Selected Short Writings

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Three Selected Short Writings by C. A. Coates.

Peace with God: There are four things that hinder souls from having peace: Coates uses four Old Testament pictures to show how every question in connection with these four things has been met and settled for the believer. For example, "Many believers in Jesus do not know that their sins are put away...actually carried out of God's sight, and removed from before him by being borne by Jesus."

Three scenes of Judgment: In this section "The Sacrifice of Isaac", "The casting out of Ishmael", and "The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah" are examined. As Coates says, "May the truths typified by these three scenes of judgment have such a place in our souls that each one of us may have unclouded peace and joy and be found in distinct testimony for the One who is rejected by the world."

What meanest thou? A short Gospel message: "I would have you to consider carefully that indifference to the Gospel is a sin of no ordinary kind; it is pure and simple wickedness.... It is at an infinite cost that God has secured for Himself in righteousness the title of Saviour God. The Son has been given; Jesus has died; and the whole universe can see at the cross of Christ that God is indifferent neither to sin nor to the need of his poor creature who has fallen under its power.... Let me say, then, very briefly, that through a crucified, risen, and glorified Saviour - the Son of God, Jesus Christ our Lord - God is proclaiming the forgiveness of sins and eternal salvation."

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