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This podcast is a production of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, USA. Watermark exists to be and make more fully devoted followers of Christ, looking to God's Word as our only authority, conscience and guide.


  • The Real Men's Club - Vol. 1, Week 5


    In the final message of this series, Todd discusses the importance - and general lack of - mentors for men, and stresses the importance of being in authentic community with people who know you.

  • The Real Men's Club - Vol. 1, Week 4


    Even if their parents and their homes are perfect, men still find it difficult to "act like men". We all have depraved hearts that turn away from God. Just like Adam and Eve, we do not trust that God has our best interests in mind and seek our own paths to happiness. Todd explains that one of the most prevalent ways men seek their own happiness today is through indulgence in pornography.

  • The Real Men's Club - Vol. 1, Week 3


    Owing in part to the number of absent fathers, many men have grown up with enabling or overbearing mothers. Todd discusses the effects of the "mama wound" and how men should deal with it.

  • The Real Men's Club - Vol. 1, Week 2


    Many hurts and bad habits among adult men can be the result of growing up with an absent or abusive father. Todd talks about how to deal with the effects of the "father wound" and how men can break the cycle and avoid perpetuating parenting mistakes.

  • The Real Men's Club - Vol. 1, Week 1


    "The Bible instructs us to ""act like men"". But what does that mean? In a culture where men are portrayed as either macho buffoons or passive pushovers, how is a Christian man supposed to act? Todd discusses this question, and explains what it means to be a confident Christian man."

  • Living Life on Purpose - Week 5


    Each of us has an opportunity to be faithful where God has placed us and we can finish well by living with reckless abandon and ruthless discipline. God doesn't condemn our longing for significance, He simply corrects our strategy. Greatness comes through serving and giving: We're not here to get something out of life, we're here to add something to it.

  • Living Life on Purpose - Week 4


    We all want to live lives of purpose, not lives that we wish we could do over. All of us want to do better still, but often we go about it in the wrong way. It's a spiritual myth that wanting to be Godly is all it takes; we must participate in the process by trusting God more. Here is a challenge to take action on the truth that God has revealed to each one of us.

  • Living Life on Purpose - Week 3


    Life is all about relationships; you can't love Christ and not love his people. At the end of our lives, we will be evaluated by our love. Here is a challenge to expose our lives, so that we can grow with the help of others who love us enough to speak truth into our lives, even when that truth may be uncomfortable.

  • Living Life on Purpose - Week 2


    We are all looking for meaning in life, for something to hold on to. God isn't bothered that we seek after pleasure and purpose, but He does care when we seek it wherever we can get it. God wants us to worship Him by being in relationship with Him, and He created us for that purpose.

  • Living Life on Purpose - Week 1


    This life is not about me, but it's about God and His glory. You can discover your purpose either by speculation or by revelation, and living on purpose is the path to peace. Consider the driving force in your life and how it directs your decisions.

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