The Badger's Money

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The Badger's Money is a Japanese legend. People think that animals forget received favours. Nevertheless, even birds and beasts can show gratitude. In one hut lived an old priest who prayed and meditated. He had no children. He was respected by his neighbours. They often brought him food and raiment; and sometimes they helped him to repair the house. One cold night, the priest heard a voice. He went out to see who it was and there he saw an old badger. The priest asked the animal what did it need. The badger asked to let it enter and warm itself at the fire. The priest was filled with pity and let the animal in. The badger went into the house and warmed itself by the fire. The priest went on to read his prayers. After two hours, the badger left the priest. It was very thankful. Later the badger came sometimes to the hut. One day the badger asked the priest, how could it requite the favours of the old man.The priest answered, that he had no wishes. He wanted only to be born again in the next world. The badger was upset and left him. After that the animal didn't come to the hut. How did the story end? Read "The Badger's Money" to know it.