The New Winner's Edge How to Develop the Critical Attitude for Success

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This timeless masterpiece has been expanded by the author offering time-tested principles for achieving authentic, lasting success, combined with current research in high performance behavior and supported by anecdotal evidence from the lives of "winners" in many different areas of society. It's for you if you have never really succeeded, if you want more of the same success you now enjoy, or if you have made it, lost it, and would like to get it again and keep it. Denis Waitley wants you to understand and internalize how to develop that critical attitude for success -- that little difference that makes all the difference in the world -- known as the winner's edge.

At a tipping point in history, as we are being bombarded by the search for some magical panacea or secret formula for our individual and collective frustrations, The New Winner's Edge is a refreshing contrast to the latest fad books on fame and fortune, and is characterized more as an enlightening fact book, with concepts you can trust, internalize and act upon on a daily basis.

What you will learn:

  • The new definition of "winning" in life
  • What is that special "edge"?
  • Winning is a real game of choice, not chance
  • There are no time outs, no substitutions, no instant replay
  • Why "win-win" replaces the obsolete concept of "win-lose"
  • The Big Five: Self-honesty, Self-esteem, Self-image, Self-expectancy, Self-dimension
  • How to turn problems into opportunities
  • Fortune is a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Why imagination rules the world
  • How to make your self-image an automatic pilot and GPS system
  • How to learn the self-talk of champions
  • Why practice makes permanent and only perfect practice makes perfect
  • Looking beyond yourself for purpose and perspective
  • How to be happy in the here and now