The Pardon

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Fans of John Grisham's legal thrillers will love the suspenseful action and intriguing courtroom drama of James Grippando's best-sellers. In The Pardon, Grippando delivers a scorching tale of vengeance that stains the sultry streets of southern Florida.

Miami defense attorney Jack Swytek has long rebelled against his father, Harry, now Florida's governor. The two disagree on nearly everything, especially the death penalty. And when Harry allows one of Jack's clients-a man Jack believes is innocent-to die in the electric chair, their estrangement seems complete. But when they are faced with a psychopath's twisted game of vengeance, father and son have nowhere to turn but to each other.

Like Under Cover of Darkness and Found Money, The Pardon showcases Grippando at his sizzling best. Narrator Ron McLarty voices all the dramatic tension, both in and out of the courtroom.


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