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Its an interesting paradox. We all really want to know how we show in the world but we do everything we can to avoid it. Its like an itch we want to scratch but also tend to ignore. We create secret covert alliances with our friends, families, workmates and enemies for them to withhold the truth, to make things safe rather than real. In doing so, we never truly know what people think about us. For some, this is okay. Maybe not for you. Every week, coach, entrepreneur and teacher Rob Kandell will leading a group experience where he will speak his heart-filled, intense, tuff love. He will (a) answer questions posted to this event and via chat, (b) speak his mind plainly on topics of interest, and (c) coach brave enthusiastic volunteers in a group setting. Honestly, we dont know whats going to happen.


  • 258: Rob Rant: Thanks, I Had A Good Time

    08/09/2020 Duración: 38min

    In this week’s episode, Rob rants about his experience of the Tuff Love Podcast and the journey it has involved. Rob shares a humorous and poignant story involving bed bugs from his time at One Taste, explores his relationship with his own ego and how it has impacted his work, and how he has developed faith in letting go of things in life in order to allow new chapters to begin. 3:54 – I had a good time 7:50 – A space to express love 10:00 – Committing to changing 12:51 – A story about bedbugs 17:38 – Ego guiding work 20:32 – Surfing the wave of Covid-19 22:32 – Rob’s father wound 25:21 – Ending the podcast 26:46 – Letting go and having faith 28:35 – Having space to reflect 29:07 – Comments from listeners 34:44 – Thank you’s Don’t forget to grab your copy of the Amazon bestseller unHidden: A Book For Men and Those Confused by Them. It’s your easy-to-understand at-home guide to Robert’s living unHidden Framework. Ge

  • 257: Stopping Corrupted Love with Vanya Silverten

    01/09/2020 Duración: 35min

    Vanya Silverten works internationally as an intuitive energy healer and teacher. With clients and students from over 50 countries, she has a passion to help individuals transform all aspects of their lives. Her greatest joy is to teach people the skills of healing and intuition so that they can master their own lives. Vanya believes healing is an art, and so has refined her gifted intuition through the experience of treating, reading and teaching 10,000+ people – from children to royalty. Vanya is a Master Theta Healer and has taught 150+ courses in six different countries. She has developed the energetic understanding of how the body, mind and soul function through her extensive training and experience. She passes this knowledge on by teaching and qualifying students to become practitioners of Theta Healing® Vanya is a qualified Nutritional Therapist. She has studied and worked extensively with herbs, vitamins, homeopathy and Australian Bush Flower Essences. Vanya is experienced at helping her clients

  • 256: Myths of Age and Romance with Violent Lange

    25/08/2020 Duración: 34min

    Violet Lange is a love, dating, and relationship mentor who helps spiritual, successful women date like a Queen and feel Fabulously Feminine along the way. Violet has her MBA from Harvard, training from Coach Training Alliance, and is a 500 hour registered yoga teacher and Reiki Master. She is passionate about empowered dating, and lasting loving relationships as building blocks of a healthy society and fulfilling life. Violet recently became a mama to a spunky, sweet daughter named Ruby. 1:42 – Violet’s background 5:19 – How she helps women find fulfilling relationships 7:31 – Using feelings as a barometer of relationship success 10:24 – Helping women connect with their desires 12:42 – How long does it take? 15:09 – Being okay with being single 16:28 – Disproving the myth of “Men aren’t interested in women my age” 19:29 – Disproving the myth of “There are no good men out there” 20:54 – Recommended dating apps 22:51 – Tips for using dating apps 24:05

  • 255: Xponential Intelligence with Mas Sajady

    18/08/2020 Duración: 44min

    Mas Sajady is a world renowned consciousness programmer who, through his unique techniques and meditations, shifts people’s lives to an evolved and advanced frequency level that enables them to achieve success, fulfillment, and happiness from a natural and balanced state. From a very young age, Mas showed signs of higher intuition, and after his second near death experience he acquired highly advanced capabilities for quantum frequency programming. His journey to discover the true meaning of this newfound ability led to his own personal breakthroughs, giving him a new effortless, happy, and fulfilling life. This found knowledge enlightened him with the limitless possibilities in human potential. Today, Mas fulfills his purpose by helping others reprogram and elevate their frequency, to activate their inner force and experience life from a place of confidence, stability, significance, and abundance. As the founder of Xponential Intelligence, Mas facilitates rapid changes through quantum reprogramming, which el

  • 254: Men in the Time of Coronavirus with Adam Gilad

    11/08/2020 Duración: 37min

    Adam Gilad is an independent educator, writer and life adventurer, devoted to creating learning programs, films, books and live workshops that awaken, delight, provoke, connect and inspire. The goal of each of his programs and trainings: for each of us to love more fully, laugh more deeply, feel more sensually and live our gifts to awaken ourselves and others into deep engagement and awakening to every precious passing moment of our lives. 2:30 – Adam’s experience of 2020 so far 9:19 – The impact on children 11:23 – Men in Coronavirus 16:35 – A call for balance, Black Lives Matter, and the rise of listening 25:18 – Being in relationships with differences 29:51 – The Bold Life Brotherhood Find Adam at: www.TheBoldLifeBrotherhood.com As well as: Instagram: www.instagram.com/RealAdamGilad And Email: IAmAdamGilad@gmail.com Don’t forget to grab your copy of the Amazon bestseller unHidden: A Book For Men and Those Confused by Them. It’s your easy-to-understand at-hom

  • 253: What It Means To Be A Woman Today with Anna Rova

    04/08/2020 Duración: 43min

    Femininity & Feminine Embodiment Coach Anna Rova is on a mission to help successful women attract and keep masculine men. She runs a powerful group coaching program called “Claimed” that helps women embody their feminine essence fully and get into the best position to attract a partner that will consciously and eagerly play the masculine pole of the polarity spectrum Writer, podcaster, yoga instructor, and location-independent entrepreneur, Anna is the founder of Girlskill – an online coaching company empowering women to connect to their femininity and understand men through various stories of women around the world and personal revelations. Together with her husband, Anna has traveled the world being on the road full-time building her coaching practice, writing her personal blog, recording episodes on Girlskill Podcast, practicing yoga, and spreading love and positivity. In December 2018, Anna gave birth to her first child and is currently residing in Australia continuing to coach women all o

  • 252: Rob Rant: It’s Okay Not To Know

    28/07/2020 Duración: 25min

    In this week’s episode, Rob rants about the large array of uncertainty across the world and in his own life during this time. Rob explores COVID, Black Lives Matter, the economic and political situation in the USA, as well as his relationship with his father and life partner. He outlines how while it’s okay not to know, it shouldn’t stop you: do the internal work to know yourself and all aspects of your being. 3:23 – My superpowers 6:37 – Things Rob doesn’t have certainty around 8:52 – Black Lives Matter 12:44 – The economic and political situation in the USA 15:07 – Rob’s dad’s death 18:25 – His relationship with Morgan 19:57 – Staying conscious 22:12 – Surrender versus acquiescence: know thyself 23:16 – Being okay with what is Don’t forget to grab your copy of the Amazon bestseller unHidden: A Book For Men and Those Confused by Them. It’s your easy-to-understand at-home guide to Robert’s living unHidden Framework. Get your copy today by

  • 251: FLAUNT Yourself with Lora Cheadle

    21/07/2020 Duración: 42min

    Lora Cheadle is a transformational thought leader and media personality who empowers women to express themselves fully, find uninhibited joy, and gracefully take the lead in the dance of life despite any external circumstances. She is the author of the bestselling book FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy, & Spiritual Self that is available wherever books are sold. Listen to her podcast or find out more at www.loracheadle.com where you can download your free Bundle of JOY gift pack. 1:47 – Acknowledging the outcries following George Floyd’s death 5:20 – Who is Lora? 8:51 – Life choreographer 13:09 – Fears dictating one’s life 17:01 – Being curious about life’s difficulties 19:36 – Dealing with infidelity 22:13 – Working with Lora: FLAUNT 29:41 – Why “Finding Your Fetish”? 32:36 – Working towards Accepting Unconditionally 36:14 – Undoing false beliefs Find Lora at: LoraCheadle.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/LifeChoreographer/ Instag

  • 250: The Power of Polarity in Relationships with Arielle Brown

    14/07/2020 Duración: 43min

    In this episode, Rob welcomes long-time friend and colleague Arielle Brown to discuss the premise for the workshop that they held on June 17th 2020. Arielle describes the workshop as follows: “The degree of power and influence we have in our life is directly related to the amount of sensation we can hold in our body. Similarly, the level of ability we have to create real, authentic connection in our lives is directly related to our ability to hold polarity within our body. To “hold polarity”, in my definition, means to be able to hold (at least) two perspectives, truths, or belief systems within our awareness that seem to DIRECTLY conflict with each other. The cultivation of holding polarity is a practice in personal mastery, because in a world that has taught us to believe that being “right” is what creates safety, allowing ourselves to consider and hold a perspective that directly challenges our belief systems is a great threat to our (Ego) identity. Robert Kandell and I have built m

  • 249: Pain Into Pleasure with Aimee Batuski

    07/07/2020 Duración: 40min

    While Aimee spent her first two years out of college building a career in corporate Manhattan, it quickly became clear to her that her passion was wilder than that. She packed her apartment and shipped herself all the way across the country to Los Angeles, where everything in her life as she knew it made a complete 180… except her love life. Without a job or an income, she found a home with her friends, hired her first Life Coach, and started building her own business. On paper, her life was shaping up, but she found she was still struggling to feel good in her skin and find romance. When a friend invited her to a transformational course about intimacy and orgasm, she was terrified. But she knew it was the next step for her – she was desperate to learn anything that could turn things around for her sex life. Within six months, her entire life was unrecognizable. Learning to live from her desire absolutely changed her experience of herself. For the first time, she was finally loving her body, living less

  • 248: Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids To School? With Blake Boles

    30/06/2020 Duración: 38min

    Blake Boles is the founder and director of Unschool Adventures and the author of Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids to School?, The Art of Self-Directed Learning, Better Than College, and College Without High School. He hosts the Off-Trail Learning podcast and has delivered over 75 presentations for education conferences, alternative schools, and parent groups. Blake and his work have appeared on The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, BBC Travel, Psychology Today, Fox Business, TEDx, The Huffington Post, USA Today, NPR affiliate radio, and the blogs of Wired and The Wall Street Journal. In 2003 Blake was studying astrophysics at UC Berkeley when he stumbled upon the works of John Taylor Gatto, Grace Llewellyn, and other alternative education pioneers. Deeply inspired by the philosophy of unschooling, Blake custom-designed his final two years of college to focus exclusively on education theory. After graduating he joined the Not Back to School Camp community and began writing and speaking widely o

  • 247: Saving Sex for Marriage with Robb Kowalski

    23/06/2020 Duración: 43min

    Rob Kowalski is a self-professed “reformed bad boy” with a riveting personal testimony from living as the biggest stripper in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland to running the nightlife. He gave up a life of casual sex and addictions and is now the founder of the thriving non-profit, CityFam whose mission is to solve loneliness. Raised by a mother with an eighth-grade education, only fifteen years his elder and no support from his father, he taught himself how to be a man. At 19 he began working for the various entertainment agencies “to get out of the hood” and put himself through college. Oftentimes after he got off work he would go out to the nightclubs with co-workers. Because he was well known he was approached by a club owner and asked to promote a night. It wasn’t long before Rob became known for his ability to bring people together and move crowds. By 1999 he had weekly parties running in Baltimore and DC. But the lifestyle took its toll and at 27 years of age Rob had a

  • 246: Moving from 3D to 4D to 5D with Taylor Simpson

    16/06/2020 Duración: 47min

    Taylor Simpson is a sought after Motivational Speaker, a Podcast Host and Online Mindset Coach. Through her methodology of combining Science, Spirituality, and Mysticism, Taylor helps women around the world tap into the Frequency of Money and step into their unique Super Power, allowing them to live the Abundant life they desire – unapologetically. With her unique ability to infuse light frequencies into her work, Taylor guides women through an entire DNA & Soul Upgrade process where they find themselves in a new dimension on the other side. Taylor has been featured in The Washingtonian, Very WellFit, Reader’s Digest and spoken on stages such as EventLuv, Align & Rise, Mary Kay and many others. It is Taylor’s mission to wake women up to their true potential so they can be the magical goddesses they’re meant to be. 3:39 – Taylor’s story 10:25 – 3D, 4D, and 5D living 15:08 – Unschooling ourselves 19:50 – The Law of Attraction 24:53 – Taking respo

  • 245: Compassionately Dismantling the Patriarchy with Harriette Hale

    09/06/2020 Duración: 46min

    Harriette is the UK’s Leading Certified Soul, Money and Mindset coach. A serial entrepreneur with 12 years experience and six businesses, Harriette has a global clientele base of creative and spiritual freelancers, fellow entrepreneurs and individuals on the path to self-growth and ascension. Her teaching & coaching stems from principles based in Universal Energy Law, first inspired by the well known ‘Law Of Attraction’ ideology, however, the practical side of business and life coaching takes equal precedence. As the High Priestess of Light, Harriette also applies her energy healing, energy reading, and powerful psychic channel to coaching and mastermind sessions to create a truly life-transforming result. Author of ‘The Knowing’, public speaker, and general Light-bringer-about-town, Harriette is both down to earth and fully tuned in to the Universe, on her mission to bring the true meaning of Abundance back to Planet Earth. 2:30 – What’s going on in the world? 5:09 – Fear 8:40 – The imp

  • 244: Origins of Skewed Masculinity with Johnny Elsasser

    02/06/2020 Duración: 38min

    Johnny is a former special operations U.S. Army Ranger with 4 combat tours between Iraq and Afghanistan. After the military Johnny worked for a private company protecting the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq in Baghdad for 5 years. After spending almost 10 years in and out of the Middle East, Johnny struggled with his transition to the daily life of being back home. Johnny decided that he needed to support other men struggling with similar experiences and in doing so he developed his new purpose. Johnny has seen the field of masculinity from an extremely alpha perspective and knows the trials and tribulations the hardest men deal with. Through his podcast and social media platforms, Johnny has taken his experience to follow a new mission helping men realize they are not alone and through techniques ranging from rewiring their synaptic responses and incorporating internal awareness, they can build a life where they are no longer alone, depressed, and fighting to find purpose. 3:12 – Johnny’s story 7:40 –

  • 243: Why Aren’t Couples Having Sex? with Megan Lambert

    26/05/2020 Duración: 36min

    Megan Lambert is an intimacy expert, specializing in helping couples reignite their sex life, and singles dismantle walls to love in order to find their life partner. She offers 1:1 and couples’ coaching as well as workshops and retreats around the world. She holds a summa cum laude double BA in psychology and neuroscience from the University of Southern California. She spent 4 years as an executive leadership coach and facilitator for Fortune 100 companies before leaving the corporate world to start her own company. She’s a master-level certified relationship & sexuality coach, with 5 years of experience helping hundreds of people experience more connection, intimacy, and love in their lives. She currently lives in Ubud, Bali where she leads workshops along with ecstatic dance and yoga classes. 2:20 – Her journey to where she is today 5:22 – Love and sex during quarantine 8:20 – What is significance? 10:29 – Opening up in her own relationship 12:40 – Bringing both partner

  • 242: Rob Rant: How Plandemic Almost Ended My Marriage

    19/05/2020 Duración: 34min

    In this week’s episode, following his recent experiences with his partner, Rob rants about movies such as Plandemic and the impact they make on the relationships people have. Rob dives into exploring his own prejudices and judgements, as well as looking at examples of how others have reacted, and how people can overcome the chasms created to reach new levels of connection. 3:07 – What happened 6:59 – Critical thinking resources 8:40 – Watching one’s judgements rise up 11:22 – What it means to be triggered 13:17 – Men and chauvinism 16:09 – Reflecting on his relationship goal 17:39 – Four key belief systems for connection 19:41 – “What I know about what I know” 23:55 – How films like Plandemic are impacting relationships 27:23 – Going forward 32:26 – How things are now Sources mentioned: – Plandemic the Movie – Website taken down. Get a big mug of joe and google Plandemic – London Real – https://londonreal.tv/100

  • 241: Brave Conversations with Elisabeth Cardiello

    12/05/2020 Duración: 40min

    This infinitely curious, coffee-loving, Brooklyn native had business cards at six and her first product on shelves at 13. After graduating from college, where she played Division 1 soccer, and business school with highest honors, she spent four years on Wall Street, at an investment bank and at a $4 billion alternative asset management fund. She dealt with loss, found her passion, more loss and learned the meaning of post-traumatic growth. She started a coffee company called Caffè Unimatic, with an awe-inspiring story, featured in the Netflix documentary “Coffee For All”. She has gone on to create a line of coffee, give two TEDx talks, co-found an education company to deploy the methodology designed to instill an unshakable sense of confidence and resilience in college-age women and started speaking in the US and abroad. Most recently, she’s combined her passions and become host of Brave Conversations Over Coffee, a workshop series, whose structure is rooted in neuroscience and grounded in the world’s favorit

  • 240: How to Speak More Truth with David Wood

    05/05/2020 Duración: 43min

    A former Consulting Actuary to Fortune 100 companies – including Sony Music, Chanel, and Exxon – David left his cushy Park Avenue job 20 years ago to build the world’s largest coaching business. He became #1 on Google for “life coaching”, serving an audience of 150,000 coaches, and coaching thousands of hours in 12 countries around the globe. Alongside his clients’ successes, David is no stranger to overcoming challenges himself, having survived a full collapse of his paraglider and a fractured spine, witnessing the death of his sister at age seven, anxiety and depression, and a national Gong Show! He is the author of “Get Paid For Who You Are,” with a foreword by Jack Canfield. He was nominated to the Transformational Leadership Council alongside such thought leaders as Don Miguel Ruiz, John Gray, and Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson. David believes that the tough conversations we avoid are our doorways to confidence, success, and love. They become the defining moments which

  • 239: Less Takeout, More Makeout with Marc Wendt

    28/04/2020 Duración: 38min

    Marc Wendt began his coaching journey at age 9, working with the children of his parents’ clients, during weekend workshops based on the work of Thomas Harris’ book, “I am Ok You’re Ok” Since then he has gone on to have a professional career in the film industry, and for the last several years as a Personal Coach. Marc has completed formal coaches training programs with Ken Blackman and Alexandra Stockwell in their year-long “Coaching Dojo”, Brig Feltus’ “ReMember Institute Curriculum for Diversity Consciousness”, and Zat Baraka Elias’ “Men’s Wisdom Work Coaches Training”. Additionally, he continues to expand his personal development and integrity through ongoing transformational work with his own personal coaches. In addition to his full-time personal coaching business, he administers a 3500 person Facebook group dedicated to quantum masculine development, leads online workshops dedicated to developing men’s intimacy, EQ, and communication skills, and is a musician, songwriter, and screenplay writer. 2:43 &

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