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  • The Nature of Beauty



  • Empathy



  • The Musical Mind


    Ian Cross, Diana Omigie, and Barry Smith explore the phenomenon and evolution of music. How deep does music go in human history? Is the ability to hear music uniquely human?

  • Anti-vaxxers and Other Sceptics


    Katherine Furman, Rohin Francis, and Heidi Larson discuss the causes of and cures for distrust in medical expertise.

  • The Philosophers’ Book Club: Iris Murdoch’s Under the Net


    The Philosophers’ Book Club is joined by Hannah Marije Altorf, Lucy Bolton, and Mara-Daria Cojocaru to discuss Iris Murdoch’s Under the Net.

  • On Time


    Ammar Azzouz, Elizabeth F. Cohen, and Matthew Soteriou discuss the politics and philosophy of time

  • Out of the Vat: Brian Glenney


    We talk to Brian Glenney about perception, illusion and (literally) seeing the world through the eyes of another being…

  • Out of the Vat: Richard Ashcroft



  • Out of the Vat: Steven French



  • From the vaults: Eating Animals


    Jonathan Safran Foer   Listen to the podcast here   Jonathan Safran Foer discusses themes from Eating Animals, an account of his decade-long struggle with vegetarianism. Part memoir, part exposé, the book examines the topics of factory farming and commercial fisheries and explores the cultural significance of food.   Speaker Jonathan Safran Foer Author, Extremely … Continued

  • From the vaults: Stewards of the Earth


    Jennifer Gabrys/ Simon James   Listen to the podcast here   Are humans exceptional among living beings? How should we understand our relationship with the natural world? Current ecological crises have led to new conceptions of this relationship, increased focus on human responsibilities, and changing environmental practices. We address both the theoretical questions raised by these … Continued

  • From the vaults: Animals


    John Ó Maoilearca/ Undine Sellbach/ Lynn Turner   Listen to the recording here or on YouTube   Humans have always co-existed with other animals, using them as tools, resources, and, more recently, companions. More abstractly, non-human animals help us to understand ourselves; they are ‘good to think with’ (Claude Lévi-Strauss). What roles do non-human animals … Continued

  • From the vaults: Multiculturalism and Animal Ethics


    David Grumett/ Angie Pepper/ Varun Uberoi   Listen here or on YouTube   The welfare and flourishing of animals is now enshrined in national and international law. But what should we do when cultural or religious traditions appear to conflict with current ideas about animal welfare? How does globalization affect the scale and type of … Continued

  • From the vaults: Invasive Species


    Fred Pearce/ Chris Thomas/ Emma Townshend   Listen to the podcast here or on YouTube   From parakeets to grey squirrels, signal crayfish to Japanese knotweed, with the help of human beings, non-native species have adeptly squawked, crawled, and rooted themselves in unfamiliar ecosystems. Should we welcome these invaders as a sign of cross-species cosmopolitanism … Continued

  • From the vaults: Artificial Meat


    Anat Pick/ Mark Post/ Adam Shriver   Listen to the recording here or on YouTube   Lab-grown meat promises a future of burgers, meatballs, and even foie gras, without the side order of animal suffering and environmental damage. But is fake meat a real solution to these problems? And will its success lead to the extinction … Continued

  • From the vaults: Affirmative Action


    Elizabeth Anderson/ Omar Khan   Listen to the recording here or on YouTube   Women and minority groups are significantly underrepresented in politics and various other walks of life. ‘Affirmative action’ is one response in tackling this enduring issue. But what is it? Who is it for? And why does it generate so much controversy? … Continued

  • From the vaults: Prejudice


    Marco Cinnirella/ Katharine Jenkins/ Joe Mulhall/ Amir Saeed   Listen to the recording here or on YouTube   With recent political events and a spike in the reporting of hate crime, the concept of prejudice has become prominent once more. But are we more or less prejudiced than at other points in our history? And is … Continued

  • From the Vaults: Frantz Fanon and Political Activism


    Michael Burns/ Madhu Krishnan/ John Narayan   Listen to the recording here   A revolutionary thinker who drew upon influences from philosophy, political theory, and psychoanalysis, Fanon is best known for his fierce championing of Algerian liberation and his reflections on the psychological impact of colonialism and imperialism. Now that the philosophical value of Fanon’s work is … Continued

  • From the vault: The Philosophy of Race


    Kwame Anthony Appiah / Priyamvada Gopal/ Nasar Meer   Listen to the podcast here or on YouTube   Race continues to shape the political, cultural, and economic character of our societies, with communities and resources determined along racial lines. But what is race and why is it so significant? Is it simply another form of … Continued

  • From the vaults: The Politics of Memorials


    Michelle Codrington-Rogers/ Margaret O’Callaghan/ Rahul Rao   Listen to the recording here or on YouTube   Memorials have been fiercely debated in recent times. What roles do memorials play in a society and how do these acts of remembering contribute to a community’s sense of identity? What gets remembered and what forgotten, and who decides? … Continued

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