Bone Slice

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Passion, jealousy, greed, love...and robotics.

Back from an idyllic beach wedding and honeymoon on romantic Kauai, Gina and Harry have barely unpacked when Ridgewood Hospital sends them off on an intriguing assignment to learn about and report on surgical robotics at a Santa Cruz area hospital. Intrigue turns to fear as they’re plunged into the midst of a deadly clash between hands-on medicine traditionalists and those eager to dive headlong into the futurist whirlpool of robotics.

The newlyweds are harassed, threatened, and kidnapped as a result of their efforts to discover who is hacking the robotic units and causing bloody mayhem in the surgery suites. Gina and Harry eventually report back to Ridgewood that robots are not only accurate, fast, and efficient, they can also be used to commit murder.


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