Slay In Your Lane (The Audio Journal) An Empowering and Practical Toolkit to Help You Find Success in Every Area of Your Life

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The essential companion to Slay in Your Lane [‘Seismic.’ (Sunday Times); ‘A cultural landmark.’ (Daily Telegraph)]. Slay In Your Lane: The Audio Journal is an empowering and practical toolkit for a generation of black British women inspired to find success in every area of their lives.

We decided to create Slay in Your Lane: The Journal shortly after our book tour ended last year. After so many events, talking to thousands of women, we realised that the same questions were cropping up again and again. In this journal we distill our answers to those questions, and the many others raised by Slay in Your Lane, into practical ways to help you create a better and more visible future for yourself.

With Slay in Your Lane, Elizabeth Uviebinené and Yomi Adegoke started a national conversation. Now they want you to join them in making changes.

Packed full of practical exercises, questionnaires, and actionable tips, Slay in Your Lane: The Audio Journal will help you get ahead in everything from relationships to starting a successful side hustle, building your personal brand, knowing your worth at work, finances, self-care, and health.

It will give you the tools and the confidence to be in the driving seat of your life and not just a passenger: showing you exactly how to slay in your own lane.