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Mike G. is a writer and musician who lives in San Francisco. He began his career with BTR many, many years ago and still hosts the Bay Area Live show to this day, featuring the most killer live music the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. Prior to that, he was the founder of WireTapMusic, a local Bay Area music blog and monthly video profile series. He has also written for The Bay Bridged and New Noise Magazine, covering everything from punk and metal to rap and hip hop and folk and indie rock.A committed metalhead all through junior high and high school, Mike's eyes were opened when he discovered Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars and Sleater-Kinney's Dig Me Out at a party while attending the University of Texas in Austin. Now there are no limits to his musical taste -- he even listens to country. Tune in to Bay Area Live every month and discover new music with him.


  • BTR Bay Area Live

    27/09/2012 Duración: 01h03min

    "The Rock Make Street Festival has come and gone for another year. Missed it? Don't worry! Here are some of my favorite bands from this year's fest: DRMS, Rock Make founders and organizers Tartufi, and Twin Steps. 00:00 It's time once again for Bay Area Live 01:50 White Eyes - DRMS 06:35 Soft and Low - DRMS 09:24 Worship Me - DRMS 14:53 American 707 - DRMS 18:30 More Bay Area Live coming up with Tartufi! 20:00 Fear Of Tall Giraffes, Fear of Some Birds - Tartufi 29:36 Dot Dash - Tartufi 32:20 Untitled - Tartufi 37:03 Furnace Of Fortune - Tartufi 46:09 Twin Steps coming up next on Bay Area Live! 47:20 Wave of my emotion - Twin Steps 52:15 Seasonal violence - Twin Steps 56:10 The Rearranger - Twin Steps 58:40 Son of Sam - Twin Steps 62:33 That's it for Bay Area Music folks! 63:15 Finish DRMS Oct 04 - Brick & Mortar Music Hall - San Francisco, CA Nov 30 - Rickshaw Stop - San Francisco, CA TARTUFI Oct 31 - The Knockout (Halloween covers night!) - San Francisco, CA TWIN STEPS Oct 31 - Thee Parkside - San

  • Wiretap Music

    24/09/2012 Duración: 59min

    "Wiretap Music - Encore Episode Originally Aired 4/9/12 This time around we've got music from two different compilations: 20 Sided Records' "Better Days Ahead" comp and Antenna Farm Records' "We Are All Awesome". That means you get lots of killer Bay Area music from the likes of Tartufi, The Donkeys, Papercuts, Ash Reiter, The Dead Westerns, and much much more! 00:00 It is time once again for Wiretap Music on BTR 01:12 Glass Eyes - Tartufi 05:07 Lower The Heavens - The Donkeys 10:33 Well I Don't - Papercuts 14:37 Dead Memory Man - Still Flyin' 17:23 Paths - Hurry Up Shotgun 20:15 More Wiretap Music common up... 20:55 Rossini Got You Dancing - Ash Reiter 24:58 New Skin - Bears! Bears! Bears! 27:19 Funerary Archaeology - The Dead Westerns 29:37 Free City Entertainment - Evacuee 32:49 A President, A Pacifist, An Auto Restorer - Finn Riggins 37:31 There's a whole lot more Wiretap Music where that came from... 38:14 Halcyon Days - Silian Rail 41:38 New Kids - Slow Trucks 44:54 Wet Cement - Trainwreck Riders 48

  • BTR Bay Area Live

    30/08/2012 Duración: 57min

    "This month we've got sets by Dana Falconberry, from Austin, TX, and Schande, hometown heroes here in SF. Dana Falconberry recently signed to Antenna Farm Records and will be putting out a new record later this year. I was stoked to catch her on tour at Hemlock Tavern here in SF, one of my favorite venues. The Schande set I'm especially excited about because it has some songs from the new Jen Schande solo album, which is the soundtrack for a short film based on Chapter 19 of Valencia, a book by local author Michele Tea. Every chapter of Valencia has been made into a book, and it has inspired some really great music. Check out the book and Valencia: The Movie(s) at http://www.RadarProductions.org 00:00 Bay Area Live on BTR 02:04 Tahquamenon Intro - Dana Falconberry 02:35 Birch Bark - Dana Falconberry 05:20 Crooked River - Dana Falconberry 09:30 Lake Charlevoix - Dana Falconberry 12:24 Petoskey Stone - Dana Falconberry 17:56 Sault Ste Marie - Dana Falconberry 18:54 Snail Shells - Dana Falconberry 24:34 Leela

  • Wiretap Music

    13/08/2012 Duración: 13s

    "So much new music! Hell yeah. Two Gallants, Ty Segall Band, Grass Widow, Future Twin, Permanent Collection, Birds & Batteries. Come and get you some! 00:00 Wiretap Music on BTR! 00:39 I Bought My Eyes - Ty Segall Band 04:50 Goldilocks Zone - Grass Widow 07:59 Only Son - Buffalo Tooth 10:13 Get Up or Get Out - Future Twin 13:53 L.A. Sacrifice - Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound 18:02 More Wiretap Music on BTR coming up! 19:07 Broken Eyes - Two Gallants 21:46 Where We Trip The Light - Dominant Legs 25:12 Glyphs - Sic Alps 28:41 Forget It - Permanent Collection 31:44 King Of Days - High On Fire 38:51 Wiretap Music on BTR will be right back after this air break 40:17 Sod In The Seed - Why? (Sod in the Seed EP just came out) 45:00 Gremlins Crawl - Shannon and the Clams (Gremlins Crawl 7") 48:44 You Can Trust A Robot - Exray's (Trust A Robot 2012) 51:21 Neverland - Le VICE 55:29 Let The Door Swing - Birds & Batteries (Stray Light, came out Aug 7) 59:14 That's it for Wiretap Music… till next time! 60:13 Fi

  • BTR Bay Area Live

    26/07/2012 Duración: 58min

    "Sets from Buffalo Tooth, Future Twin, and Permanent Collection? Yeah, you pretty much hit the jackpot tuning in to Bay Area Live this month. 00:00 Bay Area Live on BTR! 00:54 Miss Molly - Buffalo Tooth 03:10 Mr. Vibrator - Buffalo Tooth 06:04 Fuck - Buffalo Tooth 07:39 Only Son - Buffalo Tooth 09:57 Street Poo - Buffalo Tooth 12:45 Little Girl - Buffalo Tooth 14:56 Laced Up (from the boots up) - Buffalo Tooth 17:16 Head Trip - Buffalo Tooth 20:01 Sex Priest - Buffalo Tooth 23:51 More Bay Area Live coming up! 24:27 Getting Theoretical - Future Twin 28:10 Landslide - Future Twin 31:50 Depressed - Future Twin 34:40 Sara - Future Twin 37:15 Summer Song - Future Twin 41:34 More Bay Area Live coming up next! 42:16 Forget it - Permanent Collection 44:54 In my head - Permanent Collection 49:19 A thousand dins - Permanent Collection 51:57 Matter at hand - Permanent Collection 55:07 It's alright - Permanent Collection 58:11 That's it for Bay Area Live folks! 58:53 Finish FUTURE TWIN July 27 - SPARC Dispensary - S

  • Wiretap Music

    02/07/2012 Duración: 57min

    "So much new music from the Bay Area this month. Ty Segall Band, Grass Widow, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, Birds & Batteries, and so much more 00:00 It's Wiretap Music on BTR time folks 00:47 I Bought My Eyes - Ty Segall Band 04:58 Goldilocks Zone - Grass Widow 08:10 Glyphs - Sic Alps 11:38 I Really Like Sonic Youth, And I Really Want To Have Sex With You - Jen Schande 14:34 Only Son - Buffalo Tooth 16:46 There's more Wiretap Music comin' up! 18:25 goodnight no blame - Silian Rail 23:57 L.A. Sacrifice - Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound 28:06 Window - Street Eaters 31:01 Let The Door Swing - Birds & Batteries 34:47 BadSeed - Future Twin 37:25 Some more Wiretap Music is up next. 38:37 It's Alright - Permanent Collection 41:30 Shame - Lilac 45:08 Make Time For the Boy (Main Attrakionz Remix) - Dominant Legs 48:21 Black Silk - Emily Jane White 52:36 Can't Forget - James & Evander 56:24 That's it for Wiretap Music on BTR folks. See ya next time! 57:17 Finish BIRDS & BATTERIES Aug 17 - Soda Ba

  • BTR Bay Area Live

    28/06/2012 Duración: 57min

    "I've got sets from the Moon Block Party in Pomona, CA on June 23: Dahga Bloom, Juju, and Blac Jesus & The Experimentalists. Plus a teaser of a set I'll be playing for you next time: Buffalo Tooth. Juju 00:00 Bay Area Live is on right now! 01:07 Put it on the table - Dahga Bloom 06:00 Supa - Dahga Bloom 10:30 Zoo Zoo - Dahga Bloom 13:55 Untitled - Dahga Bloom 16:55 Born to be Brown - Dahga Bloom 20:00 Space is the Place - Dahga Bloom 24:49 Juju is comin up next 25:48 A Forming - Juju 33:02 G 4 A G - Juju 45:40 Up next: Blac Jesus & The Experimentalists 46:11 So Tired - Blac Jesus & The Experimentalists 50:29 Baby Brother - Blac Jesus & The Experimentalists 54:22 Only got time for one more song! 55:22 Only Son - Buffalo Tooth 57:26 Finish Blac Jesus & The Experimentalists DAHGA BLOOM June 28 - Alex's Bar - Long Beach, CA 00:00 - Bay Area Live is on right now! 01:07 - Put it on the table - Dahga Bloom 06:00 - Supa - Dahga Bloom 10:30 - Zoo Zoo - Dahga Bloom 13:55 - Untitled - Dahga

  • BTR Bay Area Live

    31/05/2012 Duración: 57min

    "This month I have some sets for you from two bands I caught while on a recent tour with my band, Al Lover & The Haters: Dahga Bloom from LA, and Poor Sons from right here in San Francisco. I caught both of them down at the Desert Daze festival in SoCal. I also have a set by SF's own The Greening, who played Milk Bar here on Haight St. Enjoy! 00:00 It's Bay Area Live for May 2012! Hell yeah! 01:54 Space is the Place - Dahga Bloom 07:03 Step Inside Your Head - Poor Sons 10:10 Cool Buzz - Poor Sons 13:37 Yellow Eyes - Poor Sons 17:12 No Solutions - Poor Sons 19:36 Sinking Ships - Poor Sons 23:25 Wanderlust - Poor Sons 27:03 Teenage Tounge - Poor Sons 30:55 More Bay Area Live coming up 32:02 Don't Have The Time - The Greening 34:37 Leningrad (Slips and Knots) - The Greening 39:04 Into The Fugue - The Greening 42:49 Dualk - The Greening 45:15 Synching Through The Void - The Greening 49:46 Exfoliate - The Greening 52:23 (She's So) Electric - The Greening 57:04 That's it for Bay Area Live, folks. 57:39 Finis

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