How Theseus Lifted the Stone

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One of the most famous ancient Greek heroes was Theseus who was a son of the king of Athens. During the traveling his father lived in a small town - Tresa. There he married Tresen queen, but preferred not to take her with him because the relatives of Aegeus wanted to seize power and they were dangerous for his wife.

Before the leaving of this town Aegeus said: "If your son will be as strong as me let him pick up the stone, get the sword and sandals and come to me in Athens." When Theseus was fifteen years old mother took him up with her to the temple, and into the thickets of the grove which grew in the temple-yard. And there she sighed, and said: "Theseus go into that thicket, you will find at the plane-tree foot a great flat stone; you should lift it, and bring me what lies underneath." /P>

Then Theseus went this way through the thick bushes and saw a great flat stone, all overgrown with ivy and moss. He tried to lift it, but he couldn't. After that he returned to his mother and said, "I have found the stone, but I can't lift it." Will be there a day when he would lift the stone?

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