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  • 25 Conor Crowley


    Conor Crowley is a economist, production engineer and spiritual guide based in Dublin. He is interested in the unsustainable nature of the current economic system and the decline of the Blue Church. The purpose of this conversation is to socialise the idea of a Game-B fulcrum within a Game-A economy— Music by SLF— Download Episode—  

  • 24 Niles Heckman


    Niles Heckman spends his time being a documentary photographer & filmmaker, essayist, and speaker. His work aims to combine modern beauty with themes of ancient wisdom. In this episode, we chat about his core truths and how to navigate through the Machine Age. Music by Depeche Mode— Download Episode— Niles’s Website  

  • 23 Mike Zwack


    Mike Zwack is an Holistic Strength & Wellness coach and his approach integrates a conscious effort into nutrition, movement, recovery, and self-awareness. In this episode we chat about stress management, tracking HRV, supplements for better night sleep and Mike’s idea for his own podcast.— Music by Massive Attack— Download Episode— The Vitruvian Man Project—    

  • 22 SUBPLOTS (A Silent Phase)


    Dublin band Subplots chat to me about the process of making of their third album ‘A Silent Phase’— Music by Subplots— Download Episode  

  • 21 James Smith


    Musician and singer, James Smith talks to me about his life journey so far, the art of conveying a message through music and lyrics, the trauma of losing a parent and starting a new chapter in his story as an artist — Music by Gypsies On The Autobahn — Download Episode

  • 20 Vinh Giang


    Vinh Giang talks about the value of conversation, using magic to shift perspective, the role of the artist in business and his thoughts on becoming a first time parent— Music by Super Furry Animals — Download Epiosde

  • 19 Comedy Episode


    Compilation episode where comedians talk about the use of words, taking offense and the realm of political correctness — Music by Aphex Twin— Download

  • 18 Spencer Barclay


    Spencer Barclay talks about law and self sufficiency, political status, statecraft and how truth can be hidden in mainstream movies and tv shows.— Music by Vancouver Sleep Clinic— Download

  • 17 Mark Duggan


    Photographer and director Mark Duggan speaks to me about his life journey as a creative, navigating the post millennial digital age and his experiences so far as a first time parent.— Music by Loscil  Download

  • 16 Paul Gleeson


    Performance coach Paul Gleeson speaks to me about the the spirit of adventure, rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, working as a performance coach and the challenges of starting a new business.— Music by Sting Download

  • 15 Danny Lennon


    Nutrition coach and podcaster Danny Lennon speaks to me about the psychology of behaviour change, understanding the process of goal setting v outcomes, the emergence of podcasting in health and fitness, bio hacking plus lots more.— Music by DJ Shadow— Download

  • 14 Zachary James


    Law merchant and writer Zachary James from Order Of Merchants talks about law and self governance, words and symbols, systems within the body that relate to law and commerce, tips on how to research and much more— Download

  • 13 Matt Hanaphy


    Herbalist and nutritionalist Matt Hanaphy chats to me about the practice of herbal medicine, water fasting, sustaining a raw food diet, rebounding and his tips for lasting health.— Music by Saso— Download

  • 12 Subplots


    Dublin band Subplots chat about the making of their 2015 album ‘Autumning’, their transition from making guitar to electronic based music, how mistakes are a vital part of the creative process and their approach in general to being artists.— Music by Subplots — Download  

  • 11 Greg Moffitt


    Independent podcaster and journalist Greg Moffitt from Legalise Freedom podcast talks to me about podcasting, tips on how to be a writer and why are we here.— Download

  • 10 John Gibbons


    Podcaster and DJ John Gibbons from Alchemy Radio talks about how and why he started podcasting, his process of awakening and living an authentic life as an artist.— Music by Mogwai— Download    

  • 09 Dylan LeFebvre


    Sustainable Farmer and autodidact Dylan LeFebvre talks about his journey to self sufficiency and sustainable farming and his quest for knowledge and truth ongoing.— Music by Antonio Sanchez— Download

  • 08 Niles Heckman


    Filmmaker and photographer Niles Heckman chats about his unfoldment into spiritual philosophy and how he balances various freelance work on other’s projects with his own filmmaking, street photography, and spoken word.— Music by Saso— Download

  • 06 Arin Boyalikli


    Documentary film maker Arin Boyalikli talks about his experience making his first film, the Prussian education system and his ongoing quest for knowledge and truth— Music by Talk Talk— Arin’s film 

  • 05 Paul Noonan


    Musician and songwriter Paul Noonan reflects on his experience as a musician and songwriter over the last 20 years and the challenges of being an artist and a creative— Music by BellX1— Download

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