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Originally a group of like-minded friends playing each other their favorite tunes, to hosting some of the worlds biggest DJs, Beirut In the Mix has become a Lebanese institution. BITM has built a solid reputation on its ability to stay one step ahead of the game; from modest 2006 beginnings in random venues scattered around Beirut partially ravaged landscape, the events soon picked up a healthy following and, due to popular demand, the successful monthly parties eventually spurned their own radio show - with now well over 400 episodes under its belt - airing Saturdays 8pm (Beirut time) on Mix FM 104.4 and cementing it's place as the pre-party warm up for Beirut's underground.9 year deep, Beirut In the Mix continues to deliver on its musical promises, creating consistently exciting parties, podcasts and radio shows for Beirut increasingly prominent underground music scene.


  • BITM #499 DJ Three

    08/01/2017 Duración: 01h52s

    Tirelessly holding the flag for underground electronic music in the US since his rise out of the sunny state of Florida in the 90s, Christopher Milo a.k.a. DJ Three has experienced one hell of a ride ever since! Emerging as one of the brightest DJ talents in the US and continues to be a true inspiration for many purists, he sets himself apart from the rest of the pack by presenting eclectic sounds with an open-minded attitude towards everything he does. From DJ sets to musical output, Three is a DJ’s DJ who has always leaned toward the cutting edge without losing touch with the roots of house and techno. Proudly on our show!

  • BITM #498 Lele Sacchi

    01/12/2016 Duración: 01h27s

    Lele Sacchi is just a red cape short of being the Superman Italiano. Flying around the planet to play in some of the notorious clubs and festivals out there, he still finds time to produce, host a staple radio show, teach dance music history and sit as a judge on the first ever DJ talent show. His special power? Mixing house music with disco, soul, post-punk and dub and getting a sound with a clear imprint. Now how's that for a show which is a couple of episodes away from hitting the 500 mark?

  • BITM #494 Sierra Sam

    06/11/2016 Duración: 01h39min

    You can call him boundary pusher, quality producer, master performer or you can just call him Sierra Sam. With 15 years in the electronic world under his belt, this Belgian force of nature has amassed quite a number of notable performances at Fabric and the likes, releases on Supplement Facts, Wolf Trap and many others, as well as collaborations with Monika Kruse and FuckPony to name a few. Today, he's managing the labels Contexterrior and TuningSpork from Berlin while making waves through his live jams. Here's one for you and for the books: an all-analogue, fully improvised, live set recorded at Watergate alongside Yappacc. We're done talking, you can run to hit play now.

  • BITM #489 Josh Caffe

    07/10/2016 Duración: 58min

    For this edition, we dug deep underground and fetched a precious episode for you. Hailing from the underground house and techno scene, Josh Caffe has remarkable crowd reading abilities, delivering the perfect sets at both intimate basement parties and huge festivals such as Lovebox and Glastonbury. Caffe is also a vocalist and producer, and the result of time he spends in studio is just as praised as his DJ mastery. Here, he delivers a set packed with old school influences, just like we like them. Go ahead, press play and dive in it head first.

  • BITM #485 Reboot

    01/09/2016 Duración: 59min

    The inquisitive artist, just like his moniker, reboots his musical output every once in a while by infusing influences from all kinds of genres and a heap of his burning passion. Reboot, discovered his love for music as a kid in Frankfurt, sneaking in to Sven Vath’s Omen club. Little did he know that it’s on Vath’s notorious Cocoon label that he would later release his compelling material, as well as on Defected, Cadenza, Circus, and his own Noon Records. The release of “aLive” this summer on Get Physical Music, has been long-awaited, and luckily for you, here’s a mix made for your precious ears. We’re sure it’ll make you feel alive; positive you’ll get physical. Enjoy!

  • BITM #481 Kiki

    19/08/2016 Duración: 01h02min

    Before being old enough to even enter a club, Berlin-based Kiki had residencies at some of the biggest ones in his native Helsinki. Moving to Berlin helped his notoriety as a DJ grow, and sent him on a head spinning around-the-globe tour, from Mexico to Tokyo and Ibiza. Ten years later, he ventured into production and has had a voluminous output ever since on labels like Watergate, Exploited and Crosstown Rebels. He and Alessio Pagliaroli have teamed up to produce a freshly released EP by the awesome name of We Turn Into Animals, on My Favorite Robot Records. Devour this mix with no moderation.

  • BITM #476 Jack the Fish

    02/07/2016 Duración: 59min

    Sonic enthusiast from underwater Beirut. The fish takes you on a trip with undercurrents of soul and rhythms. A filmmaking graduate, his love of music translated into sound design and scores for films. His surroundings affect majorly his artistic expression, and the city of Beirut is no exception: a schizophrenic way of mixing and producing; mashing up sounds of soul, jazz, world music with electronica, breaks and 4 on 4 beats. This is good.

  • BITM #472 Cocodrills

    03/06/2016 Duración: 01h00s

    Two guys, Miami, rampant debauchery and wild rides. This might sound like Miami Vice to you, and it is indeed vicious, to the ears. Christian “Pridef” Diaz and Adam Cruz, better known as Cocodrills are a successful pair who’ve climbed up the ladder fast thanks to their hard work and perseverance. Last year, they scored an exclusive residency at Space Club, this year, they have an EP out on Stacey Pullen’s Blackflag label called “Got it Good”, and this week, they’ve prepared this wicked mix for you. Enjoy the ride!

  • BITM #470 Booka Shade

    19/05/2016 Duración: 01h48s

    Aficionados and newcomers alike know the name of this superpower based in Berlin. The duo created the legendary Get Physical Music label, have two decades and numerous celebrated releases under their belt. Yes you’ve guessed it. How can we pass on the opportunity of making an exception and having this special guestmix when it’s Booka Shade. For all those in Beirut, this shall be like the ice cream before dinner you wanted so badly as a kid, since they’ll be playing at C U NXT SAT, next Sat.

  • BITM #468 Steve Bug

    05/05/2016 Duración: 59min

    Hailing from a crop of big and eminent German DJs and producers, a Bug, only by name, definitely not by size, brings you this latest episode. Steve Bug is a constant of the scene through an insane DJing schedule, numerous releases and his place at the reins of three different labels such as the renowned Poker Flat. His path however has been everything but flat as he is only growing bigger, breaking boundaries and reinventing the norms ever since he started 20 years ago. We’ve never been happier to have a Bug in our ears, and we bet you’ll be too. Enjoy!

  • BITM #463 Klartraum

    05/04/2016 Duración: 01h24s

    Their name means lucid dream, an accurate description of what their musical offerings entail. Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch have been playing together under the Klartraum banner since 2006 at Fabric, as part of Circoloco at DC10, Tresor and many other places around the world. Their contrasted dynamic is part of who they are: Her, a ball of electric energy. Him, a calm and quiet ruler of the decks. The iconic two have also been running their well-respected label Lucidflow, and have “Space Gecko” EP coming out on Wolf Trap by April 11th. For those who have never experienced lucid dreaming, this episode will be a good first fix. Enjoy!

  • BITM #459 Lee Van Dowski

    14/03/2016 Duración: 01h04min

    We must have done something right and our luck is spilling onto yours since this month's guest is none other than Lee Van Dowski. This French titan is known for being one of the most prolific artists, with an abundance of quality releases on Cadenza, Soma, Bpitch Control, Suara, Noir and Cocoon to name a few. Today, it's on Mobilee that he is thriving more than ever through a vibrant synergy that is clear to all. And yet our fortune doesn't stop there. This episode coincides with the release of his long-awaited Cerca Trova, Lee's multi-faceted gem of many genres, his first LP in a decade. Now hit play while we go buy ourselves a lottery ticket.

  • BITM #455 Greenville Massive

    06/02/2016 Duración: 01h04min

    Jesper Larsen and Simon Knøsgaard have a knack for creating intricate soundscapes with a deeply emotional imprint. The Danish producers have received support for their work from the likes of Sasha, John Digweed and Nick Warren to name a few. With exciting releases under their belt – on Rhythm Cult, Initials and Tenth Circle -, and a debut album set to see the light this year, they’ve been on the road pushing their sound forward throughout Europe peppered/seasoned with live-sets led by Simon. One could say they are massive indeed.

  • BITM #450 Subdued Kamel

    07/01/2016 Duración: 01h13min

    Stockholm based mysterious newcomers Subdued Kamel taking control of this very special episode! The duo has released on Bossmusik and Trunkfunk with support from both Resident Advisor and Boiler Room, along with very strong DJ feedback, including Francois K, Marco Zenker, Osunlade and ItaloJohnson. Pleasant trip for all!

  • BITM #446 Robin Ordell guestmix

    04/12/2015 Duración: 52min

    London based and rising talent Robin Ordell closes our year with this impressive mix! Growing up with funk music stemming back into a childhood in France, Robin regularly plays around Europe showcasing his jazzy deep house tunes at ADE, Concrete, Techno Gipsy, Showcase, Sonar & many more. Freshly signed on Eklo Records, he has also appeared on labels such as Half Baked, Leftroom, Remake Music & Safari Numerique. A subtle and groovy House mix for the books!

  • BITM #442 Portable guestmix

    08/11/2015 Duración: 01h07min

    We are extremely excited to welcome this man to the show! With releases on Perlon, Karat Records, Spectral Sound, Süd Electronic and upcoming on Rhythm Cult, Portable has appeared on a string of highly credible imprints. Spending his early years in Cape Town, he moved to London, followed by Lisbon, before finally settling in Berlin. He has also reated his Bodycode alias - somewhere between the beats for the body and melody for the soul - layering tech-funk with wisps of melody, heady effects, and a liberal wash of otherworldly vocal samples. His alter-ego maybe? Enjoy this exclusive recording of his live set at Live At Robert Johnson. Brilliant!

  • BITM #437 Frank Lorber guestmix

    03/10/2015 Duración: 01h00s

    Founder of nummer-schallplatten in 2004 and long time member of the Cocoon family, Frank has been DJing for almost 20 years now: a key figure at Cocoon's legendary Amnesia Ibiza parties, he has been playing gigs around the globe, producing and collaborating with artists like Johannes Heil, Anthony Rother, Toni Rios, Joerg Henze, Santé among many other. Please welcome this amazing gentleman to the show!

  • BITM #433 Salah Sadeq guestmix

    04/09/2015 Duración: 01h33min

    An experience of any of Salah’s magical sets is one that remains with you for days, weeks and months. It’s from within his passionate soul that this talented DJ reaches out with a style of music that spans deep - house - groovy - electronica - techno - acid - disco - dub - abstract beats that get under your skin. That Techfui kind of feel! Enjoy this guestmix recorded live at Dubai homegrown open-air festival, Groove On the Grass.

  • BITM #428 Rhymos guestmix

    31/07/2015 Duración: 01h02min

    Steadily constructing an exciting profile amongst a new class of UK talent, Rhymos' true, authentic production and cultured, sophisticated DJ performances have seen him receive extended support from some of the worlds most renowned artists. Releasing through prestigious labels such as Catwash, Murmur, Overall & R U M O R S, and with new music set for release through Turquoise Blue, Whistleblower & Alan Fitzpatrick’s ESD, this guestmix sits somewhere between the grittiness of acid house and the hypnotic, evocative grooves of deep Detroit Techno! Simply enjoy!

  • BITM #424 Elijah Simmons guestmix

    03/07/2015 Duración: 59min

    A sunbeam surfer, a cloud skipper and a meridian hustler. Elijah, the king of dreams, hides behind the light and brings the world's sounds to his music. Ahead of his EP on world reknowned Kompakt Records, Elijah delivers a solid mix for our next installment!

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