The Dog Who Saved the World

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The astounding new novel from the best-selling and Costa short-listed author of Time Travelling with a Hamster, this is a story for everyone of 10 and older who loves adventure, laughs and tears.

When 12-year-old Georgie makes friends with an eccentric retired scientist, she becomes the test subject for a thrilling new experiment: a virtual reality, 3-D version of the future.

Then a deadly virus threatens to wipe out every dog in the country, and Georgie’s beloved dog, Mr Mash, gets sick. Which is bad — but worse is still to come.

As the world is thrown into chaos, Georgie embarks on a desperate quest: to save every dog on earth and all of humanity....

...without actually leaving the room.

An extraordinary quest with the biggest stakes of all and a huge idea at its heart, this is time travel — but not as you know it.


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