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Friends sitting down to discuss life and current events with a little help of alcohol and other substances. Enjoy the Show


  • Maaad clips For Your Head Tops

    15/05/2019 Duración: 01h46min

    This Week All Your Friends had plans So Erik put together a clip show of some of his favorite conversations ,jokes, and guest such as P. Rob, Myka, and Mikey C Check This episode out if you want to keep listening to tell your friends and for long time listeners we will see you all next week

  • Episode 56| Podcast Papis FT. Mike C

    10/05/2019 Duración: 03h16min

    episode 56 of tell your friends podcast is now up and today on the show we had all your best friends Erik, Mojo, and Antho were joined by the good Friend Mikey C and I know this episode ran a little long but we got MAAAAD Wasted . So today we talked about things like -Ayesha Curry and roles being reversed -Rockets Recap and A lot of sports talk -Female only Sip and Paints -Riley Raps -Denver Legalizes mushrooms -pup play -Love for Mac -The new Watchmen Trailer and many more topics that I cant remember because we got fried Thank you guys for listening and Special Thanks to Mike for joining us and we will see you all next week ______________________________________ Today's music -Where I wanna be (feat Nate Dogg)-Shade Sheist -Crazy(Feat Nate Dogg)-SNoop Dogg -The Chase, PT. II- A Tribe Called Quest -Can't Forget About You- Nas

  • Episode 55| We Can All Fit In One Locker

    03/05/2019 Duración: 02h15min

    Today on episode 55 Of Tell Your Friends podcast We Have Erik, Mojo, and Antho Talking About -Mojo in Vegas -The Nba Turn Outs And the Refs -Twins -Teen Mom -Nipsey Hussle -Locker Girl -Explain that tweet & The night King/ Thanos -_____________ Todays Music -Trophies- Drake -Black Superhero Car(feat Rick Ross)-Smoke DZA -Me and Mrs. Jones- Billy Paul

  • Episode 54| DickorLip FT. P

    26/04/2019 Duración: 02h36min

    Today on Tell your friends Podcast We Have Erik, Mojo, Antho And P Not only do we get lit ,but we also Talk About things such as -Bun B -Jason Momoa -Pornstars wylin -Presidential candidates -Mens anxiety -Coachella Gives you What? -Cardi B -Cooking an ostrich -Look around when you shop -and Rappers choppin on school boy Q -____________ Todays music -Summer madness-Kool & The Gang -Family reunion-The O'Jays -Paranoid-Kanye West -Max Kream-Meet Again

  • Episode 53| Marinara Fajitas

    19/04/2019 Duración: 03h10min

    Ladies and Gentlemen Antho Erik And Mojo are back to talk shit about everything from -The NBA Playoffs -Tiger Woods -Pooja Is Wylin -Canadian Assassin -New Anderson .Paak -Gabi Garcia -Texas Abortion -At&t -Lil' Miquela -U.K Porn Ban & Gangster Cartoon Shirts We talked about much more so everyone stay tuned and listen to Tell Your Friends podcast We Will Be Back Next Week Check back and hear us every week You never know what you'll hear _______________________________ This Weeks Music -Never Catch me- Flying Lotus(feat K. Dot) -Mamma Said Knock You Out-LL Cool J -Come Home (Feat Andre 3000)-Anderson . Paak -Who Shot Ya- The Notorious B.I.G -Flashing Lights- Kanye West -C.R.E.A.M- Wu-Tang-Clan -Untouchable(Feat Logic & Kirk Knight)-Dizzy Wright

  • Episode 52| To The Grave

    12/04/2019 Duración: 02h20min

    Another Episode of Tell Your Friends Podcast with Erik. Mojo and Antho Today On The Show Everything and nothing was talked about such as -A corrupt System -R,I.P Nipsey -Fox Dj -a New Suicide Squad -24 Hour Creeps -antho and tinder -who gets catfished -Kendrick vs everybody -taco truck tammy and many more everyone tune into your best friends here on tell your friends podcast weekly for new content and we will see yall later !!!!! ------------------------------- Todays Music -Pleeze-Dom Kennedy Ft Nipsey Hussle -H-town- Nipsey Hussle -1 Threw 8- Mac Miller -Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen

  • Episode 51| Cum Bae

    05/04/2019 Duración: 02h14min

    Erik Mojo and Antho Got too lit but theres maaaad shit we talked about kinda like -Youtubers kiss -Doordashers fuckin up -wrong uber -son and father kill bear -joker trailer -Russian slap tournament and a whole bunch more yall peep and listen this week it was a good show ------------------------------- this weeks music -I do this- Nipsey Hussel -Killer- Nipsey Hussle -No Nigga Like me- Nipsey Hussle -If you were mine- Nipsey Hussle

  • Episode 50| What Have We learned ?!

    29/03/2019 Duración: 02h48min

    The Biggest Show We have Done So Far Is Here The 50th Episode of Tell Your Friends and It is exactly what You Thought it would be Erik, Antho, Mojo, And Producer P have put out an episode that even their kids would be proud of we discussed -Best I Ever had -the pilot episode -A texas cop -We lied about Jussie -Dora The Expoler -Who Retired -Cadi B Wylin -Tristan Thompson -Male Birth Control -and Weird Cults Tune Into The 50th Episode and see What We Have Learned From Each other because it is quite touching and thank you to all the listeners this far and we hope you stick with us for 50+ more we be wylin but we're only humans … thank you guys and we will see yall for episode 51... _______ This Weeks Music _____________ -Get Up- Mac Miller -Forget Me Nots- Patrice Rushen -Snapchat-Young Deji -Outside-Mac Miller -Vibin Out With((( O)))-FKJ

  • Episode 49| We Talked About What !?

    22/03/2019 Duración: 02h19min

    Your bestfriends are back with a brand new episode and that would be number 49 stay tuned for episode 50 this week we talked maaaaaaaad shit because Erik was fucked up on a flu shot like -weed stories -uhhhhhh -adam 22 -spring break -Jordan woods Daniel ceaser & -jess hilarious with a whole lotta other shit to be honest I don't know because im too fucked up to remember but enjoy this episode and we will see you guys for 50 ….. __________________________________ This Weeks Music The Lox- All for Love slaughterhouse- Microphone wings- Mac Miller

  • Episode 48| DUH- Demon

    14/03/2019 Duración: 02h23min

    The Boys are Back This Week Drunker than ever Erik, Mojo, and Antho chopped it up on a slow news week and talked about -Whats going on in the NFL/ Sports -Dude Vs Westbrook -Rapid Topics (Missouri Lady, Billionaire Dick, and Dress Code) -Paying for College -Antho Explains That Tweet -Blue Slide Park -New Schoolboy Q & -Don't Mess With J.Prince Thank you guys for listening and stay tuned for our Road To 50 Episodes ___________________________ todays Music -Get Throwed- Bun B -R.I.P Screw-Travis Scott -Blue Slide Park-Mac Miller -English Lane- Mac Miller

  • Episode 47| Snookums

    08/03/2019 Duración: 02h40min

    Episode 47| Snookums by Erik, Mojo, & Antho

  • Episode 46| Writers Tears

    01/03/2019 Duración: 02h25min

    Ladies and Gentlemen Your Guys Erik, Antho ,& Mojo are here fore Episode 46 Today We talked About Maaaaaad Stuff Like -The Momo Challenge -Beer Topics -L.A Challenge -Folding Phones -Shots thrown On Twitter -Tyga & an Update on Jordan Woods Peep Us On Apple And Soundcloud ____________________ Todays Music -Bando- Migos -accordion- Tory Lanez -Hustlerz ambition -50Cent -Rollin- Jackie Chain ( feat Kid Cudi) -Tell Your Friends- The Weeknd

  • Episode 45| Racing With Racist

    22/02/2019 Duración: 02h20min

    You Already Know Erik, Antho And Mojo Are Here To Kill These Topics Like -Asians And The " N word" -White Lady In a Mexican Restaurant -Zombie Deer -69 In Jail -Titty News -Houston Rap -Burberry -Jussi Smollette and a lot more today was crazy and one of my favorites you guys check it out _____________________________ Todays music -Like That -Pimp C -In My Hood- S.P.M -Jolly Rancher- Lucky Luciano - Dope House Family - S.P.M

  • Episode 44| Everybody Is Loved

    14/02/2019 Duración: 01h48min

    Happy Valentine's day From Everyone at Tell Your Friends Podcast. Today We Decided To Spend It With You. We Have A Show Filled With Fun & Love With Topics Like -Chris Brown and Offset -Being an Asshole -Tekashi's Baby Momma -Pimp Hits The Pimp Slap -Abducted in Plain Sight -Explain That Tweet & Your Friends Answers Relationship Questions in Honor Of Valentines Day Everyone Go Listen and Check Us Out Join In On all The Fun We Have And Become A Friend _____________________________ Music On Todays Episode -Alicia Keys- You Don't Know My Name -Aaliyah-At Your Best(You Are Love) -Frank Ocean -At Your Best -Mac Miller FT Anderson .Pak-Dang!

  • Bonus Cast | Socks on Socks off

    10/02/2019 Duración: 16min

    A Bonus Cast Where The Boys Discuss Whether Socks During Sex Is Necessary Or Not

  • Episode 43| We Not Gucci

    08/02/2019 Duración: 02h25min

    OOOOOOO be We in This MF today or episode 43 We Talked Some Crazy Shit Like -The Super Bowl -Strip Clubs -The NBA -Customer Service -Black Face Today -Liam Neeson -Cheetos VS Doritos -Sock Jobs -Girlfriend Or Boyfriend/Double Standards & waaaaaaay more Thank You For Staying Tuned to Episode 43 Stay Tuned For Some More SHit Coming UP ______________________________ This Weeks Music -16 Hours-Higher Brothers -Feel Me Flow- Naughty By Nature -Tuesday- Makonnen -Pleasure Points-Starkey

  • Episode 42| Suck Outta What!?

    02/02/2019 Duración: 02h25min

    OOOOOOO damn Friends Mojo Joined Us On this Saturday For Our Regularly Scheduled program We all Kicked It And Spoke About Everything From -Tell Your Friends Stories -The Super Bowl/Commercials -Explain That Tweet -NBA Trades -Religion and Reincarnation -Trump -One Night Stands -Drake Is Popular? -The Galleria -Hennessy Quotes & Much More Everyone Enjoy We will See You Guys When We Figure Our Shit Out .!.!.! _____________________ This Weeks Music - Car Service - Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y -The Hope -Fabulous -J.Dilla-Dont Cry -The weekend -Mac Miller

  • Episode 41| All My Exes Live In Texas

    31/01/2019 Duración: 02h40min

    Back From Our Break Erik, Antho, And Mojo Talked About Everything From -Mojo's Work Story -What Do Flies Do When They Land On Your food -Ex Goes To Work -To catch A Predator YouTube -Mans Not His Baby Momma -Staying Friends With Your Ex -Dating a porn Star -Antho & Tinder -Ariana Grande & -The Racial Divide In The U.S Thank You For Tuning In and catch Us This Saturday For A New Episode of Tell Your Friends Podcast !!! _____________________ This Episodes Music -Money- Pink Floyd -7:45- Vince Staples -What's The Use- Mac Miller -Grandpa Used To Carry A Flask - Mac Miller

  • Episode 40| Make It Or Break It.

    18/01/2019 Duración: 02h43min

    Weird Day But on This Thursday Erik, Antho , And Mojo are joined By Itzel -Sports Nfl & NBA -New Spider- Man -Air BnB -Rae Sremmurd -White House Buffet & Too much more tune in and listen to see when we upload next

  • Episode 39| Netflix and Chill FT. P

    12/01/2019 Duración: 03h17min

    This Week Mojo Was Out But The Boys Erik , Antho , and P were in the Building to deliver this weeks topics such as -Did Antho Make It To The Game? -The Rockets/Who Goes To The SuperBowl -The Buffalo Wild Wings Story (Stick The Fingers Where?) -Kaepernick -Government Shutdown -Amazon Divorce -Netflix/HBO Killing the game -Hulu has a Couple of shows too -Mojo Calls in and Speaks On the Weekend VS Drake -Kendrick and Cole -New technology and much more kinda……. Thank You For Listening to Episode 39 We May Or May Not be on air next Saturday due to Scheduling issues, but stay tuned to social media for all the updates _____________ Todays music -Throw Some D's on it- Rich Boy (snippet ) Rompe -Daddy Yankee (snippet) Oye Mi Canto- N.O.R.E -ATK Taliban- Fresh Ace Ft (Bigg Tonye) -My Mind on Hip-Hop- L.E.O -Hold You Down-The Alchemist Ft. (Prodigy, Nina Sky & Illa Ghee) -Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells

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