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  • Immigration Detention


    Mishka/ Mary Bosworth/ Matthew Gibney Listen here or on YouTube Thousands of foreign nationals are held in immigration detention across the country. Some are detained on arrival, and others after having lived here for years. Some detainees will be deported, others will be released into the community. Currently in the UK there is no time … Continued

  • Anatomy of a Language


    Richard Hudson/ Guy Longworth/ Hazel Pearson Listen here or on YouTube The importance of grammar is apparent when learning a new language, but there’s much more to grammar than meets the eye. As the system and structure of languages, it plays a vital role in facilitating basic communication. ‘The greater part of the world’s troubles … Continued

  • Aristotle Now


    Joachim Aufderheide / Sophie Grace Chappell / Sophia Connell Listen here or on YouTube Aristotle is one of the most famous and influential philosophers. His work on logic, metaphysics, politics, and ethics were all pioneering, sowing the seeds of much later philosophical thought. But almost two and a half millennia later, could this rebellious student … Continued

  • Philosophy as Therapy?


    Beverley Clack / Molly Macdonald / John Skorupski Listen here or on YouTube There is a rich tradition of claiming therapeutic powers for philosophy, but if philosophy is the love of wisdom, is ignorance bliss? Is philosophy only about sharp arguments and subtle distinctions, or can it help us find better ways to live? Join … Continued

  • Schopenhauer


    Christine Battersby/ Christopher Janaway/ Christopher Ryan Listen here or on YouTube Schopenhauer’s work prefigured important developments in philosophy, psychology, and political thought. On the two-hundredth anniversary of the publication of his The World as Will and Representation, we examine the life and work of Arthur Schopenhauer. How can we better understand his relationship with Eastern philosophy? How … Continued

  • The Irish Enlightenment


    Ian McBride/ Katherine O’Donnell/ Tom Stoneham Listen to the recording here or on YouTube Though often overlooked in discussions of the Enlightenment, Ireland was a vibrant centre for intellectuals of many stripes. Jonathan Swift, Edmund Burke, George Berkeley, and many others made lasting contributions to literature, philosophy, politics, and science. How did the turbulent political … Continued

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