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Inspired Choices Network What if everything you always thought were possible for your life actually is? So often those of us with a sense of possibilities beyond the norm, or beyond what our families and friends choose, shut ourselves off, turn down our energy or give up our dreams because those around us dont have this same sense of what they can be, have and create. Faith Northam and Liddy Freeman Email Faith or Liddy at pppfaithandliddy@gmail.com


  • Having Fun Having a Body

    Having Fun Having a Body


    Potent, Playful and Provocative with Faith & Liddy Radio Show Do you ever look at kids running around like wild pagans and wish that YOU too could have that much physical freedom? That much FUN with having a body? This world makes it so hard to be as fluid in our skin as we truly could be. Let me ask you this: Are you REALLY tired and sore and or are you aware that you’re not ALLOWED to have the energy of a Child? WHAT WOULD PEOPLE SAY?!? What if you were allowed to bounce in your chair at work? To wiggle while standing in line for coffee? What if you could do cartwheels in the grass if you felt like it? Now, to be that different takes courage. You might stop looking like your friends. But what if more of the world released itself from the severity of adulthood? From the shackles we’ve placed on our bodies? What if you are not a rusty tin man or woman, but more like Gumby? Join Liddy Freeman and Faith Northam as we help you unlock the lie of growing up and getting old. www.facebook.com/PPPFaithandLiddy/

  • Giving up the Lies of Adulthood

    Giving up the Lies of Adulthood


    Potent, Playful and Provocative with Faith & Liddy Radio Show What if growing up didn’t mean growing old? What if Peter Pan had something right? Have you always felt you shouldn’t have to sit still while kids played on the playgrounds? Why should you, the grown up, stop enjoying the pleasure of having a body simply because you are no longer 10 years old? So often people work jobs they don’t like, have kids when they’re not ready and get married just to fit into this reality’s version of adulthood. Since when did growing up mean giving in and not having fun? That, to us, is INSANITY! What if there are other choices? What if you didn’t have to give you up to grow up? What if you could retain your sense of possibility, your aliveness with your body, and do what worked for YOU in every moment, no matter how unusual it seemed? Join Faith Northam and Liddy Freeman as they target and destroy the insane points of view about adulthood that may be keeping you from feeling as alive and happy as you’d really like to be.

  • The Adventure of Saying “Yes”: How to Meet Men

    The Adventure of Saying “Yes”: How to Meet Men


    Potent, Playful and Provocative with Faith & Liddy Radio Show Have you ever wished you had more ease meeting men? Have you thought it would be fun to have SO many men to choose from you could have a date any night of the week? What if it’s not as much about “looking hot” as you have been taught to think? What if how easily men show up in your life is based on your point of view? What if it begins with a willingness to say “yes”? So many people walk around the world with their walls up, a general “no” to random interactions floating around their universe and limiting what--and who--can show up. What if meeting men and having choices begins with a willingness to jump into the unknown? Join Liddy Freeman in the first installment of her and Faith Northam’s radio show, Potent, Playful and Provocative, as she shares her awareness around this topic and gives you the tools to having more ease with the adventure of meeting men. https://www.facebook.com/PPPFaithandLiddy/

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