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  • N.W.A Coon Huntin' Time w/ Min. Paul Scott


    Download PodcastRecently TRUTH Minista Paul Scott created a lot of controversy when he suggested that NWA should not be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Various Hip Hop writers have gone on the attack. Tuesday night November 12th  at 9PM EST on Militant Minded Radio, TRUTH Minista fires back...It's coon huntin' season.... AllHipHop is reporting, "Grandmaster Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz, Afrika Bambaataa, and Grand Wizard Theodore are working with the Windows of Hip Hop development project to establish a new exhibition hall in the birthplace of Hip Hop – The Bronx." We will also discuss the killing of 19 yr old Renisha McBride who was shot in the face by a white homeowner in Dearborn, Michigan. In Hip Hop and Ratchet Rap related news..... Man Claims Cops Told him to Rap in Order to Avoid Being ArrestedLord Jamar Laments Eminem's MTV EMAs WinHip-Hop Wired's Guide To Rap Struggle: A Step-By-Step Breakdown Find links to these stories on our Facebook Page Milita

  • APoLE and the psychological sickness of Kanye & Jay Z


    Download PodcastWhat kind of psychological issues are Kanye West and Jay Z dealing with in their lives that make them seem so disconnected from the communities from which they grew up in? Kanye is selling a clothing line featuring the Confederate Flag and Jay Z’s response to the racial profiling issue concerning the high-end retail store Barneys seems lukewarm at best.To help us decipher what may be going on with these two Slave-Ship-Hop corporate artists, Sister Abena Afreeka joins us on the broadcast tonight. Sister Abena will frame the conversation around “APoLE”. This stands for “Abena’s Paradigm of Lived Experience”.“APoLE is how I view the world and it takes into account that we live or experience life on five levels, Individual, Family, Community, Society and Spiritually. The events taking place which involves those brothers are happening on and from each level and how it affects us on all those levels” - Abena Afreeka In Hip-Hop related and other news..... Kanye West: Target of Boycott by NAN for

  • Whose reaching and teaching the Hip-Hop youth of today?


    Download PodcastHip-hop started as and has always been a youth movement and the youth bought into the messages conveyed through the music. Hip-Hop artist back in the day were teaching the youth about Black empowerment, Black History, White Supremacy, Police Brutality and had them sporting symbols of Africa and X. Tonight, we must ask who is reaching the youth today through their music and more importantly, what are they teaching them besides spending hundreds of dollars on designer belts? Yasin360WiseGuy will sharing his experience as an artivist with a message who understands what the youth are going through and the launch of WarStarrHipHop! In Hip-Hop and ratchet rap news..... Pebbles responds to TLC special ‘CrazySexyCool’ on VH1 by suing the estate of deceased member Lisa "Left Eye" LopezRap Rehab publishes tips every artist should knowFreeway Ricky Ross Addresses Recent Drug Dealing Rappers Comments & Jay Z’s Barneys Statement

  • The decades old secret meeting that is still impacting the Black community


    Download Podcast Over the years, there have been rumors about a secret meeting that took place that destroyed Hip Hop. However,  tonight on Militant Minded Radio, TRUTH Minista Paul Scott will reveal the truth about a secret meeting that took place decades ago that is still impacting the Black community in 2013. In Hip Hop and Ratchet Rap related news...... An open letter to Al Sharpton by a man who claims to be one of the founders of the National Action Network asks Sharpton to return the blood money he received from Cash Money in a deal to publish his memoirs. He also claims that he has personally heard Rev. Sharpton refer to Black politicians by the “N-Word”. Rihanna who is on a concert tour was blasted on Instagram for some photos she posted of her posing in front of the Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi. Look at the pics here. Tasteful or Tasteless? First Ice T blasts on the current state of hip-hop calling it materialistic and now Sean “Puffy” Combs comes out and says Hip-Hop is too sof

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