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As a church we exist to create pathways for people just like you to know God, love others and serve the world. If we can help you in this journey, in any way, it would be our great honour and privilege.Join our worship services live each week on Saturday at 6:30 PM and Sunday at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM at


  • Jesus, Master Builder

    Jesus, Master Builder

    08/06/2014 Duración: 35min

    Not Built in a Day – Matthew 16: Building Projects.  Even as I write this... it sounds like 43 men are working on top of my office as our Green Roof Project is fully underway!  There's just something that's so intriguing about watching something get built (or replaced / restored in the case of our beloved roof!)  Perhaps it was because of his early days as a carpenter that Jesus used the metaphor of building to describe his commitment to the church. "I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it."  he gave his life to build a church... a people... a called out people to represent his grace and his gospel.  Our building team have hired some pretty capable people to manage the building project because we want to get it right.  All the best resources won't be effective unless they're being used by skilled builders.  The most important thing about Foothills is that we live in submission to the Master Builder - the Lord Jesus - and what is  true for us as a church is true for us in our famili

  • Give and Take

    Give and Take

    01/06/2014 Duración: 54min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 14: It may not be like this at your house, but over at the Drapers the six of us don't always get along. We may belong to the same family, but that does not exempt us from disagreeing about stuff now and then. It seems the family of God in Rome faced that same challenge and in chapter 14 Paul has something to say about it. No ifs, ands or buts... they are to get along. Paul's call to love each other even when we disagree goes beyond keeping the peace. Peace among ourselves is the way we demonstrate to the world the reality that we have peace with God through Jesus Christ. It's not easy, but by his Spirit as we reflect unity amidst diversity we reflect the very nature of our Triune God. Join us as we consider God's call to live as his Kingdom people then gather at the Table to remember the One who makes us one. 

  • Get Over Yourself

    Get Over Yourself

    25/05/2014 Duración: 40min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 13:8-10: Who knew that God wanted us to be in debt!? Knowing this could change everything! Okay ... the debt referred to in our passage this weekend and nothing to do with irresponsible selfish indulgence - it's actually about the exact opposite way of living. We are going to fulfill Mayor Nenshi's admonition from last weekend and dive into Romans 13:8 this weekend! It's a fantastic text that will be made even more alive for us as I'm going to be interviewing Lisa Rohrick during the weekend message. Lisa's a remarkable communicator who serves with the Alliance in Niger, West Africa and we're going to learn from her a little about how we can better love our neighbours. It's a service that will be filled with encouragement, challenge and hope and it would be even more wonderful if you are here with us! Be blessed!

  • Civil Servants

    Civil Servants

    18/05/2014 Duración: 36min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 13:1-7: Well it must be the May long weekend because the weather is terrible!  Wait... that seems to define most of our weekends!  It's kind of sad when we live in a climate where it's possible to find consolation in the words, "at least it isn't snowing!!"  Hopefully, if you're not camping in the rain this weekend, you'll be able to join us at church! We're going to consider an interesting passage that talks about Christians and the political world - how are we to respond to those in authority over us! We were able to interview Mayor Nenshi this week and I know you'll find his perspectives fascinating!   We live in a world filled with cynicism when it comes to the political process... how are we as followers of Jesus supposed to respond? Is there a higher road that we're to take? I hope you can join us this weekend as we consider the concept of government and the role of the believer in shaping our country and our communities.  Have a safe and blessed long weekend!

  • Love Actually

    Love Actually

    11/05/2014 Duración: 42min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 12:9-21: Mother's Day. Two words that instantly create a cacophony of emotions for most of us!  (I wrote that sentence simply so I could use the word "cachophony!") Most of all feel large measures of gratitude and joy when we think about Mother's Day. For others - the losses surrounding the concept of motherhood create painful moments and memories. This weekend we want to honor our moms... but we also want to reflect on the many relationships that define our lives.  It would be a service long on hope and grace but remarkably short of quick fixes and easy remedies. Liz Kahle will join with me and share about her Mom and it will be powerful and encouraging and heart-warming. Our creative, amazing God has had many fantastic moments in his creative work but He may well have been at his finest when he created the concept of Motherhood!  I hope you will be able to join with us this weekend - from our children singing to Liz sharing - it will be a special time together, made even better

  • In the Zone

    In the Zone

    04/05/2014 Duración: 39min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 12:3-8: The body of Christ is called the church. We often affectionately call it the Foothills family. We believe that we are the family of God. In the church, or this family, there is no such thing as an audience, observer or spectator. Everybody is a Somebody in God's family. Romans 8:3-8 is a passage that teaches us that in the family of God we are all uniquely gifted and needed. There is one body, with many members. Without you we are not the same. What part do you play? This weekend come to hear about God's plan for us to be involved in His family and hear some stories on how some of our Foothills family are living that out.

  • A Beautiful Mind

    A Beautiful Mind

    27/04/2014 Duración: 35min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 12:1-2: "Of all the things I've lost in life - I miss my mind the most!"  I'll  always remember the day my friend Bert shared that transforming thought with me via a small cartoon.  But just as cartoons sometimes mimic life... so that little statement has seemed to become reality many times in my life over the years!  How do we keep our minds engaged in the life God wants us to live?  What does it mean to have a "Christian mind"?  How do we live fully for Jesus in a culture that demands our allegiance and attention?  How do we discover God's path and plan for our lives amidst the chaos that seems to surround us?  In Romans 12, Paul shifts his focus in his letters to the church in  Rome from belief to behaviour and we will dive deep into that beginning this weekend.  I hope you'll be able to join with us as we celebrate the amazing purpose he has for each of us.  Have a blessed weekend!

  • Woven


    20/04/2014 Duración: 01h31min

    Easter Production: Dinah and Shulis' lives are changed forever when their husbands decide to quit fishing and follow a carpenter named Jesus.

  • God Only Knows

    God Only Knows

    13/04/2014 Duración: 47min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 9: There are lots of reasons why I love Peter so much but perhaps my favorite is because he's the guy who admitted that "sometimes what Paul writes is really hard to understand!" (2 Peter 3:16)  It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who sometimes reads some of Paul's writings and thinks, "What???!!!"  Romans 9 is definitely one of those "hard to understand" passages but I've been so encouraged in study this week and am really excited to teach this weekend about the wondrous mystery of God's sovereignty and our responsibility to respond to all He's done for us.  It won't be an easy message ... but it's a very important one and I hope you'll be able to join us.  Have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to seeing you!  God is good and kind and He is sovereign and majestic! 

  • Nothing To Lose

    Nothing To Lose

    06/04/2014 Duración: 37min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 8:31-39: Imagine standing at the top of a mountain. We've all been there or at least seen it on a video. This week, the passage we are looking at is like we are standing on the top of a mountain, looking over the horizon of where we have been in the book of Romans and some of the great truths we have encountered. These truths culminate in the reality, if God is for us, what or who could possibly stand against us? The obvious answer: nothing! So how then should we live? We look forward to seeing you this weekend as we gather for worship, word and the Lord's Supper. Enjoy the sunshine until then!

  • Wait For It

    Wait For It

    30/03/2014 Duración: 44min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 8:18-30: Do you ever feel stuck, like life is a giant puzzle and you can't figure out how the pieces are supposed to fit together? If so, be encouraged! The Apostle Paul shared the same frustration, and offers some great insight on it!  Don't give up - come get a new perspective on life from Romans 8:18-30. What are you waiting for?!

  • Inseparable


    23/03/2014 Duración: 46min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 8:5-17: Friends.  Imagine what your life would look like without them?  They are great gifts from God all along the journey and we are so grateful.  But the Bible describes a friend who is "closer than a brother".  The wondrous message of this amazing book is that God has not left us to ourselves to navigate the journey.  He's given us so much ... but no gift is greater than the Holy Spirit who is described throughout the Bible as our comforter, our advocate, our source of life and strength.  In our text this weekend, Paul introduces us to much of the ministry of the Holy Spirit, who enables us to make sense of the journey, stay strong through the challenges, and keep focused on what matters most in our lives.  We are never alone.  It's a remarkable truth.  It's a life changing truth.  It's the theme of Romans 8:5-17.  Come join us this weekend as we unpack and embrace this remarkable reality in our lives.

  • Breaking Bad

    Breaking Bad

    16/03/2014 Duración: 44min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 8:1-4: Guilt.  It's a constant companion for many and it's not much of a friend.  It routinely robs us of peace, joy, hope and passion.  What do we do with those past hurts and present struggles that seem to creep into our souls and deposit this unwanted gift?  Jesus came to bring us freedom in life ... including freedom from a past that dictates and dominates our present realities and future hopes.  Romans 8 is viewed by many as the grandest and greatest of all chapters in our bible.  It's so critical and foundational that we're going to spend four weekends here and we begin this weekend!  Come and discover the wonder and the hope of the truth that there is no condemnation for those who belong to Jesus!  It's a fantastic text - an amazing truth - and a remarkable source of hope for all of us in the  journey.  Hope to see you here this weekend!

  • Identity Crisis

    Identity Crisis

    09/03/2014 Duración: 37min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 7:14-25: I like books.  They've become great companions for me along the journey.  In my office library, I have one shelf that holds my very favorite books.  Included on that shelf are several by John Ortberg.  Probably my favorite Ortberg book is entitled, "The Life You've Always Wanted."  It's a fantastic read but it's the title I love most.  Most of us have a pretty clear picture of the life we want ... but we're not always quite as sure how to attain it.  We're left with the great dilemma Paul speaks of in Romans 7:  "the things I don't want to do - those are the things I do and the things I do want to do - they're the ones I'm not doing!"  It's a reality that shows up in all of our lives some of the time and for some of us, it shows up almost all the time.  This weekend we'll consider this internal battle that we all face along the way.  We'll also hear from a remarkable young man named Adam who has faced this battle but  found amazing grace in Jesus.  His story is incredibly

  • Prodigal to Prodigy

    Prodigal to Prodigy

    02/03/2014 Duración: 42min

    Youth Ministry - 2 Timothy 4:9-13: What's it like to be a teenager in 2014?

  • Preoccupied


    23/02/2014 Duración: 36min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 6:5-13: Preoccupied!  Apparently many of us have found ourselves preoccupied with watching the Olympics this week!  It's a great season to be a Canadian with so many of our teams and athletes stepping up at just the right times.  Our women's gold medal over the Americans will be  a match many of  us will long remember!  I often wonder as I watch these athletes compete and battle ... what are the commitments and passions that have preoccupied their lives and made it possible for them to compete at Sochi?  In so many ways - our lives and destinies are shaped and fashioned by what we love.  In what appears to have been the "Christian chapter" of his life, Bob Dylan gained a lot of fans with his classic, "You've Got to Serve Somebody" and reminded us all that "it might be the devil, or it might be the Lord - but you gotta serve somebody."  From Romans 6, Paul invites us to a life with Jesus at the centre that is marked by freedom and grace and hope.  I hope you can join us this weeken

  • Why Baptism? Why Not?

    Why Baptism? Why Not?

    16/02/2014 Duración: 39min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 6:1-4: It's Valentine's Day - a sentimental day no doubt created (or at least exploited!) by makers of flowers and candy and all restaurant owners around the nation!  It's a day to proclaim our love for those in our lives and even the most cynical of us must admit that's not a bad thing!  This weekend we are entering Romans 6 and we'll consider some ways in which we can express our love for Jesus in light of His love for us.  High on that list will be the wonder of believer's baptism.  So if you've been baptized, come and be encouraged by the life-changing grace of Jesus as you will remember your baptism.  If you've never taken this step of faith, come with an open heart and a searching soul to consider what the Bible has to say about this amazing experience and expression of faith. It will be a great weekend!  Much love and grace to you!

  • Finding Peace With God

    Finding Peace With God

    09/02/2014 Duración: 40min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 5:1-8: Part of our text from Romans 5 this weekend includes the admonition, "we glory in our sufferings".  Is Paul a crazy man!?  I don't know about you, but I'm not overly fond of suffering!  I love the first part of this chapter that focuses on finding peace with God.  I'm all in on that!  But suffering?  Not so much!  This weekend we'll shift from Paul's theological treatise of our position in Christ to what this state of being looks like in everyday life.  And we'll discover a remarkable truth-- that the only way to be at peace with the realities of daily life is to view them from our position as believers, reconciled with God.  When our lives are right with God - we find courage, grace, strength and hope that somehow enables us to be right with life - no matter what life serves up for us.  I  hope you'll be able to be with us this weekend as we'll consider again the amazing demonstration of God's love for us in Jesus and how it changes everything about ... well, about everyth

  • Living Out My Dreams

    Living Out My Dreams

    02/02/2014 Duración: 38min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 4:1-25: Faith.  It's no small task to make sense of the journey. Dreams go sideways. People can disappoint us. God appears to be silent. Yet in the midst of it all, there is still a spark of hope and joy in each of our hearts!  How do we fan that into flame?!  Of all the potential heroes of the faith that the writer to the Hebrews gave us in chapter 11 ... he gave the most attention to Abraham. This weekend we will continue to unpack justification from Romans 4. How can we be made "right with God"? And Abraham will be front and centre!  It will be a great celebration of faith and motivation, to continue to believe and trust God for more. Hope you'll be able to join us! Have a fantastic weekend.

  • The Common Condition

    The Common Condition

    26/01/2014 Duración: 45min

    Not Built in a Day – Romans 3:9-26: Anyone who's been in a court room knows that it can be an intense and even life-changing experience.  But what do you do when the evidence is stacked up against you?  A good judge can't just dismiss the case and gloss over our guilt.  Our crimes need to punished.  This weekend as we look at Romans chapter 3, we're going to find ourselves in court before the Judge of the Universe.  An intense experience to be sure...But it could also be life-altering.  Join us for what could be a significant turning point, not only in the book of Romans, but in your life as well. 

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