguson's radio show he speaks openly about a variety of people who have successfully lost 10, 50 and over 100 pounds with the Diet Free Life methodology. Robert will talk about what those who have succeeded have in common. Source:

  • Know Your Carb Threshold

    10/09/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    There is no scientific evidence that eating fat is the cause for obesity. There's no evidence that eating protein makes you gain weight. The primary reason we gain weight is the hormone insulin, which is largely stimulated by the consumption of carbs. Each person responds to carbs differently and therefore we all have a unique carb threshold. Robert Ferguson created the Diet Free Life System and the carb stepping technique to help you find your carb threshold and know your Carb IQ Index number. Source:

  • Ingredient Fat Loss Blockers

    03/09/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    Imagine wanting to lose weight, but for some reason you can't seem to shed the inches. DID YOU KNOW that some of the ingredients in your energy bars or cereal may be hindering your ability to maximize fat loss. Source:

  • Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

    27/08/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    If you are pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes and you'll like to reverse this condition and improve your situation - don't miss this show. Robert Ferguson has helped thousands of people take hold of type 2 diabetes and improve their situation. You'll also learn how type 2 diabetes can eat potatoes, bread and pasta and improve their fasting blood glucose and Hemoglobin A1c. Source:

  • Belly Fat Be Gone

    20/08/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    In this show Robert Ferguson shares insight on how to flatten your belly without crazy dieting or having to purchase some program or equipment that promises to trim the belly fat. He's going to be talking about food, fitness and hormones so that you have the knowledge to get the results you desire. Source:

  • Juicing: The Right and Wrong Way

    13/08/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    Did you know that some people that are juicing become diabetic? Some people juicing gain weight instead of losing it. There's a right and a wrong way for juicing and Robert Ferguson is going to share with you how to maximize fat loss and energy with juicing recipes that are blood sugar and insuliln friendly. Source:

  • Breaking the Diet Mentality

    07/08/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    One of the main reasons people aren't able to lose weight and keep it off is because they're in a diet mentality. This is not anyone's fault - it's just what it is. To break the diet mentality and experience a diet free mentality begins with first answering a few questions. In this show Robert Ferguson is going to ask these questions and then lay the foundation for breaking the diet mentality and living a diet free life! Source:

  • What Regulates Fat Gain?

    30/07/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    In this show Robert Ferguson will bring clarity to the role of calories and hormones when it comes to regulating fat storage. He will also share insight into the Diet Free Life System and the importance of identifying your carb threshold. Source:

  • Where Weight Loss Goes Wrong

    24/07/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    Ready to laugh, cry and be amazed? In this episode Robert Ferguson is going to share with you real life stories of weight loss that went wrong. You'll be shocked and suprised at some of the "diets" people have tried to lose weight. PLUS, Robert will answer your questions about nutrition, fitness and how you can live a diet free life!

  • LIVE a Diet Free LIFE

    06/07/2013 Duración: 31min

    In this show Robert Ferguson discusses what it means to lose weight eating food favorites and breaking the diet-free mentality. Robert Ferguson will also be answering questions about nutrition, fitness, keeping motivated and living a diet free life!

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