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  • 77-Max Sparber A Man of Many Talents

    77-Max Sparber A Man of Many Talents

    10/07/2017 Duración: 20min

    Max Sparber was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1969 and adopted after 11 weeks by a middle class Jewish family in the St. Louis Park suburb of Minneapolis. As a child, he grew up a few blocks from where the Coen brothers had grown up, and was baby-sat by both Dan and Matthew Wilson, both later of the band Trip Shakespeare (as well as Semisonic, in the case of Dan Wilson). Sparber's family had some links to the world of entertainment - his mother is cousins with Judd Hirsch, while his father is a distant cousin of Academy Award-winning composer Lalo Schifrin.Sparber attended public schools throughout his childhood, but for a tw-year stint at a shirt-lived Jewish high school. He attended the University of Minnesota, from which he never attained his degree (at first in Jewish Studies, later in theater). In his early twenties, Sparber moved to Los Angeles. Quickly broke and jobless, he spent three months in Citrus House, a homeless shelter run by the Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center of Los Angeles, a

  • 76-Abby Woods of

    76-Abby Woods of

    28/06/2017 Duración: 53min

    Abby is a professional in her industry, the top sex swing expert educates Bexy about the amazing products she carries.Watch all of her great videos on how to get the job done right, fast and hot!

  • 74-We Are The Levinsons Creator Wendy Kout

    74-"We Are The Levinson's" Creator Wendy Kout

    17/04/2017 Duración: 27min

    WENDY KOUT-"WE ARE THE LEVINSON'S"I can't say enough about this woman, a woman I have only read about, but has done so much in her short 29 years, but in the industry for over 30 years, someone explain this phenomena!!Here are just a few credits to her name:Dorfman in Love 2013 (Movie)(Screenplay)Anything But Love 1988 - 1992 (TV Show)CreatorAnything But Love 1988 - 1992 (TV Show)WriterPRODUCER (2)Anything But Love 1988 - 1992 (TV Show)Executive ProducerDay to Day 1986 - 1987 (TV Show)ProducerI was lucky to sit down with this menschette and get close and personal about her new play. "WE ARE THE LEVINSON'S" world premiere Saturday April 22, 2017-May 14, 2017Dont delay, get your seats today-

  • 73-Uncle Dude and his Lovely Wife Cat to the Stewdio

    73-Uncle Dude and his Lovely Wife Cat to the Stewdio

    13/04/2017 Duración: 01h26min

    Uncle Dude (aka Mike Zimmerman) is everyones favorite Uncle, blend him with a splash of Cat and you have a well preserved, hot couple.

  • 72-Wife of an MP, Jen Lau Agan

    72-Wife of an MP, Jen Lau Agan

    09/03/2017 Duración: 59min

    Jen Agan has been the good military wife and tells Not So Kosher of some of her travels!

  • 71-Holiday Hostage Creators Abby Walla amp David Storch

    71-Holiday Hostage Creators Abby Walla & David Storch

    15/02/2017 Duración: 14min

    Holiday HostageA comedic short film about a dysfunctional Jewish family held hostage on Thanksgiving.You think your family is messed up? HOLIDAY HOSTAGE is a comedic short film that tops your family’s dysfunction. It’s Thanksgiving night and all Abby and David want to do is quickly eat their turkey and ditch their overbearing “still has their umbilical cords” Jewish mother. Before they can make their getaway, Gary, a deranged ex-convict, breaks in and takes the family hostage.Tensions are high, family secrets are revealed, and Gary just forced everyone to go the bathroom with him. At least Grandma is here to calm the family down. Just kidding, she’s batshit crazy. Can this family make peace with one another before they’re offed? Oy vey!Abby & David have been doing well in their acting careers, but neither of them are the type to sit around and wait for the next opportunity. That’s why they decided to do it themselves and create their own passion project. And not just any project, but a top notch short fil

  • 70-Big Gay Mexican gets Podhappy!

    70-Big Gay Mexican gets Podhappy!

    10/02/2017 Duración: 34min

    Hector Edwardo Chavarria a.k.a. The Big Gay Mexican is an actor/singer/fashionista. He is originally from El Paso, TX and moved to Minneapolis in 2011. The Big Gay Mexican has been seen in various cabarets and social events throughout the Twin Cities. The mission for his work is to inspire and promote self-love. He wants to send a message to anyone who has been told they were different or was told they needed to change that we must all have courage and be kind to make this world a better place. In order to love ourselves we must be free to be ourselves. You can follow him on social media.tweet him @BigGayMexican

  • 69-Dan Simon!

    69-Dan Simon!

    03/02/2017 Duración: 50min

    Dan Simon joins Not So Kosher for his 2nd hang out with me! This guys got it all, looks, brains and a killer personality-for the best peacemaker in his industry give Dan the Man a call.Minneapolis Office: Simon Mediation 310 4th Ave. S., Ste. 5010 Minneapolis, MN 55415 (612) 824-8988Los Angeles Office: Simon Mediation 11620 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 900 Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 954-5401Simon Mediation provides Transformative Mediation, which supports clients in their own process of gaining the clarity and confidence to pursue what they need, while they increase their capacity to bring a challenging situation to a peaceful conclusion. It’s incredibly efficient because it helps clients focus directly on the heart of their conflict. Clients most often reach solutions that they feel genuinely good about in a matter of hours.“Since 1998, Simon Mediation has provided mediation of all types of disputes. My approa

  • 68-LIVE with @crazyjewishmom

    68-LIVE with @crazyjewishmom

    19/01/2017 Duración: 01h21min

    @CrazyJewishMomKate Siegel, New York Times bestselling author, and spawn of the most neurotic mother on the planet, Kim Friedman, started posting hilarious screenshots of texts with her crazy (but lovable) mother on Instagram in November of 2014.In a flash, the account featuring their funny conversations skyrocketed to a size of over 800,000 followers and has been featured in Vogue, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, and on The Ellen Degeneres Show, to name a few! Plus, Kate and her mom have appeared on The Today Show, Hollywood Today Live, ABC Nightline, and the Emmy award winning Steve Harvey Show!About Kate & Kim:27-year-old, Kate, previously served as an associate producer for Condé Nast Entertainment, but left her job to pursue @CrazyJewishMom projects full time. In April of 2016, Ms. Siegel’s first book, Mother, Can You Not?, chronicling life with her #CrazyJewishMom made the New York Times bestseller list. Prior to joining Condé Nast, Kate studied English, creative writing, and theater at Princeton Uni

  • 67-Gets Rubbed by Raw Sugar!!

    67-Gets Rubbed by Raw Sugar!!

    30/12/2016 Duración: 54min

    Raw Sugar makes adventurous and imaginative projects driven by women. Raw Sugar's co-founders Rebekah Rentzel and Jenny Moeller met while interning in at the regional theater in Portland, Maine in 2009. There, they developed their own fun, physical storytelling style in the show "It's Only Funny to Us". Native Minneapolitian Jenny lured Rebekah to the Twin Cities with the siren song of collaborative theater and friendship. Rebekah Rentzel is co-artistic director of Raw Sugar and a theater educator. She works in the Twin Cities with Bedlam Theater, Theater Unbound, Mixed Blood, Teatro del Pueblo, Barebones Halloween Extravaganza, and Wheel Sexy Cabaret. With a campy-cardboard aesthetic, Rebekah makes radically ridiculous theater that pushes the boundaries of feminism and comedy. Jenny Moeller is co-artistic director of Raw Sugar, co-founder of Babes Into Telling Stories and a freelance theater artist. She has worked in almost all aspects of theater and has a huge passion for helping others see their vision to

  • 64-Holly Marilyn Solem Chats with Bex

    64-Holly Marilyn Solem Chats with Bex

    10/12/2016 Duración: 20min

    HOLLY MARILYN SOLEM-This incredible woman has done a lot in her short __ years!! Songwriter, singer and actress, she'll blow your mind with her eclectic sounds.She's one of the amazing talents in "Hand of God" and more and keep pave the way, dont take your eyes of of this one, cause here she comes.

  • 63-Blood Stripe at the Twin Cities Film Festival

    63-Blood Stripe at the Twin Cities Film Festival

    09/12/2016 Duración: 25min

    It was a "red carpet" at the Twin Cities Film Festival-one of the top films this year was Blood Stripe.Interviews with Stephanie Dillon, Remy Auberjonois, Kate Nowlin, Rene' Auberjonois and Rusty Schwimmer!A Marine sergeant returns home after completing her third tour in Afghanistan. Unable to sleep, wracked by paranoia and anxiety, she carries unseen wounds. It is only a matter of time before she can no longer bottle up her trauma, and a boisterous welcome home party provokes her into an explosive outburst. Her husband is at a loss, and the VA seems to be an impossible option. When she has nowhere to turn, she runs deep into the woods.Initial release: June 2, 2016Director: Remy AuberjonoisScreenplay: Remy Auberjonois, Kate Nowlin

  • 62-Not So Kosher Goes Wild at Camp with Jakey Emmert and Sarah McPeck!

    62-Not So Kosher Goes Wild at Camp with Jakey Emmert and Sarah McPeck!

    09/12/2016 Duración: 01h07min

    Sarah McPeck and Jakey Emmert joined the NSK crew at CAMP for an interesting evening of intelligence!!

  • 61-Not So Kosher with Happy Mondays Ned Specktor

    61-Not So Kosher with Happy Monday's Ned Specktor

    24/11/2016 Duración: 49min

    Ned Specktor is a Hollywood super star to many of us here, in the Twin Cities-Founder of Happy Monday and Business Development at Tangerine Promotions!Ned knows how to ROCK the house down, watch where he goes as he's just getting started!!

  • 60-Not So Kosher Carcasting with Frankie Strauss

    60-Not So Kosher Carcasting with Frankie Strauss

    18/11/2016 Duración: 48min

    Carcasting from lovely Golden Valley, Frankie Strauss joins us via Skype, to tell us about his amazing life!!

  • 59-Not So Kosher gets Politically Wired!!

    59-Not So Kosher gets Politically Wired!!

    07/11/2016 Duración: 48min

    Cheryl joins Bexy & Bobby as we enjoy, just bitching about the upcoming election-if your still undecided just vote for "BOBBY SCHNITZER"!

  • 58-Robby Hoffman

    58-Robby Hoffman

    27/10/2016 Duración: 34min

    Robby Hoffman: Fucken awesome comedian, who is an incredible melting pot of hot Jewish woman who knows girls are better than boys!!@robbyhoffmancomediennerobby@robbyhoffman.com Hoffman is a comedienne who has loud things to say.

  • 55-#1 Gospel Singer Jovonta Patton

    55-#1 Gospel Singer Jovonta Patton

    09/09/2016 Duración: 20min

    Without A Label, Jovonta Patton hits #1 on the Gospel Artist Tops Billboard Charts!Patton is part of an elite group of artists who make it to the top of the charts without the help of a record label.Patton has been belting out the tunes since he was 4 and began a professional at 16!His 3rd album, “Finally Living,” soared to the top of the Billboard charts, beating out veteran artists like Shirley Caesar and Kirk Franklin.“I’ve sold more records than what independent artist do in the lifespan of a CD that they have out in one week,”Jovonta has sold more records than what an independent artist do in the lifespan of a CD, that they have out in one week.His gospel sounds are amazing!!

  • Not So Kosher Shitting the Shoot with ShellbellampCarole

    Not So Kosher Shitting the Shoot with Shellbell&Carole

    12/08/2016 Duración: 57min

    The Ladies found their way via the scent of mojitos, to the Back Room Stewdios to kibitz with Bexy. Adding a bottle of chilled wine to the mix and removing all pieces of clothing, this was an over 50's, "BIWF" moment! Send your ears this way for some laughter.

  • Bex Unleashed-2015 07 19 #condomation

    Bex Unleashed-2015 07 19 #condomation

    03/08/2016 Duración: 13min

    Bex Unleashed, wanted to bring back throwback wednesday with one of the interesting condom conversations!

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