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  • Arise And Shine

    Arise And Shine


    In Isaiah 60, the prophet starts the chapter with a clarion call directed from God, telling the people to arise and shine!  This summons comes after a people have been dejected, depressed, and seemingly denied.  However, God is calling them to a new position; calling them out of their darkness into His light.  Pastor Antonio uses this common verse to demonstrate how we must get into the right position so that we too can shine for God. The light has already come, and the glory of the Lord is upon us. In order for this to be realized, we must answer the call and remove anything that is a shine blocker in our lives.  It's time out for lifting ourselves up in pride, when Christ commands that He be lifted.  We need to stand up and let God's light shine through our lives.  A light that penetrates the darkness, overcomes chaose, and brings clarity.

  • Spiritual vs Natural Vision_Pastor Paula

    Spiritual vs Natural Vision_Pastor Paula


    God has given us a new way to live life and we must never give up, and we must not hide the good news from a people that need.  Corinthians talks about how Satan has blined the minds of those who don't believe, but Pastor Paula reminds us that as Christians, we must not be blinded as well.  This starts by knowing who we are in God, and speaking in Spirit and in Truth, as most importantly, living in Truth. It's time out for us not having or operating in the power of God. In this message we learn that God gives us the power and authority to see, and if we lack discernment, all we need do is ask.  God needs us to understand his principles so we that we can operate in a mindset fixed on Him.  We have to open our eyes and see the vision.

  • The Donkey Ride

    The Donkey Ride


    On Palm Sunday, Christ enters Jerusalem to great fan fare, with everyone crying out Hosanna!  To the chagrin of some, He comes into town, not with a big army, not with a band of soldiers, not even riding on a valiant stallion.  Christ makes His appearance during Holy week riding a donkey!  But of course, as we know how God operates, doing foolish things to confound the wise, let us not be remiss in seeing the symbolism.  Pastor Antonio uses this sermon to show us Palm Sunday from the donkey's perspective.Christ takes what was tied up and belonging as a beast of burden to someone else, and set's it free to do His work.It is not a far stretch to see the parallels in our life, and the lessons that we can learn from the donkey.  Jesus made a triumphal entry on a donkey...can He do the same on you?

  • Let The Dead Bury The Dead

    Let The Dead Bury The Dead


    At some point in our lives we all have to face the death of something. While physical death is hard, it's also other things in our life that are dying or dead that can take its toll on us as well. Relationships, career, marriage, finances, thoughts/emotions, etc., are all things that when they come to an end can cause us trauma. God never wants you to not let your pain get ahead of your purpose.We must remember that if it's dead, our sovereign God knows it, and could have kept it alive. He knows that some things in our life just need to be removed, because the living and the dead can't occupy the same space.  What dead weight can you identify in your life that is hindering you from your destiny?  In this powerful message, Pastor Antonio let's us know that God calls us to a living work, and doesn't want us resting in a dead one.

  • Friends With Frustration

    Friends With Frustration


    It's always interesting how two people can have two different opinion about the same event, whether it be a restaurant, a job, a marriage, even a church.  One may be fine with things, while the other is frustrated.  This is because life is largely about how we interpret our sensations.  In this message, Pastor Antonio walks us through what it's like to be frustrated, but more importantly how to eventually make friends with that frustration.  Did you know that sometimes the most faithful people are the most frustrated people?We're not becoming friends because we like it, but we are doing so to give it an assignment.  How does God want to use it to accomplish something great in life?  We learn that life can bring a God message through a devilish situation.

  • God Loved The World

    God Loved The World


    It is not hard to see why John 3:16 is one of the most famous, most often memorized, most cherished verses in the Bible.  But because of that it an also be the most cliche verse, thereby causing the reader to totally missed the power it contains.  Tightly packed into this verse are 8 of the greatest realities that exist. God. Love. The world. Gave. The Son of God. Faith. Perishing. Living. These are the greatest things that can be, but the revelation is hidden in plain sight. On a day dedicated to love (Valentine's Day) Pastor Antonio walks us through this life changing verse.  What could be more important? What could be more relevant for you right now? where you stand in relation to what God says to you in this verse?

  • Stretch To Reach Goals

    Stretch To Reach Goals


    We all have goals, and as seen over social media with #goals, they can be tied to relationship, financial, career, weight, and other life goals.  However, the most important thing to remember is that we can't believe the lies that stop us from reaching our goals.  Using Peter (in Acts 4), Pastor Antonio shows how we can overcome the limitations, intimidations, and expectations that hold us back.  Through it all, we come to understand that the real goal may not be accomplishing the goal, but in having the faith to move past the LIEs and reach for it.Reaching for the goal is often more important that obtaining it.

  • New Year New Me

    New Year New Me


    We have all been there: facing a new year and determining to lose 10 pounds only to gain it right back. Or perhaps you want to deepen your prayer life but struggle with time.  We all want to have a new year, new me type of attitude, but then life happens. But now is the time to take hold of your life, because good intentions don't make things happen...concerted, focus effort does.  Listen (and take notes) as Pastor Antonio walks you through 7 Biblical pieces of advice to assist you in your new year.7 Biblical Steps To A New MeWhat does God think? Define Clear Goals Set A Plan Make A Schedule Stop Doing Too Much (Prioritize) Get Advice No Fear of Failure

  • NYE2015



    This is the time NOT to give up on your dreams! Why because we are entering a season of accelerated destinies.  This means that what may have taken you 6 months to do, will be accomplished in 6 weeks.  Using Elijah's story of waiting on the rain, Pastor Antonio teaches that like Elijah, we must get into a birth position of expectation.May the signs and open heaven you have been praying for appear, and may your pace pick up with  such anointed supernatural acceleration coming upon your destiny marathon that you enter 2016 running  with wild abandon into all God has prepared for you!

  • Know Your Beginning Position

    Know Your Beginning Position


    As Christians, we have to understand our position in and with God.  This is a position based not on what we have become, but what we were designed to be.  God made/created, appointed, blessed, instructed, and provided for us.  Using Genesis 1:26-29, we get the understanding from the revelation of what God did in the beginning.  We were positioned for victory.

  • Covenant of Victory

    Covenant of Victory


    A covenant is an agreement or contract.  When in covenant you have the same opinion about something as the person you're in covenant with.  You give consent and they do as well, and this allows you to live without contention and to be consistent.  With God we have such a covenant, and when we obey, and live out the conditions of our covenant, we experience freedom.  Once we have freedom, we can have victory, which affords justice, and manifests peace, bringing us to full joy!

  • Covenant With God_Pastor Paula

    Covenant With God_Pastor Paula


    Our covenant, or contract, agreement, with God is one of the most powerful weapons we have to walk in victory in our lives.  When we are obedient and live a life of prayer, worship, fasting, and studying the Word, we can fully consecrate, or set ourselves apart, transforming our lives from ordinary to extraordinary.  Our relationship with God should be the 1st on our priority list.

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    Break Through The Babble_Part3_I Know I Can

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  • Radical Praise_PastorPaula

    Radical Praise_PastorPaula

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