Flourish is a podcast series to encourage women to lead lives of meaning, fulfillment and connection. Show hosts, who are two life coaches and two BFFs in two different states equals double the laughter, perspective and spurring women on to maximize life and enjoy all that God has in store for them.


  • Flourish Episode #5 - Living a Brave Life

    Flourish Episode #5 - Living a Brave Life

    18/05/2016 Duración: 33min

    Flourish hosts, Emily and Erin discuss and reflect on a speech recently given by vulnerability and courageous living expert, Dr. Brene Brown in Dallas, Texas. How do we get into the arena of life instead of sitting up in the cheap seats of the stadium? In this podcast episode, Emily and Erin address: choosing comfort versus courage how to become effective at being vulnerable who's opinion should matter? how can we encourage one another to live a brave life? We hope you'll listen and be inspired to live fully and BRAVELY!! Join us on our Flourish community Facebook page to continue the conversation as well.

  • Flourish Episode #4 - Aging Gracefully

    Flourish Episode #4 - Aging Gracefully

    11/05/2016 Duración: 37min

    Flourish hosts, Emily and Erin take on the cultural norms of aging and discuss ways in which women can embrace the aging process and continue to flourish. What determines the difference between simply growing old and growing old gracefully? Join us for the discussion and encouragement, and please help us to continue with comments on the Flourish Facebook page!

  • Flourish Episode #3 - Guilt vs. Grace

    Flourish Episode #3 - Guilt vs. Grace

    11/05/2016 Duración: 33min

    Flourish hosts, Emily and Erin take on a difficult topic. Why is it so easy for women to fall into the trap of guilt? Why is feeling guilty so much easier than than it is to give ourselves grace and/or receive it from others? And lastly, how can we stay in the flow of grace? Don't we all need more of that?! Join us, listen in and drop by our Flourish Facebook page too!

  • Flourish Episode #2 - Friendship

    Flourish Episode #2 - Friendship

    11/05/2016 Duración: 30min

    Flourish hosts, Emily and Erin discuss the topics of friendship and connection; the value, importance and impact they have on women's lives, in particular. It's truly a need for most of us. It's how God created us. How can we stay connected? Join us as we ask some questions that might spur your thoughts or encourage you. Jump over to our Flourish Facebook page and add any comments or questions too!! Let's STAY connected!

  • Flourish Episode #1 - What Does It Mean to Flourish?

    Flourish Episode #1 - What Does It Mean to Flourish?

    11/05/2016 Duración: 20min

    In this inaugural episode, hosts Emily and Erin set the foundation for this new podcast series. They discuss why they chose the name "Flourish," what it looks like to flourish and how women can maximize their lives. As coaches, friends, mothers and wives, Emily and Erin have a passion for empowering, equipping and encouraging women to live fully and flourish. This inaugural podcast sets the foundation for this new, inspiring series. Stay with us and be sure to listen to the next few episodes too!!! They get better and better as we find our flow on this format!! We hope you'll join us here and on our Flourish Facebook page.

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