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When Jennifer was sixteen, she began picking up information psychically---and out of the blue! "For some reason I wasnt upset about it", Jennifer says. "Most of the time the information was pretty mundane, such as knowing someones name before being introduced to them. But I knew better than to tell anyone in my family about it. It would not have gone over well!"

Her ability accelerated during college. One fateful night while walking back to her dorm alone, she was attacked by a rapist. "My psychic ability saved my life and prevented me from being raped", she says. "I kept hearing a voice from the Other Side telling me what the attacker was going to do next, and I was able to figure out what my next move should be". She managed to escape the situation with deep gratitude that her sixth sense had saved her from harm.

Everything happens for a reason. Years later, Jennifer started picking up information about criminal activity. "I started seeing dead people in droves", she says. "Some of them had been victims of violent crimes". She was still keeping her ability a secret from everyone, but felt that she was meant to do something with the information she was receiving about criminals. She eventually overcame her reluctance to keep her psychic skills quiet and went to the FBI, passing on valuable information to them, inadvertently becoming a police psychic.

Jennifer now does readings for the general public in addition to criminal work. As a psychic, she picks up on past, present and future events; as a medium, she connects with deceased people---even pets! Tune in Friday evenings from 5-6 pm PST or 8-9 EST as "Never a Dull Moment---Speaking to Spirits" delves into such topics as spirit guides, channeling, how to develop your own psychic ability, and the language and symbols used by the Other Side to communicate with us. Jennifer will take live calls during special broadcasts to provide listeners with messages.

Jennifer lives in the New York City area where she conducts workshops and classes. She appears regularly at local events and has appeared on New York television programs. She is also available for speaking engagements and special events.


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