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Find out why thousands of beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes are improving their training and racing with accessible, functional and genuine conversation about triathlon. An Age Group triathlete and his coach, who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves,look for smart and enjoyable solutions in a sport that's often dumb and painful. Mike Tarrolly and Robbie Bruce explore the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual side of training and racing everything from Ironman to a Sprint. on Monday and Thursday.


  • #351 - 6 Reasons You May Not Be Improving

    #351 - 6 Reasons You May Not Be Improving

    27/02/2020 Duración: 01h26s

    Are you pushing your body beyond its adaptive threshold? It's a fine line and often the difference between burnout/flatline and real, sustainable improvement. Today is about "simple" but often neglected daily reasons you may not be improving. So, how do we break the cycle of little habits that are holding us back?  Sleep Make the time It’s the littlest big thing This is where recovery happens How You Eat From wake up to bedtime Sleep sets your diet Do you think less is more? Is your fuel watered down? How you start sets the tone Breaking the cycle Going Too Hard Too Often Tapping into reserve vs. expanding it It’s a gap between consistency and frequency Respect your body Going over the adaptation threshold Minimal effective dose Load management Not Listening to Your Body If not it will not listen to you “It’s not that bad” Pay attention Always work on imbalance Not addressing niggles and pain Your body will do things to protect itself Inflammation Life is saying take a day off Stay ahead with prevent

  • #350 - Just Show Up

    #350 - Just Show Up

    24/02/2020 Duración: 01h02min

    We just hit the 1 Million download number and today we use our "Just Show Up" analogy and translate it to training. We dive into questions like, "Why do we constantly face the challenge of getting over the hump to train today?" We also talk about the trouble of setting hard goals and learning to have fun in the process. It's not about the end game as much as it is about doing something now that is moving you in the right direction.  Topics: The power of two The hardest part of swim, bike, run Mindset as we inch closer to races How to free up your training How to enjoy the process Attaching success to performance The problem with comparison How outcome based goals can run our lives Taking conditions into account What it takes to Qualify or podium Fury Wilder analogy Why time goals can feel like drowning Does it feel like “you” Intention and effort are what matters Attraction not promotion The Quick fix tendency Addicted to perfection Pick one journey and process Why we keep starting over Suffering is craving

  • #349 - Listener Questions: Periodization, Nutrition, Strength Training, Time Vs. Mileage

    #349 - Listener Questions: Periodization, Nutrition, Strength Training, Time Vs. Mileage

    20/02/2020 Duración: 01h09min

    Today, we open the podcast to listener questions from our Facebook Group (search Crushing Iron Group). They range from bike periodization, to maintaining fitness without a race scheduled, to benefits of training for time vs. mileage, handling missed time due to illness, short course vs. long course training, pilates, how each discipline helps the others, 70.3 nutrition and marathon training, strength training . . . and more. Questions are bolded below. YA Man! Can you talk about bike workout periodization and what structures build overall strength that increase the ability to translate into faster bike splits? Allergies or Sick? Base, build, race specifics, intensities, Athletes response to specific stimulus If something’s working, why change it? Attention to detail vs. lazy For those not racing but want to keep in some reasonable shape/fitness to where they could build back toward racing in the future, what are some tips to navigate that time? What fits your schedule? Have fun and do variety? Be grateful

  • #348 - Create New Habits, Not Results

    #348 - Create New Habits, Not Results

    17/02/2020 Duración: 58min

    Is your happiness connected to contingency events? “If I get this, then I will be that?” The key to getting the results you want is building the little habits and not looking back with the idea that you “should have” done this or that. “If I get this, then I will be that” is a dicey way to live. We are all in the process of life and training. Success doesn’t equal safety, because there’s never gonna be a time when we say, “Yep, I’m done.” Today, the art of creating your own reality to face triathlon with a positive and fun attitude that adds purpose to your training and ultimately leads to ongoing success. Topics: Things are things until we give them meaning What’s next, what’s next, what’s next? Let go of your mistakes We think success means safety About the Process Is today what you dreamed of 3 years ago? There’s never going to be a time when you say, “yep, I’m done.” It’s time to create new habits, not results Look back on what you’ve overcome Appreciating the process What are you doing right? What are t

  • #347 - Building Aerobic Base to Get Faster

    #347 - Building Aerobic Base to Get Faster

    13/02/2020 Duración: 01h04min

    Most of us aren't in our 20's anymore, but we tend to think like that when it comes to speed work. Today, we look at the Aerobic Base Phase of training and explain how it is the key to getting faster in triathlon. We hit on the 80/20 rule, track workouts, what happens when you skip progressions. When is going hard actually worth it? Topics: Base phase conversation starts at 12:00 Is Robbie going Vegan? How we eat Aerobic base importance You can never be in base phase too long Building endurance and skills What athletes tend to bypass Reverse periodization? Training for Sprints and Olympics When going hard is actually worth it Not anti track, but build so it matters Going slow to get fast It’s all relative 80/20 or 90/10? There’s no such thing as “bad” aerobic work Slow cooking your fitness The margin of error base vs. fitness You can’t keep pushing the boundaries Is your approach injury prone? Training availability is the key Better safe than sorry Don’t sacrifice the day for the week What if you’re behind a

  • #346 - How To Keep Triathlon Fun

    #346 - How To Keep Triathlon Fun

    11/02/2020 Duración: 01h17s

    It’s not about who’s fastest, it’s about who slows down the least. You need energy to be motivated and self-imposed stress sucks the life out of you. Today we talk about trending vs. tracking your training, banking sleep, and remembering to play like a kid. Also, the anxiety from attachment, looking at data from the wrong perspective and why getting slower isn't really a thing.  Topics: One Common Vision Getting out of yourself Lost in our own thoughts How do we get from THERE to HERE? Remembering what it’s like to be a kid Being in the moment with so many distractions Don’t forget to have fun 15:00 Thinking and energy Scratching that itch Data in the wrong perspective Trending vs. tracking Anxiety and attachment Being compelled to compare Labeling as pass or fail Give yourself credit for doing it It’s hard … 99% of people don’t do this…… accumulated fatigue…. Aerobics? Getting slower isn’t a thing How good can you be for the long haul How do you get over being kicked in the face? Stress masks fitness Ego an

  • #345 - Dont Take This Sh*t For Granted

    #345 - Don't Take This Sh*t For Granted

    06/02/2020 Duración: 56min

    It's hard to always stay motivated yet easy to slip off the rails. And one of the biggest traps is comparing ourselves to others. Today, Mike talks about how this has happened to him since his father passed, but also how it's help remind him that we shouldn't take health and fitness for granted. The guys open up about intention and struggles in an effort to find the best ways to appreciate training as a process. You can never be "the old you" so embrace where you're going.  Topics: Tough time of year Mike’s training struggles That’s why intention was so important Don’t compare yourself to others Afraid we won’t be able to dig deep How quickly we can lose it The power of honesty and openness Fast and slow are relative It’s enough to know we’re heading in the right direction Thrive to be in a process Drowning yourself in expectations Building on yesterday When accolades lead to complacency Do you really want to be a new you? So much pressure on a day or race Thoreau - Be a new man in the same old clothes Wisd

  • #344 - How Workouts Link Together

    #344 - How Workouts Link Together

    03/02/2020 Duración: 01h03min

    Today’s podcast is all about how workouts link together and why life outside of training is an important factor in the decision process. Your mind and body aren’t always telling the same story, so it’s important to truly understand effort and its relationship to the big picture. When you trust the purpose of today’s workout, that sets you up for more consistency tomorrow and the week, which leads to more success in both training and racing. Managing stress (good and bad) is at the core of happy and healthy training. Topics: Topic starts around 8:00 mark Today's Impact on Tomorrow Quick Super Bowl talk Mike’s meditation Today’s Session’s Impact on Tomorrow Gauging effort as you go Decisions are connected Not negatively impacting the next session Digging a hole and recovering Decision making First, Understand the purpose Looking at your week as a meal What to do if you’re fatigued Understanding why a workout was good or bad Decision making in training is the most exhaustive part Consistent training means longe

  • #343 - Connecting Endurance, Strength and Speed

    #343 - Connecting Endurance, Strength and Speed

    30/01/2020 Duración: 59min

    How do you prioritize Endurance, Strength and Speed training for different courses and races? It should be a balance, but not always in even proportions. We look at priority and periodization based on goals. Why big gears aren't just strength work. Overusing muscles. Return on your swim stroke investment. Why you get sore arms while swimming and sore legs on transition runs. Connecting endurance, strength and speed training.  Topics: Mike says, “Yeah, man” Do you prefer a race on the calendar? Getting consistent What sparked Mike to get going? Prioritizing and periodizing based on goal Big Gear work - not just strength work Building pathways of better communication Balancing strength work Hamstrings on bike and run Overuse of muscles Stretching and discomfort Where to look if you have pain Cycle stroke compared to swim stroke Swimming with the water vs. through it Why you need to finish your swim stroke Getting return on your stroke investment Why your arms hurt in the beginning of swims Why legs hurt on tra

  • #342 - Love The Sport

    #342 - Love The Sport

    27/01/2020 Duración: 59min

    Many of us get into triathlon to figure out who we really are and that process is more effective and enjoyable if we love the sport. And loving the sport is a process. Today, we reflect on Kobe Bryant’s life and his passion for, not only the game, but everything he did, and tie it into our daily approach with triathlon. Kobe’s death is a painful reminder that life is fragile and triathlon is much more than just the numbers – it’s about community, connection and helping others. Today is about finding your sweet spots in training and appreciating the little things to make net gains. Topics: The power of a little break Goaded by peer pressure Kobe Bryant’s impact on us Painful reminders of how fragile life is Overcomplicating what matters Life is hard enough without complicating it Combining love for the sport with wanting to be the best we can be Burnout rate Type-A Celebration Becoming your best, not “the” best Is Triathlon a “net gain” for you? Slowing down the least Chasing PRs Figuring out who you are as a

  • #341 - How Our Insecurities Affect Our Training

    #341 - How Our Insecurities Affect Our Training

    23/01/2020 Duración: 01h18s

    We get into the sport to grow and become more confident, but . . . what do we do in those weak moments? The best athletes (and people) are always learning. Today, we look at a lot of examples we experience in coaching and how we approach insecurities that pop up in training. The stress of missing workouts, injuries, worry about not being ready, judging ourselves too harshly, etc. Training should be a way to become more whole and not judge ourselves by comparison. Learn your limits and how to approach them in a positive way. Topics: Do you think you’ll be ready? The obsession with wanting to know and predict Adding “judgements to our plate” Do you need to do MORE? Making up missed workouts Does not getting a PR mean you’re slower? Was this session good enough? Who are you letting down? Do you think that race is a good idea? The endless puzzle You just don’t know Are you where you thought you’d be? Over-judging yourself Sitting with yourself You shouldn’t be stressed about something that gives you joy The abil

  • #340 - Race Weight - Go With Your Gut

    #340 - Race Weight - Go With Your Gut

    20/01/2020 Duración: 01h04min

    We are by no means experts, but today we take an open look at the never ending debate over weight loss and proper race weight. Everything is on the table including body image, guilt, shame, binge eating, strength vs. optimum weight, and power per kilo. Triathlon is often a road to weight loss, but changing a lifestyle comes with a lot of stress and cutting calories is a slippery slope. We talk about finding your race weight and when to be at it. So many diets, so many choices, but what works best for you? Topics:  Go too hard too soon Proving yourself in practice  Weight Control Body image Strength vs Weight Power per kilos Comparing to other people Binge eating Hydration and diet Stress and pounding and weight Periodizing your training “Perfect” Race Weight Giving the body time to adjust Changing too much at once Societal categories Intuitive eating What’s best for you? If you're looking for a great custom coaching plan, please check out the new C26 Systems Plan for 2020 at the new Coach

  • #339 - Embrace the Chaos

    #339 - Embrace the Chaos

    16/01/2020 Duración: 59min

    We start with a little podcast reflection about what this community means to us, then head into managing training amongst the chaos of life. We talk about the things like the source of anxiety, how to race "free," and why training means nothing if you don't have a handle on your life. Robbie talks about his biggest role as a coach, Mike hits on longevity and easing the fear after his father's death.  What is this podcast about? The similarities we all have Feeling good and connected Importance of community Underneath the Magic Kingdom Are you Into the icing or the cake? How, when and why to train We all have access A coach's most important role The challenge of good stress What’s better than someone you can trust with anything? Science made us forget the big picture The origin of anxiety The comfort level with your coach What the hell does training even matter Easy is easy because how you feel that day Life is the hardest work How to be free on the course Why do we make it harder? What empowers you? Thinking

  • #338 - Managing Race Pace and Pain

    #338 - Managing Race Pace and Pain

    13/01/2020 Duración: 51min

    There's not much like the mind games you play with yourself at the end of a race. We call it "internal bargaining." Whether it a half or full Ironman or Marathon, it usually comes back to effort and execution. Today we look at how that breaks out within a marathon and the strategies you can use to talk yourself through the pain while keeping your pace. Topics: Hydrating for more than a one day event Execution when things are out of control Execution vs. Time goals Breaking down the Dopey Challenge How do you define racing? Run form variation with pace Stride rate and turnover In-race recovery Relaxing within the stride Changing stride to mix it up 2:10 wake up call?? Is the marathon the hardest event? Back to back compensation sessions Internal race bargaining Biting things in small pieces If you're looking for a great custom coaching plan, please check out the new C26 Systems Plan for 2020 at the new Coach Robbie will lay out your entire season (from 12-40 weeks) culminating at your A-Ra

  • #337 - Be Better at Indoor Training

    #337 - Be Better at Indoor Training

    09/01/2020 Duración: 59min

    It's tough keeping indoor trainer rides and treadmill runs interesting, but today was look at simple methods that not only keep you engaged, but give you really solid workouts. Plus, Robbie checks in from his first day at the Dopey Challenge with a strategy plan for the rest of his weekend. Also, hot tea and energy, pitfalls of virtual training, execution based goals and long-term body balance.  Topics: Master What You Have Hot Tea Guy Dopey Challenge Strategy Taking your attention back Riding outside vs. Trainer Making Indoor Workouts Entertaining Virtual Riding Programs Traps within virtual riding Zwift, Trainer Road Meditative workouts Pacing Games on Treadmill Zone 1/Zone 2 Ride HR ideas Commercial Sprints Long term body imbalance Using your watch differently Execution based goals If you're looking for a great custom coaching plan, please check out the new C26 Systems Plan for 2020 at the new Coach Robbie will lay out your entire season (from 12-40 weeks) culminating at your A-Race. T

  • #336 - How To Not Suck at Running - Part 2

    #336 - How To Not Suck at Running - Part 2

    06/01/2020 Duración: 01h02min

    To be a good runner, you have build in a way that makes sense. In Part 2 of our How To Not Suck at Running (part one is episode #317) Coach Robbie talks about how to work in tempo and negative split mentality in a way that tests adaptation, but doesn't beat you down when adding more swim and bike volume. In triathlon, you "get faster" by being able to exert more energy late in the run. As we've said a million times, it's not about going faster as much as it is, who slows down the least.  Topics: One size fits all in training? Do it more and do it smarter How do we make running more enjoyable? Alleviating injuries Finding the time to balance running and triathlon Light a fire, don’t burn it all down  Phase 1 - 6 runs a week Phase 2 - Build/Race Specific Adding a Zone 3/Half Marathon Effort Turn a medium run into a tempo run Duration will vary among athletes Be careful adding intensity Beware the dangerous Pace Game Learn to run by effort Picking a pace is like picking watts Mileage vs. Time Intensify

  • #335 - Lean Into It

    #335 - Lean Into It

    03/01/2020 Duración: 58min

    Most times the best solution for fear, pain, and suffering is to simply Lean Into It. Life throws a lot of curveballs overthinking can be a curse. Today, Mike talks about a difficult start to his new year and how he's been reminded the best solution is often just accepting and sitting at peace in the moment. The guys talk about how that applies directly to training and racing.  Topics: Play triathlon - it’s a game Too much thinking A rough start to Mike’s New Year  Just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean necessary Slow down to be faster Trim away the fat Get rid of the noise That’s Not Very “Disney” of them A very, very long day There’s “wins” in everything we do How to figure out if you’re in tune with your body When to re assess the session Don’t ignore the signs of your body Big Shout out to podcast listener and Wordpress designer Bobby Hughes for helping get the new off the ground. If you like what you see and may need a website, check out Bobby’s work at Also

  • #334 - What Coach Robbie and Mike Learned as Athletes in 2019

    #334 - What Coach Robbie and Mike Learned as Athletes in 2019

    30/12/2019 Duración: 01h05min

    Coach Robbie and Mike get into athlete mode and discuss some of the biggest things they learned in 2019. Where they found inspiration, what mistakes they made on the course, and some of the smartest things they did while racing and training. Listening to your life situation and being okay with that. Making your strength an advantage on the course. What makes you tick? How do you focus on that and use it to your benefit. Lots of good thought to help you prepare for your best 2020. Topics:  Racing Mindset What are you gonna do when you get punched in the mouth? What is your strength and how do you use it to advantage? When comfortable becomes a weakness Make your strength your advantage Do not ignore the race in its entire form. Swim, Bike, Run It’s okay to listen to life and take a break Accepting your life where it is How to address things you need to improve on Control the course, don’t let it control you What makes you tick? Boring a winning solution? That Christmas Eve Feeling Whatever it takes to get you

  • #333 - Redefining Quality Workouts

    #333 - Redefining Quality Workouts

    26/12/2019 Duración: 55min

    Most of us think of quality sessions as our “long run” or tough intervals on the trainer. We’re here to tell you that way of thinking is a myth. Just because something is harder doesn’t make it more important. Today we look at the concept of quality training and what that means for a short run, a recovery swim or an easy spin on the trainer. Become more in tune with each workout by adjusting the mindset of your training. Putting workouts on a pedestal Workouts you remember are ones you didn’t see coming What are you gonna learn today? Listening to yourself on workouts What Mike learned his mom’s puzzle building Running to YOUR best form Every session can and should be quality What makes us quit Big Shout out to podcast listener and Wordpress designer Bobby Hughes for helping get the new off the ground. If you like what you see and may need a website, check out Bobby’s work at Also a big thanks to Tom Stewart and Ross Kaffenberger for their technical support as we

  • #332 - 5 Steps to Simplify Triathlon

    #332 - 5 Steps to Simplify Triathlon

    24/12/2019 Duración: 01h07min

    Whether we're just getting started or a veteran to the sport, we have to look at what's right for OUR journey at this time. Today we outline a strategy for your 2020 season and how to keep it simple and stay on track for what's best for YOU. The steps start around the 20 minute mark, but we talk about running and some other stuff before. Enjoy and have a great holiday! A 3 year old’s Christmas C26 Top 10 Podcasts More women run than men now, why? Technology advancements, do they matter? Simplifying your journey - Starts at 20:00 1. Define YOUR Journey - why are you doing this? healthier, less anxiety, injury free, faster? 2. Commit to it when you stick to something, you don’t regret it 3. Plot To Your Course Define plots along the way to understand how things are going Don’t force feed “being ready” 4. Gather your materials What do you need to be successful to execute the course you’ve plotted 5.  Start your journey 1:00 - Just get started

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