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  • FEARCast 112 - Travis-T (Pt 2)

    FEARCast 112 - Travis-T (Pt 2)

    22/12/2017 Duración: 40min

    Fear sits down with Travis-T from This Freakin Show in this dramatic conclusion from last week! Getting in your own head, just do the things! Top 10 most popular Canadians... is Fear among them? We chat about Box Office Beats and cover songs. Leo Moracchioli has sick covers, check it out below. Travis love him some Dry County country! We create a new product: Uber, EH! How Canadian's talk...  Travis wants Fear to go full Canadian for a full episode. Back handed compliments, and what we hate! Extremists on either side... are bad. Canadian ISIS fighters... and then Fear becomes an extremist All that and more!

  • FEARCast 111 - Travis-T (Pt 1)

    FEARCast 111 - Travis-T (Pt 1)

    15/12/2017 Duración: 01h12min

    Fear sits down with Travis-T from This Freakin Show! But first we have to touch base with our "Dino Correspondent" King Dylan! Dylan tells us his take on the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer  Travis thanks for being on the show, but then is upset about a "London" mixup! Jedi set him straight as to where we actually were. The FYFCast WORLD TOUR! Should we do a Facebook Live "Q & A"? Fear talks a lot about the re-focusing of FYFC. Where did the nick names come from? We talk cookies! Travis tells a tale of Ice Cream. The two share their lay off tales. Jobs Fear might have to do, should he not get another job. Could Fear's daughter be the next iCarly?  We talk Canadian accents. We talk about extremists on all sides! All that and more!

  • FEARCast 110 - Halloween Horror Chat with Alex

    FEARCast 110 - Halloween Horror Chat with Alex

    09/11/2017 Duración: 57min

    Fear sits down with his daughter Alex to talk a bit about her getting into horror movies, Halloween and lots more! Check it out! We talk about being a kid and starting to get into horror movies We talk about John Carpenter's Halloween, does it hold up? One of Fear's fav anthologies Trick 'r Treat! Check out #FEARCast31 to find out what horror films Fear is watching! Parenting with Fear 101... not for everyone. Fear's kids are polar opposites, and that's awesome! Alex is mini Fear, down to the doodles during school.  Bridging the horror gap from Hocus Pocus to real horror! Alex is bed ridden, and can't do Halloween this year.  Halloween and Life when Fear was young compared to now. Becoming a YouTuber, and this new creative world we live in! Things you can't say, and why does anyone care about what I have to say Just do it... it's that simple. Do the things.  Favourite Halloween candy? The Alberta weather! After Halloween... comes Alex's birthday... then Christmas!! All that and more!

  • FEARCast 109 - Cult of FEARCast J Vs Chuckys Babysitter

    FEARCast 109 - Cult of FEARCast J Vs Chucky's Babysitter

    24/10/2017 Duración: 47min

    Fear sits down with FEARCast J to talk a bit about what's been going on in Fear's world and why production has slowed down in the FYFC world. Then they move on to reviewing "Cult Of Chucky", "The Babysitter" and "47 Meters Down".

  • FEARCast 108 - Razars Epic Playlist Part 1

    FEARCast 108 - Razar's Epic Playlist Part 1

    09/10/2017 Duración: 56min

    Fear learned on the last FYFCast that Razar has a constantly expanding playlist of songs that he calls Epic. Songs that is his opinion are masterpieces. We of course need to discuss these songs at length. So sit back and enjoy part 1 of Razar's Epic Playlist. 

  • FEARCast 107 - Masculo-Dominant Self Diversion

    FEARCast 107 - Masculo-Dominant Self Diversion

    25/09/2017 Duración: 01h52min

    FEAR sits down with the one and only Scotty Shooz to shoot the shit, and they get a visit from Clint! After Scotty trying to get his bearing with technology, the show gets rollin! Did Justin Trudeau pass C16? And what does it mean? Are kids these days obsessed with pronouns and sex identification? We talk about the recent influx of racism and politics behind it. Whatever happened to having fun? Parents being friends instead of being parents... Are we not being tough enough on our kids? Life can be shitty, can they handle it? Fear is loses a fight with Facebook Is Trump the biggest smoke screen to enter the oval office? Let's talk about Satan's Taint! The Big 4! How concerts have changed... Scotty can't technology...  Scotty's cat ruined his orgasm! The lord of the rings journey for porn! We are joined by a hairy bastard! Beard comparison time! We get the story of Scotty Shooz! What the fuck is a She-shed?? "Wait... are we recording?" - Clint Now Dr. Fear has to counsel this crazy couple! All hell breaks out.

  • FEARCast 106 - A Very Metal Vacation

    FEARCast 106 - A Very Metal Vacation

    28/08/2017 Duración: 01h09min

    FEAR & MDI sit down to shoot the shit about a plethora of topics: We start the vacation off camping for Fear's birthday! It doesn't go well... After a rough start we begin shooting "CLICKS"! It didn't go well... Buying a new vehicle! It had bumps, but actually did go very well! Venturing into Edmonton to check off a bucket list item - METALLICA Playing Skate 3 with the boy, while the girl is crusading! And lots more! Thanks for listening!

  • FEARCast 105 - The Power of a Misty Wonder Woman

    FEARCast 105 - The Power of a Misty Wonder Woman

    07/08/2017 Duración: 01h12min

    FEAR & J sit down to shoot the shit about a plethora of topics: First FEAR calls out The Rock, then they chat about him becoming POTUS Who would be worse than Trump at this point? Let's chat movies! First off J talks about his love for Power Rangers! The Penti-Con does not go well for the Blue Ranger. Fear revisits the 2007 version of The Mist. J is disappointed in TV right now.  J has read the leaked scripts for GoT... like a dumb. DC finally has a hit with Wonder Woman. J sheds some knowledge of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Fear talks about checking out The Scarehouse. We scream for ice cream for The Ice Cream Truck. Comic Con is bringing the trailer heat! And sooo, so much more!

  • FEARCast 104 - Remembering Chester Bennington

    FEARCast 104 - Remembering Chester Bennington

    24/07/2017 Duración: 01h18min

    FEAR & Razar sit down with heavy hearts to chat about Chester Bennington (singer from Linkin Park), who recently took his own life. We weave tracks we love from the band while we fade in and out with stories about the band. I hope you finally found a place that the pain can't reach you. Rest in peace brother. 

  • FEARCast 103 - 90s Horror with Mandy Osipenko

    FEARCast 103 - 90's Horror with Mandy Osipenko

    17/07/2017 Duración: 01h06min

    FEAR chills with Mandy Osipenko, host of LittleGeekLost & The PIE Cast, and chat about some good ol' 90's horror films!  In this episode we talk about: - Mandy joins the ranks of the being 1 of like 5 females to be on FEARCast - Let's talk some 90's Horror! - First up we have The Faculty! Joey goes bad ass, or... tries... - What about a Dawson's Creek reboot? - Mandy hates remakes! With a Passion. - Fear hates the Cabin Fever remake. With a Passion. - What gave us nightmares as kids? - Don't clap at podcasters! - Next movie: I Know What You Did Last Summer - Cleaning up crabs, making up the story line as it goes while always being  - Urban Legend: From 90's hair dye jobs, bad sex puns and more! - FEAR let's everyone know he's team Jacob. - Did Urban Legend spark the SAW movies? - How do you ruin a suicide? - We are both Anti Animal killing. Kill all the humans. #NotMyMichael - Next movie: Idle Hands - FEAR loved it! Mandy... liked it. - It's just the right amount of cheese and gore! - Even if you cut a guys

  • FEARCast 102 - James D. Schumacher III (Pt. 2 - The Beginning)

    FEARCast 102 - James D. Schumacher III (Pt. 2 - The Beginning)

    10/07/2017 Duración: 55min

    This is part 2 of the chat with James D. Schumacher III. The first episode was very deep and was really a release for James. It was a chance to get out the story of his father and to let the pain out. This episode continues on from the last as James shows us how he is taking the pain in his life and turning it into some amazing stories.  In this episode we talk about: - Maybe his film "The Astronaut" wasn't about his father... - James' next book is "Through the Witches", and it looks amazing! - The Fallout of "Inheritance"  - The people who latch on and suck your creativity.  - What happens when you stop playing it safe - Fucking with Razar & Marko! Both James and I can't draw! - You need someone who can call you on your bullshit - James is also looking to make a new film "Tannhäuser" - Trying to not waste your life - Shout out to SuperHeroSpeak - Stop lying to yourself, and surround yourself with people who that won't put up with it!

  • FEARCast 100 - Mike Jolitz

    FEARCast 100 - Mike Jolitz

    26/06/2017 Duración: 01h30s

    FEAR gets nostalgic with one of the old dogs of #PodernFamily, Mike Jolitz!   In this episode we talk about: - Mike jumps right into the sexy fire with FaceTime sex - We find out whats going on with The Mike Jolitz Show - The podcasters curse... "Is it worth it?" - Taking some time to breathe. - FEAR makes an announcement about FYFCast... - Inspiring people is such a weird thing - The sugar addiction is REAL - Remember who is going to be for you in a years time - We chat some horror! Midnight Meat Train, Devil's Domain and more! - Somehow we end up talking about Star Wars  - FEAR tells the story of Calgary Horror Con - We talk about getting our kids into horror and our first horror movies - We chat about new horror coming out later this year - The Nickelback rebuttal, and kicking rock music in the ass! - Mike's new obsession with the Musical.ly app

  • FEARCast 99 - Jay Sandlin

    FEARCast 99 - Jay Sandlin

    19/06/2017 Duración: 51min

    FEAR gets his super suit and thinking cap on when he sits down with writer Jay Sandlin!  In this episode we talk about: - We start by talking about OUTBREAK MUTINY! Jay's new book. - Alternate History. With Superheroes. - Jay combines his love of history with his love of superheroes! - Evil reigns  as they topple the United States! - Creating a whole world of your own. - How do I get my super powers? - How did this all get started? Scrapping 100,000 words?? - How a story can start as one thing, but take on a life of its own.  - Pro Wrestling on NES, the beginning of Super Heroes for Jay. - Unsupported fonts with E-books is frustrating. - Is hard media leaving? Books vs Cd's vs VHS, etc - The podcast collaboration in the world! - We start talking Star Wars! - Rogue One: The Rebels are the bad guys, they are terrorists! - What movies are coming out that Jay is excited for? - The story of Ragnarok and religion.  - How did the Hulk end up in space? So many questions... - Who is Jay's favourite super hero?

  • FEARCast 98 - Zack Ward

    FEARCast 98 - Zack Ward

    05/06/2017 Duración: 01h13min

    FEAR gets a chance to sit down with the one and only Zack Ward! In this episode we talk about: - How Zack got started in the bizz! - Being Scut Farkus, and the legend of "A Christmas Story" - We talk about his appearances in ALL the CSI shows - "I have a douchebag face" - The sitcom that was before it's time, and still amazing: Titus - The network HATES Chris Titus, you won't see it on DVD. - Almost Famous... Kate Hudson's booty... that is all - Transformers, Zack's perfect day! - Zack loves being the bad guy! - I gush over how I fell in love with him in Freddy vs. Jason - I wanted him to be the next one to wear "THE GLOVE" - We talk about his new films Restoration & Bethany (Check out FEARCastJ's Review HERE) - How Zack eats lol - We go off on a political tangent, discussing Trump, Kathy Griffin, Guns and more. - The pussification of North America. - What's coming up next for Zack? - Tips from a pro, to someone just starting out and more!

  • FEARCast 97 - Fear facing FEAR

    FEARCast 97 - Fear facing FEAR

    29/05/2017 Duración: 51min

    FEAR gets a little personal and talks about what's been going on with him. From writing blocks, anxiety, weight gain and more. He lays down some plans for the future, plays a track from one of his favourite bands, and then reminisces about a movie shop that closed. Hope you dig this personal episode.

  • FEARCast 78 - Ivan Djurovic

    FEARCast 78 - Ivan Djurovic

    27/05/2017 Duración: 01h05min

    FEAR starts wandering around an abandoned house checking out "strange noises" when he finds more than he bargained for, Ivan Djurovic. We sit down and chat about It Watches, a fantastic slow burn thriller that he not only wrote with Dave Parker, but also starred in. Check out my review of the film by clicking here. In this episode we talk about: - Ivan shows off his sexy name and his acting background. - Hands on learning for It Watches - Is Ivan stubborn? Hell yeah he is! - How do you respond with bad press? - Crew is Life - Troll Nation, don't feed 'em, but respect the good ones. #EarnTheBurn - All of the twists, and all of the turns! - How was it writing and then being the lead? - Ivan thanks the folks that are bringing the movie to the masses! - Being a suit actor? - What's next? What's the future hold?

  • FEARCast 96 - Fears Mix Tape Vol 2

    FEARCast 96 - Fear's Mix Tape Vol 2

    22/05/2017 Duración: 55min

    FEAR takes FEARCast back to the days of mixtapes and new music discovery! Do you remember those days? Trading tapes with your buds finding bands you didn't know existed, those were the days. Fear put out an APB for bands to send in music and was not disappointed with the mountain of music that came flooding in! Here's 10 track he thinks you NEED TO HEAR! Strap in and open this fucking pit up!

  • FEARCast 95 - The Galaxy of Ro, Jedi  Fear!

    FEARCast 95 - The Galaxy of Ro, Jedi & Fear!

    15/05/2017 Duración: 01h14min

    FEAR brings two of his favourite #PodFam on: Roel Santos Jr. & Clint Thiele! The boys sit down to ramble on about movies, music and everything in between! In this episode we talk about: - Why there wasn't a FEARCast last week... GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 fucking sucks! - Ro tries to figure out how Skype works - "The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon is on Netflix?? - Is the Jedi moving to Texas? - Texas is making some questionable laws - We talk about our Love of Slapshot and play a clip. - Is Jedi dating Scarlett Johansson? - We touch on Prometheus & The Circle, which had no support for the talent in the film - We like Tom Hanks & Robin Williams as bad guys. - We gush about Robin Williams... still the best. - We chat about Get Out! - We have the time of our lives talking about Jennifer Grey! - We take to the stars with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Fear tells a tale of meeting Dave Bautista - The boys talk about where you can catch them! - We talk about Don't Breathe, after Ro remembers he saw it. - We talk about Cable

  • FEARCast 94 - #GaleckiTheDouche

    FEARCast 94 - #GaleckiTheDouche

    01/05/2017 Duración: 01h09min

    FEAR & FEARCastJ sit down to recap the last couple months and then chat movies! In this episode we talk about: - Right out the gate J takes a shot at Champ! - We talk about the missing "Mr. Black" Episode - Where has J been? - We are writing 2 screenplays right now! - We will be filming a horror short in August! - Taking it to the next level or looking at things into more of a 5 year plan. - SONG OF THE WEEK (See Below) - We then chat about movies we've seen and whats coming out we are excited for!

  • FEARCast 93 - Some People Breathe, Others Stopped

    FEARCast 93 - Some People Breathe, Others Stopped

    24/04/2017 Duración: 01h04min

    FEAR & The Champ sit down to recap UFC Fight Night: Swanson vs. Lobov, catch up with Champ from his time off and talk about all the crazy news that's gone down this week. In this episode we talk about: - Champ is back after some time off, we catch up! - Champ is now working with the WBU! - We recap: UFC Fight Night: Swanson vs. Lobov - Al Iaquinta is in hot water over comments he made. - Talk about UFC 211 coming up - SONG OF THE WEEK - The Facebook Killer, are we going to see more of these? - The Champ learns what the Blue Waffle is. - Former Patriot Aaron Hernandez kills himself, and may be bisexual? - DaddyOFive YouTube channel is horrible and clearly child abuse.

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