The Shepherdess and the Sweep

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There was an old wooden cupboard. It was covered from top to bottom with carved roses and tulips. In the middle of the cupboard door was the carved figure of a man - children called him Major general-field-sergeant-commander Billy-goat’s-legs. He was always looking at the table under the looking-glass, where stood a very pretty little shepherdess made of china. Close to her stood a little chimney-sweep who was also made of china. Close to them stood another figure - Chinaman who could nod his head and thought himself that he was a grandfather of the shepherdess. The shepherdess and the chimney-sweep loved each other, but Chinaman wanted her marriage with Major general-field-sergeant-commander Billy-goat’s-legs. One day the shepherdess and the chimney-sweep decided to escape their house to the open world. What troubles did they face?